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Carol Thomas
10 Mar 2011

As you suggested... I ran the CCleaner program, for my dll problem! ojovanuzafavina.dll

It worked like a miracle!!! Thank you soooo much for the easy & quick remedy to my problem. You are the BOMB!!! ♥♥♥ Carol

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27 May 2011

HEY , today i did wxactly as whats written above , go to run>tybe "scannow"
and i made a scane , and i restarted my pc , then . my pc is back to "ICE AGE " the colors are so bright, that i can barley see anything , and the resolution and color option are down to very Low , i checked the screen and there's nothing with the screen ,
* i'm doing this because my "rundll.exe" file is missing and i tried litterly EVERYTHING , i hope the solution is not a pc format :( !

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11 Jul 2011

well, try http://dll-files.org/

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