Laptop Monitor is Dead

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My old IBM laptop monitor still glows but I can't see anything; I guess the video gave up the ghost. However, I can hear all of the normal things when I turn it on. It served me well but I need to transfer my files to my new laptop. I bought Transfer my PC deluxe software but I wonder if I can use my new laptop to view the files on my old laptop. And how would I do this?

Most laptops have a standard video port on the back, which allows you to connect a desktop monitor. I suggest that you try this and see if the machine will boot up normally.

For more help on copying files from one hard drive to another, see my article Copying Old Hard Drive to New PC.

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This article was posted by on 21 Aug 2005

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Most recent comments on "Laptop Monitor is Dead"

Posted by:

14 Mar 2007

I have a compaq presario 2500 notebook, when I turned on the computer , the monitor remained off. How can I turn the monitor on?

EDITOR'S NOTE: Sounds like it's dead, Jim. You'll have to take it in for service if a good shaking doesn't fix it...

Posted by:

03 Jun 2007

I have a IBM Thinkpad R40 I was using it the other night and the battery power run out and about that time I plugged it in and It hasn't powered up since I mean nothing I tested the power supply and its good -- any thoughts?

EDITOR'S NOTE: How do you know the power supply is good? Does the computer do ANYTHING when you turn it on?

Posted by:

06 Aug 2007

I have an IBM thinkpad R40 as well but I'm wondering if you could help me out... About five or six nights ago I was using it to search through the web and such, and I had it plugged in because the battery was dying. Anyways it still suggested to plug it in and since it was already plugged in I decided to unplug it and plug it in again. Moments later the screen started to flicker between the brightness and dim and then it shut off completely, now not even the lights along the center will show if its plugged in or not, there is no more heat coming from it and I can't get anything to work, it's just dead the screen wont turn on at all nor does it sound like anything is going on. I've read somewhere that this one should work without a battery by just being plugged in but still no lights on the laptop at all. However it did have a used ac adapter, but it still is usable because i can plug the same adapter to the wall and to a portable dvd player and the player works fine.

EDITOR'S NOTE: Sounds like the power connector inside the laptop might be damaged. Even when you plug it in, there seems to be no power.

Posted by:

Pramod Giri
26 Aug 2009

My IBM laptop screen has broken down and need to back up its files to my new laptop. I understand one way is to use its video output to another computer and transfer files... Is there any other way???????

EDITOR'S NOTE: You can just connect an external monitor to your laptop's VGA port. Or remove the hard drive, and make it a USB external drive with an inexpensive kit.

Posted by:

02 Nov 2009

After my laptop screen cracked, I just hooked it up to an external monitor, keyboard, etc. It works fine, but the monitor only turns on after Windows loads.

Now I want to reformat my hard drive, but in order to boot from my Windows CD, I need to change the BIOS, which I can't see because the laptop doesn't switch to the external monitor before Windows starts! How can I make it display what I need to see? I've tried pressing Fn-F8, which is what my laptop uses to switch between laptop and external display, but it doesn't work outside of Windows either.

EDITOR'S NOTE: Maybe there's a way to set the primary display in BIOS?

Posted by:

04 Nov 2009

EDITOR'S NOTE: Maybe there's a way to set the primary display in BIOS?

Yes, but I can't see the BIOS, and I can't find information on it that's detailed enough to allow me to operate it blindly. I suppose what I need is another Dell Inspiron 600m to figure out the key sequence that changes the primary display.

If anyone has one lying around, I'd appreciate the help ^^;

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