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20 Oct 2017

TING is it! For our family of 4, including one female college student, with 5 total devices, Ting is saving us $100/month vs AT&T, where we even had a 20% corporate discount. And their Customer Service ROCKS! My daughter's university in the sticks, and her dorm was on the edge of a "natural area". Her GSM IPhone6 could get no signal, while her roommate had Sprint and it worked fine. I feared a new phone, but Ting CS sent a free CDMA/Sprint sim card for her phone and voila! problem solved (who knew IPhones were bi-?) Then, my 87yo mom's old Iphone, which was only used to stream her classical music station, kept getting spam texts which confused her. Ting CS said "you don't need a sim card just to stream wifi" and killed it, saving us $6/month plus hassle, and losing them that income. Can you imagine AT&T CS in either of these situations? No way.

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