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On April 11, 2017, Microsoft will release the third major update to Windows 10. Some of the highlights include an improved Security Center, simplified Privacy Dashboard, enhancements to the Edge browser, and some new and improved apps. Here's what you need to know...

What’s New In Windows 10 Creator Update?

The impending change is called the Creators Update; apparently, that name aims to highlight new apps and improvements to old ones that enable more and better visual creations. But there are other new features and tweaks of interest in this latest incremental update.

Perhaps the best news is that this update is incremental; that is, the changes are so minor that users are unlikely to be confused and won’t have to climb a steep learning curve again. This is one of the benefits of the “operating system as a service” model that Microsoft, Google, and Apple now pursue.

The first major improvement is in the Windows Update process itself. No longer does it require downloading a full Windows 10 installation kit; you get only the stuff that has changed. This reduces download time by 35%, a big deal for those on metered Internet connections.

Windows 10 Creators Update - New and Improved

The new Windows Defender Security Center provides an overview of your device’s security settings and system health, including quick access to functions such as quick-scan, firewall options, family settings and more. Users will be able to block installation of sketchy apps that don’t come from the Windows store, a useful feature in a home computer shared with others who don’t know any better.

Defender includes a new feature called “Fresh Start” for when your Windows 10 installation is hopelessly corrupted. Unlike the Refresh Windows option in Settings, Fresh Start does not re-install any bloatware that the maker of your device added. It installs just a clean copy of Windows 10. Hmmm, you may want to run Fresh Start the moment you start up a new PC!

Windows 10 Defender Communicating with your favorite contacts will be easier with the new MyPeople app, which brings together Mail, Skype, Xbox live and even SMS from mobile phones. The Creators Update will create a new folder containing icons (pictures when available) of your frequent contacts. When you want to share a photo or document with one of them, just drag and drop the item on the contact’s icon. You can annotate the item with text notes. A new feature called “Shoulder Taps” lets you quickly send a short message to a favorite contact.

Easier On the Eyes

The Creators Update includes a new feature called “Night Light” which is easier on the eyes and will help you fall asleep faster. People who use computers late at night often have difficulty falling asleep. That’s because computer displays emit wavelengths of blue light that trick the brain into believing it’s still daytime even at midnight. Night Light is in Settings, and can be configured to provide warmer or cooler tints as desired. You can also schedule the times when Night Light turns on and off. Yes, Microsoft has partially copied the immensely popular F.lux freeware app, but Night Light does not switch on and off automatically at sunset and sunrise. F.lux does, and works on Windows 7, 8, 10. It's also available for Mac, Linux, iPhone/iPad, and Android devices.

Windows Paint is getting a complete re-write; the all-new app will be known as Paint 3D. Users will be able to create 3D objects using a mouse or a Surface Pen (The latter is available only with Surface Pro tablets or Surface Book laptops.) There is an extensive library of 3D shapes to help you get started on that kitchen remodeling sketch. All of the familiar Paint brushes, erasers, and other drawing tools are in Paint 3D, but it still lacks the layering feature found in Photoshop and other advanced image editors. Still, users will be able to do much more with Paint 3D.

Windows 10 “Game Mode” will prioritize CPU and GPU operations to make online and offline games flow more smoothly. There’s also a new “Game bar” which can be summoned by pressing Windows+G buttons; it enables gamers to grab screenshots, record video and broadcast live action online via Microsoft’s Beam service.

More App Updates

Other Windows 10 apps are getting minor updates. Mail, for instance, now includes Focused Inbox, which puts mail from important contacts into an inbox and all other mail into a different folder.

Windows 10 Privacy Controls A new Privacy Dashboard simplifies and centralizes all privacy settings. The Diagnostics setting, which controls how much data about your computer activity is sent to Microsoft, has been simplified as well. Instead of three confusing options, there are only two. “Full” diagnostics sends browser, app, and feature usage, plus inking (pen input) and typing data to Microsoft. The Basic setting sends a minimal amount of data about the state of your system.

