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Morgen Bernstein
13 Aug 2018

Daisy, Daisy, give me your answer do. I'm half crazy all for the love of you. It won't be a stylish marriage, I can't afford a carriage. But you'll look sweet upon the seat of a bicycle built for two.

Dave? Dave? Are you listening to me?

Posted by:

Dean Forsyth
15 Aug 2018

For anyone tired of opining worst case scenarios, have a look at an excellent TED talk by an expert on AI with an optimistic view.


Take a break from all the negativity already.

Posted by:

15 Aug 2018

I'm so torn. On the one side, I think, we'll adapt to it. We always adapt to it. On the other end, I think maybe machines CAN do too much for us and what abilities will be lost along the way? Can anyone rememmber more than 2 or 3 phone numbers in their heads nowadays?

I think a lot of my negativity about it comes from that guy...yiou know the one...the guy who programmed his answering machine with "Hello?" and then 30 seconds into your talking to him chimes back in with "Just kidding, I'm not home. Leave a message...BEEP!" Who didn't hate THAT guy? Plus, I hated robotic answering machines ("press 1 for...") even BEFORE I learned that they were purposely being programmed to be annoying and frustrating so a percentage of people would just give up. What more devious psychological influences will AI be programmed for?

I'm torn but leaning "against".

Posted by:

Wilfred Comeau
17 Aug 2018

Federal Law should definitely require the A.I. to
state emphatically that it is an A.I. calling
and request permission to be able to continue.

Posted by:

Clissa Townsend
20 Aug 2018

Yes, we the humans are being lulled into a false sense of security as we become more and more brainwashed by folks with alterior motives.

Since science fiction from yesteryear has become today's reality, each new iteration sets the bar higher and higher.

The animal species of homosapien will not last too much longer on this planet, as we self destruct in the name of an easy life full of leisure time and an appliance to do every task for us. That will include pressing the nuclear bomb button or the selective anilation button.

I'm just glad I'm old enough that I won't be around to witness it.

Posted by:

Graham Jones
21 Aug 2018

If you want to see one man's very plausible thoughts about the future and how we got here based upon the past read Sapiens and Home Deus. They are very well researched. Just make sure you start out with an open mind or you are bound to be offended somewhere along the way especially if religion is important to you. The books are not anti religion but they set religions in context of our past and future.

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