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20 Mar 2016

I would think you could go in and uninstall all the HP stuff from your computer and then re add the printer without adding any HP updates.
I have been using a HP printer for several years with refilled ink. I recently got a new 3 in 1 HP printer as a gift and set it up just 3 days ago. HP told me that the new printer will no longer use even their own cartridges unless they are newer. If they are over a year old, I would get a notice in my printer program, that they won't work. Plus any refilled ones wouldn't work now either. And they were right. This was just from setting my printer up and installing the HP drivers. So I removed the 3/4 full older cartridges and had to add the 2 new ones that came with the printer. They want you to sign up for their ink program where you are charged anywhere from 2.99 a month to several $ more depending on how many pages you print a month. They automatically send you new ink whenever they think you need more. Not a bad deal as the price isn't that bad.But then again they are sticking their nose in my computer and know how many pages I printed and how much ink is left and who knows what else. You can turn off several settings, including a new one if you install new HP ink, you can click on a link that will disable those cartridges to ANY printer other than the one they are currently installed in!! Now isn't that something.

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20 Mar 2016

I had a similar event back in November of 2015; dead printer, aftermarket ink. I even tried Costco refills which claimed to re-chip the cartridges and guaranteed they would work. They didn't. My printer was and still is under warranty and after literally hours on the phone with several HP agents I was told they would only honour any warranty problem if I had HP cartridges in the printer. It too is an 8610. I ranted and raved and ended getting free cartridges from HP and the printer works fine again.
I can see why HP might be having financial problems though. They shipped the four cartridges in three separate FedEx shipments from Kentucky to my home in Canada. How brilliant is that?

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21 Mar 2016

My problem is with Epson. My printer stopped printing and the software said my cartridges needed replacing. I bought new cartridges from Staples, official Epson brand, the cost of which was 1/3 more than the printer cost. Replaced the cartridges and nothing happened. Printer said my cartridges were empty and I needed to replace them. The printer has been sitting there for months.

Same thing is now happening to a better printer which I bought, a Brother. What's going on.

I never have problems with my Brother laser, but at times I do need to print colour & can't.

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21 Mar 2016

I switched to a laser printer (Brother) several years ago and am thrilled. I will NEVER go back to an inkjet printer.

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21 Mar 2016

I bought a Canon MX922 and had the large black ink cartridge refilled, my standard practice for the past 6 years on the Canon printer that preceded it. After printing 3 or 4 pages, a message appeared that the cartridge was empty. I went back to the refiller who verified the cartridge was still full and advised me to ignore the message and keep printing, that it was a Canon gambit to prevent refills. Apparently, HP may not be alone in this deception.

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21 Mar 2016

I have brother all in one printer and love the low cost cartridge from eBay

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22 Mar 2016

"To me, this is akin to a car manufacturer remotely disabling your vehicle if you have repairs done using parts that are not "genuine" or "approved" by the manufacturer. Can you imagine seeing this on your dashboard, after installing a third-party oil filter? "A damaged or defective oil filter was detected. Proceed immediately to your nearest Ford dealer and replace it with a genuine Motorcraft brand filter.""

Replace "Ford" and "Motorcraft" with "Toyota" and you'd be spot on!

Posted by:

B. Miller
23 Mar 2016

I found the solution as suggested by one poster. I have ordered Pantum P2500W Monochrome Laser Printer with Wireless Model: P2500W.
The price was affordable and the toner cartridges cost much less that what I would pay for HP Black cartridges. I print mostly black text so this printer will meet my needs and cost much less to operate. It has a 2 year warranty as well.
Thank you Bob for this article and the posters comments.

Posted by:

24 Mar 2016

I wrote earlier about my HP Laser Color printer which is eight years old. After that message to this site I installed my printer which was a big problem as it kept saying it couldn't install. It sent me to "trouble shooting" and eventually it took. I have LD products in the printer and it is printing just like it always has. I was prepared for trouble, but it is doing fine. From what I am reading I believe when I have to replace it that I had best look other than HP.

