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Christopher Souter
13 Feb 2014

A few months ago I downloaded, paid for and installed Revo Uninstaller Pro, and it's been a bargain at the price, well worth the money.
As far as possible, I always try to go to the software developer's own download page, but, if I can't and I do manage to get unwanted software foisted on me, Revo Uninstaller will detect and uninstall it, plus clean up the registry completely.

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Aubrey Roberts
28 Feb 2014

Trend Micro reported 7ZIP as containing a virus when downloading from Ninite. Also blocked install of K-Lite_Codecs when Ninite mirrored it to Major Geeks.

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D. Cady
28 Feb 2014

There is a lot of good stuff on and I haven't had any problems from there.
I have also use without regrets.

Thanks for your Newsletter Bob, always enjoy it.

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01 Mar 2014

Regardless of what site you use for downloads including the software sites like adobe or any apple software, NEVER choose EXPRESS install. Always chose CUSTOM or ADVANCED and you can uncheck all the crapware and toolbars imbedded in the installer.

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01 Mar 2014

Bob, You are so right about CNET. I stopped using them years ago for all the reasons in your article. They had the gall to send me a e-mail that they missed me and would I come back. I will do that the day after never.From you I learned to go to the site download pages,how ever just read about NINITE,sounds good, your opinion?

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01 Mar 2014

I do my downloading with a Linux "live" CD. If it messes up the browser or installs crapware, a reboot takes care of it.
You have to watch for programs, like Java that give you an installer that goes to their website and then installs the real program along with whatever you forgot to uncheck.

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01 Mar 2014

Excellent article: informative and amusing.
[FYI for Bob: Clicked through to your article from a PC Pitstop e-mail message]

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01 Mar 2014

I am positively SHOCKED that someone who is supposed to be in the know, did not go directly to Piriform's website to download CCleaner, as I did!

Having said that though, I must admit that I have downloaded software only to find that it tries to foist other downloads on you when you try to install it. But if you simply click decline on however many foistware pages are presented to you, the installation usually goes ahead with no further problems. If it still produces problems, I always cancel the installation and look for a similar program that will install problem and foistware free!

EDITOR'S NOTE: I'm shocked that you're shocked! :-) I picked CCleaner merely as an example. There are plenty of programs that you CAN'T download from the software company's website (or you have to really dig for the direct download link) because they either don't have the bandwidth to support the downloads, or they have an agreement to forward their visitors to CNET.

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03 Mar 2014

Couldn't agree with you more about c|net. I downloaded a video converter from them and got much more than I bargained for.

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03 Mar 2014

I've generally had good success with SnapFiles and have used it for many years. But first, I usually try to download programs and apps directly from the vendors' sites.

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03 Mar 2014

In a related area I regularly (like daily) download "free" books, because I select the free option rather than subscribed (I'm on a pension), I have to contend with "captchas" and various unwanted add ons, pop ups and redirects. I have learnt to cope the hard way, I'm not a computer expert. First everything gets downloaded onto drive E, then after I run the .exe file which downloads the file I want. I use winzip to open the file in rtf format or if that is not available use "calibre" to convert it. Then I go to my browser and delete all the extensions that have been added, then use task manager to remove the programs creating these extensions.
Now I finally have the book in readable form! Now I have a new problem Microsoft word now says my copy is not activated (worked fine for the last 2 years!). So I've now installed Open Office.
In case you're wondering why I don't use the local Public library, I'm in Thailand, no public libraries and anyway no books in English.

Posted by:

03 Mar 2014

good article ... I dumped tucows years back , just for this reason .. and have recently noticed CNet doing the same ... so like another poster stated ... I try to use the software manufacturer's site for downloads ... Might use CNet to find them but don't download from there anymore.

Posted by:

05 Mar 2014

Bob,--Re:your reply to Sheri (March 1). I have been using ROBOFORM PRO for many years, and they have become a bit like Microsoft with frequent updates/upgrades. About 2 or 3 years ago they moved all their updates/upgrades and Renewals to CNET and I have twice been caught with additional crapware not showing on the download page. Additionally, Bill P. of WinPatrol was advising against using FileHippo as it too was attaching "presents".

Posted by:

08 Mar 2014

I go directly to the software's site instead.

Posted by:

Dirty Sox
05 May 2014

Thanks, Bob.

It's too bad Piriform has forced to remove CCleaner from their website. I guess Piriform needs that, etc. money.

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14 May 2014

The last time I re-newed Avast security suite they snuck in Google Chrome and tool bar. I was called away from my desk to help others when this happened. I go back and was going go to my bank and Google Chrome came on. I tried to use Internet Explorer and could not get online. I un-installed Google Chrome and Internet Explorer to work. I called their support and they wanted to charge me. I do use Google Chrome now with the security issue of IE. I heard from others that Avast has someone else do their support. I got that desktop straightened out, but my laptop that had that Avast security suite has slowed down. I put in another brand of security and it found some stuff, but still not like it was. I used the free Avast for years and liked it. I had trouble when I started buying it. I do not think they should try put other stuff on when you are paying. I guess never leave the desk when they install.

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09 Aug 2014

Your Tucows travails are quite a horror story. I checked their homepage, just out of curiosity. It's become very professional, modern, business-like... and inspires confidence ! I've just deleted them from my favorites, thanks to your excellent work.

Going to the publisher's website does not necessarily prevent foistware. One of my pet peeves is the way Adobe tries to force various products on you, like Google Chrome or MacAfee Security Scan, whenever you try to manually update Flash. You need to uncheck it every time.

Posted by:

NA Peters
20 Sep 2014

What is wrong with for the freeware downloads. No crap yet.

Posted by:

15 Dec 2014

Great article & pleased that you took the time to advise your viewers of these 'nasties' Browser Hijaaks are increasing, annoying & so easy for the not too savvy computer user to get 'sucked in' unwittingly only to be faced with problems that they had never encountered. I use Adaware Cleaner but be sure you go to the author's site to download this. Another is Avast Browser Cleanup, a 2.8mb download that removes malicious 'tool-bars' that users really didnt know existed on their computer.
Combo-fix is another very good piece of software
for 'digging deep' [takes a while to complete the task but does do a great job] One does have to be
very observant when downloading/installing new
software-often small ticked checkboxes can be
overlooked if you become a little impatient.
An example & I have been caught a couple of times
with Adobe Flash player updates where the 'stub'
install file has a checked 'MacAfee Free Scan'
This is easy to overlook, I prefer not to add any
additional Anti-virus conflicting software, I am
sure they dont like each other too much.
Bob, your articles are very good, thanks for your
efforts producing these time consuming tasks.


Posted by:

15 Dec 2014

Good thing that you declined that Conduit offer. One of my customers accidentally downloaded that bad boy and his computer hasn't been the same ever since. Several people looked at his machine and figured that he had picked up some viruses. But his computer was running Avast and technically didn't have ANY true malware (as defined) on it. But it was virtually crippled by adware, toolbars, browser hijackers, etc.. It took me hours to remove it and its many nasty friends. Additionally, more people need to be aware that it's not only viruses and root-kits that can cause file corruption. His was among several others I've worked on this year, where their Windows 8 updater hasn't worked properly after accumulating this kind of stuff. I've exhausted all of the inexpensive solutions posted on Windows and numerous other forums, leaving only the time-consuming Refresh-and-Re-Installation-of-all-Your-Programs, option. (Given the choice, most folks prefer to save their money and get Windows 10 next Spring.) With these kinds of things going on regularly now, unauthorized downloads definitely need to be taken more seriously. Tanx for another great article, Bob.

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