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22 Oct 2011

Open Course Ware may be great to an extent. In my humble opinion, it gives one knowledge. Knowledge is free and abundant. Hurray, we can all be knowledgeable!

One still needs wisdom to guide the application of knowledge. Large industry, business, government interests hamstring one here. One needs qualified instructors providing a 'rubber stamp' to attain a degree, even with OCW.

These instructors justifiably do not take on people for exams without a fee. If the instructors do not charge, the institutions where they practice do. So, yes it is great having the knowledge, save for when you need vouched for by credible sources for employers.

Imagine telling a manager you are freely educated and have no proof of credentials at an interview. You would be laughed out of any opportunity right away. The more I consider everything, the more inclined thinking is The Venus Project sounds quite an improvement.

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23 Oct 2011

FEMA (the Federal Emergency Management Agency) is now offering free cyber security training. They have ten courses in three different tracks; Non-Technical End Users, Technical for IT Professionals, and a third for Managers and Business Professionals. Even if you don’t need them, these courses may be just the ticket for friends, family, or customers and they are FREE. The training site is located at

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04 Dec 2011

Great post and resource list Bob. Especially to upgrade skills and skip the classroom towards your degree. Independent learners like myself have used these to test out of the first 2-3 years of a 4 year degree.

Now that many of these are online, completing a self-designed Master's is great. But it's not for everyone. It takes a lot of self discipline and being organized.

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12 Jun 2012

Thanks for the info on the free education Bob
I am in my 80s and still looking for ways to extend my knowledge so this will keep me busy

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20 Sep 2015

I've gone through quite a few ALISON courses and even though they are generally pretty simple and easy, knowledge is always good.

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