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Prepaid calling cards help you save money on long-distance calls under many common circumstances. International calling cards are especially thrifty when traveling abroad. While long-distance calling cards are sold in many retail stores, you can buy calling cards online to get a broader selection of options and the best per-minute rate...

Why Use a Prepaid Calling Card?

A prepaid calling card is a "stored value" card that looks much like a credit or gift card. You deposit money with the long-distance calling card provider and use it up as needed to make calls. When you need to add money to your account you can do so with a phone call, online, by paying over the counter at a retail outlet.

The magnetic stripe on the calling card contains information about your account; when swiped through a card reader on a phone equipped with one, the information is read automatically and transmitted to the long-distance service provider for billing purposes. If the phone used has no card reader you have to enter the card's number and, typically, a secret PIN number via touchtone keypad. Then you get to dial the phone number you wish to call.

Calling card rates are lower than the rates charged by most regular phone service plans for two reasons. First, the risk of non-payment is totally eliminated; you're spending money you've already paid. Second, there's no cost of monthly billing statements.
Buy calling cards online

Of course, if you have a mobile phone plan that includes unlimited long-distance calling to the places you usually call, there is no benefit to buying a calling card. But there are circumstances under which calling cards can save you big bucks. If you're making international calls on a mobile phone, it could be much cheaper to use a calling card, than pay your mobile provider's exorbitant overseas rates. Also, calling cards can enable long-distance calling from landline phones that block long-distance calling. Such blocked phones are often found in local businesses that provide local calling as a courtesy because it's free to them, but don't want to be stuck with your hour-long call to Kenya.

Calling Cards in Hotels and International Calls

Hotels are notorious for sticking it to guests when it comes to long-distance calls. A hotel may charge you a couple of dollars for just the first minute, and 50 cents per additional minute is not unusual. But hotels don't charge for calls placed to toll-free phone numbers, and that's where a calling card service provider can save you money.

Just call the calling card's toll-free number; enter your card and PIN numbers; dial the number you want to reach and bypass those exorbitant hotel rates! This technique also works on phones that have toll long-distance calling blocked, so you can make long-distance call from them too.

International long-distance calling is another application in which prepaid calling cards can save you big money. You'll pay the calling card service provider's lower rate instead of the steep international tariff rates of traditional telephone companies. Typically, the calling card service provider uses VoIP (Voice over IP) calling similar to Skype or Vonage, so it's costs are very low and the savings are passed on to customers.

Many sites such as offer calling cards from multiple service providers. offers calling cards that let you call within the US and Canada for 1 cent per minute, and as low as 2 cents per minute to other countries.

You can shop for a calling card that fits your needs and preferences. There are even PIN-less calling cards that reduce the number of buttons you have to push when calling.

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Most recent comments on "Buy Calling Cards Online"

Posted by:

Dave in Indy
06 Jan 2011

My dad buys prepaid phone cards at Dollar Tree. 35 minutes (IIRC) for a buck. Not bad. No connection / hidden fees. Less than two cents per minute!

Posted by:

Tom Schulte
06 Jan 2011

Prepaid calling cards online seem to be a good potential for spammers to make money. How can a person know if the offer is legitimate?

Posted by:

08 Mar 2011

For any prepaid phone card, the advertised minutes are always over-rated as compared to the real minutes you would get with a chosen card. Pay attention to this to avoid an unpleasant surprise. For details read Why Are the Real Phone Call Minutes Fewer than Advertised Ones?.

Posted by:

28 Jul 2011

I use teleunion's cards for my international calling for several years now. It's great. The rates are low, often 2cents/min. The "hidden" fees either don't exist or are well explained for each card (they offer a bunch.) They really do charge what they say they will.

Call quality to Israel is better than we had for years using various traditional provider plans. Occasionally a you can hear a fish nibbling on the phone lines as they go through the ocean, but not very often :). There's online access to see my balance, top up, & see the access numbers. I can then enter my home phone, & then put speed dial onto my phone, so the calling itself is just punching a couple buttons.

I originally found them through my long distance provide (which was IDT), & turned out they've been excellent for me.

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