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10 Nov 2005

I use Cygwin and TightVnc, works great for connecting to my work box from home no matter what os I happen to be using, Linux or Windows XP. Also if all you need to do is grab a file you can just sftp the file down. All which are pretty secure because your using ssh.

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10 Nov 2005

There is another free alternative. It's called vnc and works like pcAnywhere. You set up the server on your home PC and then use the client on the remote. There are several different versions. Just google for vnc and you should find one.

Posted by:

Benjamin Berryhill
10 Nov 2005

Yet another priceless bit of Info that these guys bring to us!

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10 Nov 2005

Also VNC, virtual network computing,:

- which is free, multi-platform and available (using a standardised protocol) from multi-vendors.

This is one of the original solutions in this area based on research work at the University of Cambridge.

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10 Nov 2005

For Mac users who want to put peecees in their proper place, go to

and get Microsoft's Remote Desktop Connection Client for Mac.

Show those PCs who's boss!

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Michael Wright
10 Nov 2005

I use VNC but would like to know if there is a "virtual private network" tool that will allow me to copy files to/from a computer from a remote location?


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11 Nov 2005

Micheal, ultravnc, and several other vnc flavours have file tranfer. (You'll need both ultravnc's vnc server at the server and it's client at the client end.)

For those with a home pc without a fixed ip, you'll also need something like probably.

Posted by:

Patrick Corrao
11 Nov 2005

Went to the website and found out that LogMeIn is not a free resource.

EDITOR'S NOTE: Sorry you're wrong. A few other people made the same comment by email, but the basic LogMeIn remote desktop service is 100% free. There ARE some premium services that require a fee, but not the basic service. Pehaps that is what confused you.

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Emyr Morris
11 Nov 2005

I have used Remote Administrator for several years, it is inexpensive and works a treat - it offers several features, Remote Desktop (Full Control), Remote Desktop (view), File Transfer and Shutdown/Log Off/Reboot.
I have it installed on most of my customers' computers and it priceless when something goes wrong and they need advice, but as you comment in your article - Remote Desktop is available in Windows XP anyway.
Remote admin can work behind firewalls/Routers when port forwarding is set up correctly.

Thank you for your continued advice - awsome!

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11 Nov 2005

The only thing I don't like about VNC is if you have a dynamic IP, you must first secure a method of verifying the IP address of the host machine. To do this, I use

Posted by:

Jeff Porrello
12 Nov 2005

There are programs for the Mac also. Timbuktu and Apple Remote Access are two that come to mind.

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Ray DeJanitor
14 Nov 2005

Ok, so maybe you can help me fix my remote access problem. I live so far out in the boonies I have to import my sticks. Too far for DSL or cable access, so I have satellite internet. I installed PC Anywhere and can connect to my office from my home but only for a few seconds before the connection is dropped. Will any of these other programs handle the approximately 1 - 2 second delay that satellite access causes?

EDITOR'S NOTE: Satellite wreaks havoc with lots of Internet-based software. Not sure if LogMeIn works differently, but it's free, so give it a try.

Posted by:

Charles Brannon
15 Nov 2005

Also check out Formerly called MyWebexPC...
Full featured extra secure remote desktop service. Free trial, low monthly cost. Works over firewalls. Supports file transfer. Works with all Windows versions (Microsoft Remote Desktop can only control Windows XP/2003 machines.)

EDITOR'S NOTE: Interesting... but why PAY when is FREE?

Posted by:

Charles Brannon
18 Nov 2005

One reason some people might like WebexPC is that it supports callback--an additional layer of security. It won't let you (or someone else) control your PC until after it phones you (automatically) and you punch in a PIN via your telephone keypad. But free is good. I use the Windows XP remote control software (one good reason to have WinXP Pro, which most business users already have because it's a requirement for domain login). If you don't want to run IIS (the XP web server) on your computer, you can access your PC via remote access over a VPN (virtual private network) connection. The RDP protocol used by remote access is secure and encrypted.

What I like best about XP remote desktop is that it's the smoothest and fastest remote control software I've ever used--not surprising, because it's built into the operating system so all the hooks are already in place at a low level. If your network has a Windows 2003 server you can use remote desktop to control ANY Windows XP computer on the network using just one IP address and the standard RDP port (3389). This is great for when your computers are behind a NAT firewall (just map port 80 and 3389 to the server). Small Business Server 2003 also supports this feature.

