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16 Jan 2016

I prefer to call them "PUS"; positively unwanted software.

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16 Jan 2016

To avoid the PUP's I used to always use Ninite. However, they stopped having flash updates. I then ran across a program called PatchMyPc (https://patchmypc.net/). This is an excellent little program that updates the software you have without all the excess baggage that is tacked on. You can also install software by checking the box next to the name. I also have a MalwareBytes installed to watch for things that might slip through and Tiny Watcher to see what has been installed.

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16 Jan 2016

Thank you for this newsletter and all the newsletters since Tourbus.
I just followed your directions with AVG and I feel safer :-)
The amount of knowledge you give us never ceases to amaze me.

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16 Jan 2016

I have AVG and followed your advice. However, I also have Malwarebytes and it seems to me that program has found and got rid of PUPs in the past. Be interesting to see if anything pops up on my next AVG scan.

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Clive McCloughan
16 Jan 2016

Thank you for this article and how to evade PUPs. I had heard the expression but didn't know what they were. I did the AVAST thing Ta.

Um, is there something wrong with all these ant5i-viral companies. I would have thought that the name, anti-virus, would to huimans make us think of a sickness, so I wonder why they(AVAST &co) automatically tick all the boxes, if I want to untick, well, that's up to me but NOT ticking them ALL in nthe 12st place sounds like a failure to do their job.

Still they would have a bloody mass of excuses for not doing so.

Thank you again Bob.

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Wild Bill
16 Jan 2016

Another good article. Like several others, I now
put Unchecky on every machine I use or work on.
Yet another freeware scanner of some use is
ADWcleaner. Use with Malwarebytes and other scan
programs for additional detection.

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16 Jan 2016

Thanks for the great info on PUPs. I checked the box on my AVG and look forward to seeing some great results on my next scan.

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Lloyd Collins
17 Jan 2016

I use AVG and they have never flagged themselves for the adware that pops up every time I open the program, to go Pro.

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Roger Hass
18 Jan 2016

Interesting article Bob,
If however Users performed custom installations and read the popup screens (windows) carefully they would be able to un-tick or decline the offer of the installation of these PUP's otherwise known as "Hanger Oner's"

Then, when reputable companies like Adobe,AVG and the like will allow these PUP's just to earn some extra cash, then almost anything goes and the Users must perform Custom installations, which is an option when loading the installation media, at all time.

"Custom Installations" should become the norm for any and all Application Software installations, in my opinion - Take note and do so to safeguard your systems and protect yourself from "Sneakware, Crapware, Bloatware",all unwanted programs or by any other name of the PUP's.

Roger H. / PC-Bug Fixer / Sydney, Australia.

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19 Jan 2016

Bob & Co.. I downloaded AVG free Protection and followed your instructions and did not find the PUP box. There were a few "Potentially Unwanted" selections available.....but, no "Programs".
With that I decided to remove AVG Protection from my computer via Add Remove Programs in Settings also tried CCCleaner to no avail...I just keep getting an error code "0xe001f90f"...What ever that means. Can you help me this removal problem?
I'm a long time fan

Posted by:

Ron Sharbonno
24 Jan 2016

Bob Thanks for all you do. I am a believer. I want to note some of these PUPS are very ingenious.

I recently had one called Babylon Search/Toolbar. It changed the antivirus blocking rules in the task manager. I was then unable to find it with AdwCleaner, Hitman Pro, SuperAntispyware, Malwarebytes. Avast also did not find this even with the PUP box checked.

I was finally able to find it and clean it with a program called SpyHunter 4. It seems to be a great program but is expensive.

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27 Jan 2016

The best tool I have found for removing PUP's and especially unwanted toolbars, is Revo UnInstaller. The free version works quite well and really digs into your registry to remove all the vestiges of these programs.

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18 Dec 2016

Ran my (free) Malwarebytes program last week. When it was finished, I failed to pay attention to what was listed as PUPs, and my PCMatic program (not free) was totally deleted. Message from PitStop followed day or so later stating Malwarebytes was doing this and recommended uninstalling Malwarebytes and reinstalling PCMatic. What to do? What to do?

Posted by:

Irven Griffin
29 Oct 2019

To keep the PUPs from my PC I only download from www.ninite.com they uncheck all of the boxes and will not allow anything to download but the program that you select. And it is free

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