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07 Feb 2019

Savvy computer users know that routine cleaning out of a desktop tower is paramount to keep your PC in good shape. This means taking a can of compressed air or an air compressor to the inside of any desktop tower to clean out all of the dust bunnies and especially the dust and debris from the fans of the Power Supply, the Graphic Card and system fans.

Note: All fans will collect dust, dirt, and debris when they are in motion. The Ceiling Fans in your home do the exact same thing and need to be cleaned, right? So, does your desktop Tower. Doing this is the first line of defense to maintaining your computer.

As for a Clicking-Whirling sound ... BEWARE!!! I have had many Hard Drive failures in my 22 years of computing. When I hear Clicking or Whirling or things on my computer are not just right, no matter what I do ... My RED FLAGS come up and I know that a Hard Drive failure is highly possible and I start looking for another Hard Drive.

As I am looking for another Hard Drive ... I also, start reaffirming all of my Back Up options and methods. The easiest method is Backing Up to an External Hard Drive or to Your Cloud if you have one. Yes, backing up all of your vital files, financial information for tax purposes and any file that contains pertinent, vital information for you to a Cloud is fine, as long as your Cloud has plenty of space.

Why I do recommend a Cloud to save files, purchase receipts and etc. ... They are easy to upload and download when you need them. My case in point ...

My last failed Hard Drive gave me absolutely NO WARNING ... It simply died, quietly and without fanfare. I lost the key codes to my Anti-Virus Malware Program - Bitdefender. I had no proof or the vital information I needed to retrieve my Anti-Virus Malware program. If I had a Cloud, I would have safe in sending all of those emails to the Cloud and the information would have been available when I installed the new Hard Drive!!!

This has been a very frustrating experience for me ... Why? Because I have usually had "signs" of failure of my past Hard Drives ... This one totally came out of the blue and I was NOT prepared!!! Even with 22 years of computer experience ... I had set myself up and I knew better. Mind you, I have built from scratch 12 computers and have repaired many computers for family and friends in those 22 years.

Here is a website that has some of the sounds you might hear regarding a failing Hard Drive and other components of a computer.


And ...


On the Data Center site, you must allow Flash to work, so that you can hear the various sounds of Hard Drive Failures and they come from different Hard Drive Manufacturers.

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08 Feb 2019

When I type in the /IF I get a message that says invalid parameter. Any ideas to try?

EDITOR'S NOTE: It's /F not /IF

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