Cortana gets several improvements in Creators Update. It can now create reminders based on information it finds in your email, i. e., you emailed “Let’s do lunch Thursday” to someone. There’s also a “pick up where I left off” feature that reminds you of what apps and documents you were working on when you last powered off, and enables one-click restoration of all your work at the places where you left off. You can also restore only individual bits of work at a time. This feature is available across devices; when you get home, your workplace arrangement is available through Cortana.

The Edge browser is actually getting useful. A new “set tabs aside” feature allows you to save all the tabs currently open and start a fresh browsing session. You can return to the previous tabs collection with one click. A new Web Payments API lets you pay for things from your Microsoft Wallet within Edge. Edge also integrates with Cortana to bring you relevant coupons, song lyrics, and other information. Edge will now support 4K streaming, if you have a 4K display. Microsoft has finally disabled Adobe Flash content by default, closing one of the biggest security holes. Finally, a new Books section stores all of your e-books in a special folder, and Edge becomes your e-book reader as well as your Web browser.

The Creators Update seems to be just enough innovation to be interesting without causing users much confusion, if any. Microsoft seems to be hitting its stride with Windows 10 updates.

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Most recent comments on "[COMING SOON] Windows 10 Updates You May Actually Like"

(See all 21 comments for this article.)

Posted by:

04 Apr 2017

How would a person with a laptop which came with W10 have W7 in its place?
Thanks in advance.

Posted by:

04 Apr 2017

...any chance they have repaired 'System Restore' ms broke a few months ago?

Posted by:

04 Apr 2017

Any chance that MS Edge will now allow exporting Favorites?

Posted by:

04 Apr 2017

"Instead of three confusing options, there are only two. “Full” diagnostics sends browser, app, and feature usage, plus inking (pen input) and typing data to Microsoft. The Basic setting sends a minimal amount of data about the state of your system."

Until the third option "No data will be send" appears, all updates will be turned off at my Windows 10. Thank you very much - I want full control over something I paid for. By the way - any version of Windows 10 can be set to not receive any updates despite there is no setting in Windows to turn them off. I still have full control over environment where Windows exists.

The only possible useful function I see there is "Fresh start", but it's not worth the rest of garbage they offer in addition.

Posted by:

04 Apr 2017

Thanks again, Mr. Rankin,
Microsoft was referring to the "Creators" update as “Windows 10 version 1703" ( For Win10 Desktop users, one of the benefits is the fact that in the Creators Update, you’ll be able to hide the app list with a new toggle switch in the Settings app. Unfortunately, Win10 will continue to insist that the user log in with Microsoft credentials (rather than a local log-in account ). Unless I am mistaken, a local account user will be prevented from using Cortana (and probably the Edge Browser).
I am thnkful that Microsoft is going to provide two new features to the automatic/forced 'Windows Updates" sequence(s).
1)Windows 10 now offers a prompt with options to postpone pending updates and prevent sudden reboots. When a new update is ready to install, you’ll get a prompt with a new snooze option that will delay applying and rebooting your computer for 3 days, which should be enough time to save your work.
2)On an effort to address the ongoing problems with mandatory updates, Microsoft is also adding a new option to let you temporarily “pause updates” from being installed on your computer for up to 7 days.
Using the ShutdownBlocker utility may no longer be needed to circumvent such forced restarts for the advanced users. Woot!

Posted by:

04 Apr 2017

@Kirill, I have much success using two separate PAYware to block such Win10 "report to home-base" functions, that I think you are referring to:
1)WinPatrol Firewall,

Posted by:

04 Apr 2017

To hoophead: Look like the only way to switch to W7 is to download image from torrents, for example and crack it (I know it's illegal, but MS doesn't want to give us any chance to keep older versions of Windows, so it is their fault to not give any legal option). But there is a chance that your hardware doesn't support anything but W10 anymore - since 6th generation of Intel CPU, at least for some of CPU models. But google for your particular CPU model if there is any system that has option of W7 install. If you find it, so it should work for you as well.

