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21 Feb 2013

Another FREE alternative is Kingsoft Writer.
It comes as both a FREE and paid version, and
is Microsoft compatible.

Anyone tried it yet??

I don't like LibreOffice, so I still use Word 2003.
I most definitely won't upgrade.

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Janet K. Cook
21 Feb 2013

Is this any different from before? Haven't you always had to activate the license and then tell them if you wanted to reinstall it? I can't tell you the number of times we've installed and re-installed Windows and Office on the computers I use for my A+ Prep classes and my computers at home. I've never been hassled by their folks in asking for new codes.

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21 Feb 2013

I like Office 97 and have seen no reason to spend a small fortune to upgrade, but now I learn Windows 8 will not support Office 97, so eventually I will have to do something.
I read your helpful article on alternatives and have a question. Will I be able to open all my saved Word 97 and Excel 97 documents in any or all of these alternative products? Thanks Bob for all your great articles and your answers to readers questions.

EDITOR'S NOTE: Yes, your older DOC and XLS file should open in newer versions of Word or the alternatives.

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21 Feb 2013

I know I'm being unfair, but when I tried OpenOffice some years ago, and it converted an MS Word doc to a single 576-point letter "P", I lost interest. Surely it's better today, but my Office 2003 works fine on Windows 7.

And what's with all this Apache and Libre? Are we seeing the beginnings of demise?

Posted by:

Bob D
21 Feb 2013

Office 2003 is "not compatible" with Windows 8, whatever that means. Commenters report it works fine, but I haven't tried it. MS says there is a paid upgrade to make Access 2007 work on Windows 8. Yeah? That's nice. My Office 2003 and Access 2007 work just fine on my Windows 7.

Meanwhile, my $14.99 Windows 8 languishes behind my multi-boot startup screen, which I hardly ever see.

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22 Feb 2013

First of all I need the 5 copies of Office. I am working full time, but I wanted to pursue getting my Masters. It turns out, because I tested out of some courses to get my bachelors a few decades ago, but they need letter grades not just "passed" on my records (same university that I got my bachelors from). So, I have to re-take some courses. Luckily they are available on-line. So I am also a student. My two children are, well obviously, students. MS has student discounts. My mother lives with us, but she is a teacher, so she gets the education discount as well. My wife is not a student so I had to pay full price for her Office. However, even with the education discounts, I've spent nearly $400 for six Office packages (Ok, I have two licenses because I am running a Windows 7 VM on my Mac - where I also have a Office 2011). I'll get Office 365, during our Summer break; I don't want to disturb the setup for me or my kids as we are mid-semester. The problem is we still have two PCs at home running XP and Office 365 requires Windows 7 or 8, XP is not supported and there was some caveat related to Vista. I have more than enough Windows 7 licenses, these were (no longer free, but it was when SP1 came out) free for me from my university. So, previously I had run the Windows 7 check and even though it will be fresh installs, on two of the XP PCs. This is the disruption that I don't want until after the semester ends.

However, there seems to be further misinformation. First of all the enterprise versions are as stated, but the Office 365 Home Premium for 5 devices is fully loaded locally on your device. I had chatted, several times just to make sure the information is accurate, with Microsoft. If I wanted to install it on my VM, I would have to "give up" one of my other licenses. They (all three of the MS reps that I chatted with) sent me a link to manage the licenses (and I haven't even bought it yet). Of course, I can't login yet, but you won't need WiFi to use them. Only if you are going to store on SkyDrive The PCs/Macs do need to connect every now and then to checkup for updates/patches. So, offline working is fine as long as you sometimes connect. This is the Home Premium version. The enterprise ones do need to connect, but usually in a business, you should have Internet connectivity.

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Eli Marcus
23 Feb 2013

I say - if Microsoft would like me to use their beta-level product - in other words, a product (that they claim is market ready) that still has plenty of bugs to be worked out, then they should offer it to me for free. Until that time, I'll use the Office suite at work, where they pay for bulk licenses, and Libre Office, Google Docs, or other substitutes at home.

By the way, I have found the Office suite that Softmaker produces, to be the most robust and best office suite I have used in recent years. It is a commercial software, but about once a year, they offer the previous version for FREE if you simply enter a website that counts the downloads and donates money to a worthy cause according to the number of people who simply sign in and download the free suite.

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23 Feb 2013

I am so sick and tired of Microsoft anything. They are in business to make money, and for no other reason. They are not in business to be helpful to anyone, unless they make more money for helping. With Microsoft you are considered a thief unless you can prove otherwise. Isn't that nice treatment when you have honestly purchased their products. I have Office Pro 97. Nice program, but in those days it cost over $700 to purchase it. That was gouging. I have recently tried Kingsoft Office, freeware version, and it is just beautiful. Why should I pay for "crappy" software from Microsoft when such good alternatives are available. And I can read all my Office 97 files with it as well. And I can install it on any PC I wish, as many times as I wish. There is also a version for my smartphone. So these days, the only part of Office 97 I use is the database. And there are current freeware DBs that do an equally good job.

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Frank Verano
23 Feb 2013

I've been using OpenOfice then Libre Office for years and I write a lot. For all of you on the 'fence' if you have to copy an article with pictures from the Internet to OpenOfice or LibreOffice wp, picture place holders show up. You have to copy the pictures individually and paste them in the wp document you are working with. MS Word pastes both text and pics. Ashampoo has a low cost Office (now Office 2012.) I bought it and it is fine. I agree that is is worth keeping my old Office programs. I still have Office 2003 and use it occasionally.

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John Hoffman
27 Feb 2013

I have been using Libre Office (Open Office) since my cursor went nuts in MS Word 2007. The damned thing would not stop shaking in place. It worked fine, but this shaking became extremely disconcerting as I worked in MS Word 2007. I really looked hard for a solution on the Internet, and finally gave up. I still have MS Office installed, but I use the other product for everything.

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Larry G
13 Mar 2013

I have used Open Office, and now Libre Office and prefer it to Microsoft Office. I find it is much faster than office and I do not have to worry about macro viruses.

For normal users Libre Office provides normal users with everything they need.

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22 Apr 2014

I am 77 and have been using Open Office since Noah's Ark landed on Mt. Ararat. It is wonderful, rock solid. (And by gosh, the price is right!) I often thought Microsnot kept up to date by copying latest versions of the free source Open Office developed and kept current many many great contributors world-wide.

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