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Posted by:

Dave Rodgers
22 Feb 2020

@michael @soussi The license fee is for 1 or up to 5 computers. My guess it takes as much work to cover 1 computer as it does for 5. For a long time, I had a ransomeware problem that occurred a couple times a week, locking up my computer. The only way I could defeat it was to MANUALLY turn off my computer, wait at least one minute then restart. Since installing PC Matic, this ransomeware has never reoccured! Very happy two year plus PC Matic user!

Posted by:

23 Feb 2020

Dear Bob,
I've been using ESET's NOD32 Suite (paid version) for many years now and am very happy with it, with one MAJOR exception - it will not allow me to temporarily turn it off or disable it - even using the Task Manager?? Seriously!!
I DO NOT like that.
Makes me feel as though the program itself has highjacked my PC. My question sir is: Would PC Matic alleviate this problem for me? If so, I believe I would switch.

EDITOR'S NOTE:PC Matic does have the option to temporarily turn off.

Posted by:

24 Feb 2020

Interesting article, Bob.

I was a little suspicious of the "non-tranferable" bit of the PC-Matic licence and emailed to ask them what would happen if I changed PCs or had a hard disk failure.

They replied very quickly, assuring me that it meant non-transferable to another person and that it could be transferred free of charge to a new PC or replacement drive.

I'm suitably impressed by their customer service, even though I'm not yet a customer.


Posted by:

Allen McDonald
25 Feb 2020

Thanks for the PC-Matic review Bob.
I'll continue using it as I always have. I trust
their approach.


Posted by:

Carl A. Giffels
25 Feb 2020

Last summer, after an overnight reboot, presumably for an update, I discovered the next morning that my financial management app was no longer able to save its data to the "Documents" folder as before. The app's technical support service was unable to help. I subsequently found I could change the save location to the "App Data" folder. All was well, except that some other apps also reported inability to create or write to the "Documents" folder. Last week, my scanner couldn't even save to the "Pictures" folder. I decided to take my laptop to a local computer shop for help. After a few minutes of examination, he said I would need to leave it, but when I pressed him on what he was going to do, he said he didn't have time to work on it. So I took it back home. I read your article on PC-Matic, and decided to buy it. After I installed it and it did its scans, I discovered the problem was gone. I don't know what caused the problem, but I think PC-Matic fixed it! I am now a happy PC-Matic fan.

Posted by:

ronnie burns
07 Apr 2020

Read your article, I've been using pc matic evergreen from the start for about 4 years using the super shield. Also i have vipre lifetime along with malware bytes lifetime working all together. I feel why not use them all lifetime is lifetime. At first pc matic recommended that i dumped the other two but i kept them pc matic tried to get rid of them. But i kept bringing them back to life.Pc matic says they have malware in the software if they do it removes the malware on the dailey scan.But my malware bytes warns me at the time i click onto the site.I'm happy with all of my software.Pc matic will automatically send you a update every few weeks.Showing you everything that has been removed, along with a dailey report telling you what the dailey scan has clean and remove and updated your computer.Im 100 percent satisfied with Pc matic

Posted by:

Sam Lochinger
24 Apr 2020

Thank you for the thorough and informative article/review of PC Matic. I was sold on this company because of their promises, their U.S. based operations and because they guarantee to work on Windows 7. They have lived up to all of it.

I previously used free software but felt that supporting a U.S. based company was worth the investment. After my own research, it was a no brainer.

Posted by:

07 May 2020

The cost is $50 for one year. What is the cost after that initial year?

Posted by:

17 May 2020

Installed on a PC and a MAC, the PC is doing its thing but on the mack it doesn't cut it, the UI is not refined, not responsive, the app made my MAC very slow to start, just uninstalled it - did not like at all, but I will make my comments on the PC version...

Posted by:

Monte Crooks
17 May 2020

I was in the middle of looking at Norton when I saw your eval of PC Matic. I quickly changed gears and am now a very happy user of Mr. Cheng's genius approach to keeping me happy. Thank you Bob. I should have gone to Ask Bob first!!

Posted by:

02 Jun 2020

I presently have 8 Windows 10 computers. But I am constantly changing them. When I see a used computer at a reasonable price that is better than any of the ones I use, I replace the old one and sell it, usually for an amount equal to or better than the one I paid for the "new to me" replacement. That means over a course of a year, I probably have 15 or 16 different computers and I'll probably have another 15 or 16 computers next year. I simply cannot afford to pay $50 for every 5 computers i own or will own. PC Matic sounds like a good deal for most PC owners. However, for me, PC matic is a bad deal, much too expensive. I'll stick to the free Windows Defender along with the very poorly named freeware SuperAntiSpyware and the free version of Malwarebytes.

Posted by:

Matthew H Constant
15 Jul 2020

I have PC Matic on my new Windows 10 Pro machine, and it works GREAT. Haven't had any problems with sypyware, bloatware, etc., and the computer works like a charm. I first heard about it when watching the Fox News Channel. My older antivirus worked OK, but PC Matic is MUCH better. You can't go wrong with AMERICAN MADE Antivirus.

Posted by:

21 Sep 2020

Is there a link to where we can still download the old PC Pitstop "Siren" songs? LOL!!!

Posted by:

22 Sep 2020

A late comment but.....

It makes for a happy marriage. PC Matic fixes my wife's computer every week without my intervention.

To the happily married spouse's maxim 'You never teach your spouse to drive'. Can now be added 'You never have to sort out what they have done to their computer'.

It is well worth the cost knowing that not only is their computer safe so are the credit cards and bank details.....

In my case it is my wife but I am sure there are many Lady computer people who have less able husbands as well.

Posted by:

27 Oct 2020

Rather than getting offended and lecturing the developer about the pricing, grow some balls, develop a competing product and justify your pricing.

Posted by:

Charles Sexton
30 Oct 2020

Received notice from Comcast today that effective 01 Jan 21,they will stop providing Norton and go with a new program. Could you research that and provide an update to this article?

EDITOR'S NOTE: What's the new program?

Posted by:

12 Nov 2020

I've had PC-Matic protecting my computer for a few years. It performs flawlessly. If my computer acts up or slows down, I run a scan & problem solved. Yeah, this is the one. If you don't have it, get it. you won't be disappointed.

Posted by:

Drew Dawson
18 Dec 2020

I don't have a business. I have 1 computer. Why do I have to buy 5? Also, ever heard of "personal use"?

Posted by:

Karen Cohn
28 Dec 2020

In response to "Received notice from Comcast today that effective 01 Jan 21,they will stop providing Norton and go with a new program. Could you research that and provide an update to this article?

EDITOR'S NOTE: What's the new program?"

Here's Comcast's answer:

How will I get online security and virus-protection without Norton?

Our Xfinity Internet customers who lease an xFi Gateway already receive seamless, innovative digital security protection through xFi Advanced Security at no additional cost. Just login to the Xfinity app or xFi website to enable it.

As someone who does not have an xFi gateway, I'll be replacing Norton - that's why I'm here looking for information about suitable replacements. It looks like PC Matic may well be what I'm looking for.

Posted by:

Norman Rosen
31 Dec 2020

I have used PC Matic for so long, I bought it under the name PC Pit Pitstop. I bought the Evergreen license and have never looked back. Never have I had a problem with viruses or malware. Works extremely well on new and old (7+ years) computers. Having had a Gateway computer years ago, I understand why this program works so well.

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