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19 Apr 2016

Java is required by the US government for some of its websites such as the US Patent and Trademark Office for those who file patents electronically. Is it dangerous to use, even though it is being regularly updated by Oracle?

EDITOR'S NOTE: It's hard to say, because you might have the latest, patched version of Java, and still be vulnerable to a bug that hasn't been discovered, reported, or fixed. If you MUST use Java, limit it to one browser that you use only for that purpose. Turn it off in the browser you have for daily use.

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19 Apr 2016

So, it's time for quicklime on your QuickTime.

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19 Apr 2016

After uninstalling QuickTime for Windows, you'll no longer be able to view/edit .mov files from within Picasa 3 (which is also legacy software now). Guess that will speedup our switch to another pix/vids organizer/editor. Meh.

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19 Apr 2016

Is QT-Lite also dangerous to use? https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/QuickTime_Alternative

EDITOR'S NOTE: QT-Lite was discontinued in 2010. So chances are, it's best to avoid it as well.

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Tom Treise
19 Apr 2016

Thanks for all you do to assist us with potential problems. I have an old version of Quick Time installed that is required by my Olympus camera software program. I've never had it function as I do not use it for viewing videos. Also I do not use this software or any of the other Apple software for listening to music or other functions they provide. Having QT installed as described does this still present a problem....Thanks again......Tom T

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Mike Mehary
20 Apr 2016

What do if your smart daughter convinced you to buy a MacBook - it says you can't uninstall b/c it's needed for their OS X - but they won't support it or provide security patch ? Any thoughts ??

EDITOR'S NOTE: As mentioned in the article, QuickTime for Apple products is still supported.

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30 Aug 2016

Unfortunately, I cannot remove QuickTime. I'm a radio disk jockey whose noncommercial program is nationally distributed by the Public Radio Exchange (PRX). PRX's distribution system REQUIRES QuickTime in order for the network to distribute programs to its member stations. The system cannot function without it. I've alerted PRX to QuickTime's vulnerability two months ago, but to date, I've received no response. Although PRX is inthe process of redesigning its website, I have no idea if the network is replacing QuickTime as part of its revamp. So I'm stuck.

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