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30 Nov 2005

Setup a secure SSH tunnel and use VNC for remote desktop control. Both are absolutley free. Install OpenSSH (the product I use) for the SSH server (at your remote site). This creates a secure SSH2 encrypted tunnel to pass your VNC connection through. Install the VNC server on the same machine or another one on your net that you want to control (I use TightVNC) and install the VNC viewer on your local PC where you will connect from. You will have to forward whichever port you want to use for the SSH and VNC outside of any firewall or NAT/Router. Install everything as a service and you don't even have to be logged on the remote machine to connect. For dynamic IPs, use No-Ip, free, and create a domain that you use to connect instead of the IP. Works great. I have four PCs setup for remote access from anywhere in the world and nobody has to know my IP.

EDITOR'S NOTE: I'm pretty geeky, so I know what you're talking about -- but that sounds like a lot more work and complexity than I want to add to my life. LogMeIn is free and works great, even over a firewall!

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29 Dec 2005

I have used LogMeIn it is free and it works through our corperate firewall without a hitch even over my sisters satelite connection. Free and easy is always best in my book.
The remote connection in windows xp was slower over my dialup. Just a few cents worth from experienced user of both.. I use VNC at work and at home but not across the internet. Will have to look into all involved to set that up. I am guessing once it is setup it works very smoothly since is works so simply on a in house network..

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21 Apr 2006

I have used the free LogMeIn software and several flavors of VNC. I find that VNC is just fine over the local network and does work over the Internet as well. I prefer the UltraVNC server and viewer but have also used realVNC and TightVNC, though TightVNC seems buggier and more prone to crashes. For best user interface and reliability, you cannot beat LogMeIn, though. It's pretty close to actually sitting at your remote console, though they do some tricks with the colors that makes working on graphics a bit annoying. The full screen mode, though is really cool. I use VNC on my local LAN or when I want to monitor my kids' Internet viewing without them knowing (UltraVNC lets you run the server without it showing in the system tray). For real work over the Internet, free LogMeIn is the only way to go because of its features and because of its security.

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24 Apr 2006

I use Windows XP Remote Desktop Connection for accessing 2 of my PC's. home, behind Cox High Speed Internet's firewall (or possibly my wireless router) I can't get it to work......have worked with router port forwarding, etc, et al, but to no avail. Hopefully LogMeIn will work there. But doesn't anyone understand the difference between these various softwares (LogMeIn, GotoMyPC, etc) and simply configuring your own Remote Desktop Connection? What do they do to make it work...automatically port forward your router? other?

EDITOR'S NOTE: It may be relevant that Windows XP Remote Desktop is only available to those who have Windows XP Professional Edition (which retails for $100 more than XP Home Edition).

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09 May 2006

I need HELP!!!... I have tried to configure Windows Remote Desktop on 2 of my computers... forwared the 2 ports necessary (3389 and another custom one)... when I go into internet explorer, type in the address bar: http://ipaddress:port#/tsweb it goes to a connection screen... when i try to connect, it comes up with a 404 error, page cannot be displayed message... I also tried to connect via the remote desktop program under the start menu, and it says that the connection timed out. I have XP Pro, have the proper ports forwarded, using comcast as my ISP, using a linksys wrt54g router, no windows firewall, but am i missing something?? Please HELP!!! THANKS

EDITOR'S NOTE: I've not fiddled with Remote Desktop, mostly because of so many horror stories like this. works so well, and it's free. Why muck with Remote Desktop?

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18 May 2006

Hi, you can also remote access your computer with RemotePC, which is secure and fast and enables remote access to any Internet enabled computer from anywhere in the world.

I have been using RemotePC for sometime and so far it’s given me value for my money. They also have an ideal solution to trouble shoot your customers’ PCs from anywhere in the world. Remote Access Helpdesk solution can help you improve your customer support service and bring in enhanced productivity for your organisation. All that a customer needs to do is to install a small client in their machine.

EDITOR'S NOTE: Sounds just like LogMeIn, but it costs money. Why would you choose this fee-based option?

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