To Chuck: They changed the way of storing them, switching to some kind of database you can't simple edit, but you can copy it completely. They store it there:


So try to copy two files named spartan and I hope it makes a trick. Since I don't use Edge, I tried to create a new Favorite, deleted those files, it disappeared and then created it again - it returned.

Posted by:

04 Apr 2017

To RandiO: There is a simpler and free of charge way - to pull off rights of Windows to access its updates. I was tired to play around and decided just to hack it. Still smarter, than Windows.

I used WinPatrol until it removed option of free version. It was a good program...

Posted by:

Ken H
04 Apr 2017

"Paranoia strikes deep." You guys crack me up.
Thanks for the info Bob. I was skeptical at first, it took me a couple of tries to update to Win 10 and it was wonky for the first few months (mostly DVD drive problems), but it works like a champ now by far the best Windows ever.

Posted by:

04 Apr 2017

For the past 5 days Windows Update will not update Windows Defender. The only way to get new virus and anti-spyware definitions is to manually update through the Defender GUI or from the Microsoft Malware Protection Center.

I point this out because MS has been aware of this issue for several days and has yet to provide a fix. Good luck to all who decide to get the Creators Update (1703.) I'll bet a lot of machines will be broken and it will take several tries by MS to release fixes. If you're running 10 Pro, Enterprise or Education, you can defer the update for 4 months (Start > Settings > Update & security > Advanced options > Defer feature updates.) Sorry Home users, "no defer for you".

Posted by:

David Lagesse
04 Apr 2017

The final version of Windows XP had an advanced image editor application that had a nice layering feature. It was the best image editor that I have found, it was simple to use and FREE!

Posted by:

04 Apr 2017

For a good free image editor program, Paint.net is excellent: https://www.getpaint.net/

Posted by:

04 Apr 2017

"Hmmm, you may want to run Fresh Start the moment you start up a new PC!"

uuuhhh, NO! Users must remember that "Fresh Start" and reset/refresh *deletes* *all* desktop programs and applications. Only "Apps" from the Microsoft store survive. And even those may need to be re-installed.

Microsoft would like to you believe that all "Apps" are the same, but there are crucial differences between desktop programs and Microsoft Store "Universal" apps.

EDITOR'S NOTE: But... if you've got a brand new PC, it won't have any of your desktop programs. You'll just be getting rid of any pre-installed crapware.

Posted by:

04 Apr 2017

Does f.lux work if you have two screens on your computer

Posted by:

04 Apr 2017

My wish would be to have a long overdue update for MS Live Movie Maker

Posted by:

04 Apr 2017

Nice to have extras, but only if the bread and butter stuff works. After 1607 messed up my local network and now I need a photocopier work around to scan to my computer, any update makes me wary. We have our main W10 office computer not updated for this very reason. And then there is whatever update messed with our computer that runs Office Powerpoint. After 2 repairs and 2 re-installs of Office, then a reset and then another re-install of Office, it still doesn't project full screen. Now fixing THOSE are the things that would make me happy. These extras in creator are worthless.

Posted by:

Brenda J Murray
04 Apr 2017

Great review Bob! Thanks

Posted by:

William Henry
05 Apr 2017

I remember several years ago that Microsoft wanted the OS to be in the "cloud" and instead of a complete restart of the system the user just had to log off then log on for updates and hardware to be installed.
Instead the updates continue to take up lots of space on the hard drive. Microsoft continues to offer extra "goodies" for the users who buy the expanded versions of Windows, for more money, then fail to deliver or instead come up with a new version of Windows, it is disheartening.

Posted by:

09 Apr 2017

Yes, I downloaded it ( windows creator update) and it is better and faster. But what I don't like is I am unable to open Chrome browser at all. All I get is a message "google chrome stopped working.lose the app?" any fix suggested?

Posted by:

22 Jun 2017

When will Win 10 allow you to use whatever email service you want? It is silly that I have used gmail forever, it has the largest share of market for all mail services except Apple, and I don't want a computer based program shoved down my throat!

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