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Larry Craig
16 Jan 2015

I used to trust Cnet for all my downloads, but now really have to read every screen as they seem to include a ton of Malware with their downloader. Often up to 5 Crapware programs at a time so although I is still download from them I am very careful and read each panel.

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Al. S
19 Jan 2016

I use Secunia, Ninite when I set up new computers, all of the latest updates are there.

To avoid installing unwanted addons that often come with both free and paid programs is use unchecky the program install in the background when you are installing a warning comes up asking if you want to permit this and you check the box.

Win Patrol allows you to see what is running, can disable or delay start.

Last of all I use Belarc Advisor. It tells you everything you need to know about your computer and serial numbers and more. The US Government and many private corporations use it,

Posted by:

Al. S
20 Jan 2016

Unchecky will prevent tool bars and other malware from sneaking in because you must check the boxes if you want to install that item. This is separate from installing the program.

Your Antivirus program should also prevent malware from sneaking in. A few programs I use that are safe are blocked by Norton's and I have to go into settings to either ignore or select trust to allow. I suggest using Major Geeks instead of CNET, It checks for malware before allowing install.

Posted by:

Barry Pask
24 Sep 2018

I just tried to download Ninite, but all attempts failed - every download site ends up taking me back to the Ninite website, where the "2. Download and run your custom installer" button titled "Get Your Ninite" shows the round circle with a slash through it when I hover over it, and nothing happens when I click it. Anybody got any other source for it?

Posted by:

Riccardo Capuano
20 Dec 2019

It's a shame that Ninite doesn't include the most popular PDF reader: Adobe Acrobat Reader DC in its list.

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