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09 Apr 2016

They've been up to dirty tricks for years. My first computer was an HP. Didn't know much about computers. I downloaded something (I've forgotten what) and the computer crashed. After buying another computer I researched the problem and discovered that HP had put a tattoo on the motherboard that caused it to crash when you downloaded some things.
I've never bought another HP.

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30 Apr 2016

I've had tha same probem long ago. Rob, you should know that hp have been condemned for such behavior, andnever stopped perfecting their system. I am in hospital now for anther month, ... but continue searching the internet, anx you will find a trace of this guy who helped me out. He developed a small program that makes the computer and printer know very well that the cartrdge is not genuine, but can no longer prevent printing

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04 May 2016

Had a similar experience with my Canon inkjet where it printed photos nicely with non-Canon ink, then recently colors were coming out terrible. Bought a set of "over priced' Canon ink and the problem disappeared. Hmm!

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Terri T.
10 Jun 2016

Count me among those who are highly suspicious that this was an intentional "glitch" by HP. Once what I would have considered tops in the market, my own experiences with hateful software and ink cartridge issues has made me loath the company. I positively dread the thought of having to replace a printer, as I'd rather be shot than buy HP, and there doesn't seem to be any company that makes completely dependable components.

By the way, I stopped allowing upgrades on printers years ago, and have fared pretty well. On that note, if a firmware upgrade caused the problem, then a decent HP would have developed another one to fix the issue. JMHO

Posted by:

Community 911
28 Jul 2016

We bought both compatible ink cartridges for HP 8620 printer and had refills of the HP original cartridges refilled by Costco, who sells the printer for 1/2 price of the cartridges. On both, the printer came up with a 'damaged or missing' error and an offer to send their 'original' cartidges. We actually called HP tech support and the tech admitted that HP actively and intentionally and actively blocked use of any other ink cartridges but originals them. My husband wants to smash the HP printer to pieces and post it on the internet with a warning. I'd rather go without than support pathological corporations whose 'mission and vision' is economic pillaging.

Posted by:

Mike Frey
15 Sep 2016

I have an HP 8610. On Sep 13, HP did a software update. Sep 14, I tried to print and got the "one or more cartridges appear to be damaged" message. Nothing that I tried fixed it. Today, the maker of the aftermarket cartridges sent an email telling me what I already knew (after spending 2 hours searching the Internet, including finding This article). I now have no doubts that the software upgrade and resultant "you need to buy new cartridges" message was intentional and underhanded on the part of HP.

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Charles Jones
17 Sep 2016

Got a better one for you...I do some IT and am pretty educated in hardware/software) and know enough to turn things off. Well I have NET SERVICES turned OFF on my officejet pro 8620 as well as auto update was off.

Guess who updated my firmware ANYWAY?? You got it. This firmware happened on 9/13 I think it was and there are several threads in the HP forum on the issue.

Of course HP said they weren't original and "could damage" my printer...which we all know is BS. They even tried to shill their ink subscription service.

Basically they have given a big middle finger and said too bad, ask for a refund from your cartridge manuf. It is FAR FAR more troubling that even being educated on things like this, turning off ALL updates, they STILL made a change to my computer essentially without my permission. Thought stuff like that was illegal...

Posted by:

17 Sep 2016

Thanks Bob & Charles,

Charles, being a bit more tech savvy than I, have you been able to downgrade the firmware on the 8620?

I'm struggling to find an earlier version, but if I can't by monday the printer will be going back to the retailer.

Posted by:

Anthony Gross
20 Sep 2016

Same thing happened to me with my HP 8610. Very annoying and irritating. I got my ink from Jarbo from Amazon, I hope they will replace free of charge.

Posted by:

22 Sep 2016

I found this on 123inkt.nl, I did this today and my 8620 is working again with third party cartridges. It rolls your firmware back to 2014. I also went to the HP updater and turned off auto update. You will have to translate it. Here's the link; http://www.123inkt.nl/page/hp_firmware.html

Posted by:

23 Sep 2016

thank you so much James!
it worked for me as well

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