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19 Apr 2013

Did you try new PDF-XChange Editor? This thing is really awesome.

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14 May 2013

Foxit is 28.3MB as of today.

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03 Aug 2013

I have used Foxit for a few years now. But it recently let me down when printing some pages from a PDF. For some reason it truncated the pages and I lost 2 or so inches of text at the bottom of each page. (Had checked all the configuation matters).
Now I use the free "Nitro Reader 3", which printed the pages completely and has been without any defects so far. Have used it for many months now and am unlikely to go back to Foxit.
Foxit is also now a lot larger than it started with.
But take each day as it comes.

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12 Nov 2015

PDF-XChange Editor as substitute of Viewer is really nice alternative to Adobe. And, of course, it works better then Foxit. Pdf-XChange has excellent options to edit content, extended OCR, any manipulation with pages, work with bookmarks, measurement and much more functions, which you can use often or not so. As Viewer, Editor is the same lightweight and fast (and advanced features are the same cheap, what I like too). Any way, I can recommend to try it.

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