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Posted by:

Thangmeiso vashum
03 Feb 2011

I have got a trouble to login my face book account,actualy when i first sign up my face book account i haven't
across without any obstacles and i enjoy alot and unfortunately this dae my face book account is unable to login

Posted by:

Mark Alan Billingsley
09 Feb 2011

Mr. Rankin, I have moved recently and lost all my papers with Facebook Password, Login Name, Confirmation Number? I usually just click on friends who want to have me as a friend and I go directly to the Facebook page? Now Facebook won't get routed there as before; "By clicking on someone's name and directly routed? I am locked out now and I need Login Name, Password and Confirmation #!!! Thank You?
I have paid the $9.95 for information I need? Thank You and GOD BLESS?
Mark Alan Billingsley

Posted by:

11 Feb 2011

I know my password it just not letting me to login i dont know why ? but please help me i need to login and logout what must i do

Posted by:

gayola adams
18 Feb 2011

I have been trying 8 months without any luck in signing in to face book. How can I just start all over again. HELP PLEASE

Posted by:

20 Feb 2011

I forgot my Facebook password and also my email password, so I can't send my self a message to reset or find out what my password is. I sent 2 emails to but when they answered back even though I explained everything to them they kept on asking me to send them a message from the email I used to login to facebook. But how can I if I forgot the password for that? I even tried to answer the security question of my email but it still didn't work. How am I suppose to let them know that I am the person that the account belongs to and not someone else? Please help.

Posted by:

27 Feb 2011

i forgot my new facebook password.i've answered many security questions and others.i've reset it many times but i still cant regain my account,please save the daughter of eve.i really miss facebook...for two weeks now,hell no!

Posted by:

03 Mar 2011

My facebook password was changed on me and i have tried to reset it a number of time but it says i have reached my limit...How do i make it so i can attempt to reset my password...

Posted by:

lebo Mohutsiwa
15 Mar 2011

hi! I'm lebo mohutsiwa...i'm no longer using my facebook,because i forgot my email password/should i say my facebook password. I'm sure i'ven sending my comment to consultand,and they said i'm,gonna get my cormfimation code! But i didn't get it i'm asking for you help! If my request will be accepted i wii be happy.

Posted by:

Kholens L. Benedian
19 Mar 2011

i forget my new facebook password, anybody can help me retrieve my new password. I have made many times already but the computer prompts me that i reach the limit on retrieving my password,,,,please help me coz i need to open my facebook account

Posted by:

Jonathan Akpebe
27 Mar 2011

I opened my facebook account just of recent. From the very first day login in has been a problem. Each time i log in, the reply is always "invalid email/password". This same email address is what i've been using before signing into facebook. Other reply from facebook is sending me a new pasword which other friends connected can easily view & still cannot login. Pls help me out because i've already send 4 of my pics into my facebook acount. Thank you.

Posted by:

07 Apr 2011

i forgot my birthday now cant login to facebook, and the facebook doesnt send to me security code, how can i do

Posted by:

12 Apr 2011

Can you send me a new password for facebook?

EDITOR'S NOTE: Sure. I suggest "f4c3b00k".

Posted by:

19 Apr 2011

I changed my passcode and now I'm not able to logon to facebook no more

Posted by:

23 Apr 2011


Posted by:

julia berdon
28 Apr 2011

how do i open my facebook if my password is change

Posted by:

02 May 2011

plz. i forgot my facebook password. i cant use ur "forgot password" link because i no longer have access on the email address i used in my facebook (i think it has been hackeed). so, what do i do??

Posted by:

02 May 2011

my password was change by my crazy ex how could get a new one?

Posted by:

sadia rahman
28 May 2011

I forgot my security questions answer.

Posted by:

rasna mesra
01 Jun 2011

omg..i forget my password ...i had created the new one bt due to my weak memory...i m unable to remind me out..i m so sad feeling insecure..

EDITOR'S NOTE: Luckily for you, the answer is found in the very same article where you left your comment. What a coincidence!

Posted by:

03 Jun 2011

Can you guess send me a new password that i might rerember.thanks

EDITOR'S NOTE: You want me to pick a new password for you? Hmmm.... I don't know... how about "I Like Puppies!" ??

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