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31 Mar 2010

Bob, I am now using my laptop all day because I am working from home. My laptop needed relief. I sit on a leather couch and rest the laptop on the arm. By the end of the day the laptop was pretty hot. I bought a Belkin active pad. $30 at Staples. Big difference! The laptop runs cool all day now.

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paul cramer
24 Jan 2012

I bought an "ONN" cooling pad from Walmart. Price was 13.00 dollars. Have used it for about 6 months,and it works great on my laptop. One big fan does the trick.Its not very noisy and I would buy another one. My computer DOES run cooler with this product on all the time.

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01 Jun 2012

Unfortunately the fan controller of Laptop (mine is DELL-XPS) is for windows and it works fine, but my main usage of laptop in on Linux environment and they don't have a fan option; and I don't know if there is a software for Linux on this matter or not? The amazing point is I'm using cooling pad, but the speed of fan is so slow that even with cooling pad, the Laptop is still hot![any help is mostly appreciated]

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