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Joseph L Vega
24 Jun 2022

Bob, I have been using PC-Matic for the past 5 years and never had any problems, but this year it has been different, something is going on inside, service is terrible, I always had my computer scan automatically and all of a sudden, they stop doing it, and has been very difficult for me to get it back in auto scan. To this day they have not fix the problem. I would suggest a new review.

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02 Aug 2022

Bob, Ihave been using McAffee for years and it seems to be doing a good job. Is there anything that PC Matic does and that McAffee doesn't and vice versa?

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24 Oct 2022

Bought pc matic,loaded it on my computer and it locked my operating system.cost me $250 to get it removed and repaired.
Do not recommend it,be careful. Also,customer service stinks.

Posted by:

DBA Steve
27 Oct 2022

It seems that the recent postings on this thread are MUCH LESS positive than the older posts.
Makes me wonder what was / is happening at PC MATIC headquarters. Has it been sold? Did someone quit?
I was about ready to buy it, until I read the last few posts. Now, I need to do more research.
Thanks to all for posting your experiences. And, of course, a big THANK YOU to Bob.

Posted by:

17 Mar 2023

I too upgraded a Windows 7 Laptop, to Windows 10. An Acer to be exact. I bought PC Matic and tried and tried to get it to run on that laptop with no success. I am on a newer laptop now an I am planning on trying it again. I am currently using Avast, but am getting so tiered of paying for all the different pieces of the puzzle, and still don't have all the pieces. I'm already over $200.00 a year now. This is going to change.
Thank you for the info.
P.S. I was considering Norton 360, but one of the main issue I did not like about Norton is they don't do drive updates.

Posted by:

31 May 2023

I used PC Matic for a year or so. This month, I switched due to PC Matic's handling of software installations. Their White List must be really short as many common apps, that I believe should be white listed, are not on their list. This forces me to seek a second opinion and then make a decision. I have yet to encounter an app not on their White List that failed a scan by other anti-virus apps.

Posted by:

08 Sep 2023

We have four computers at our house, plus two Android phones and two Android tablets.
I wish PC Matic offered a package for up to 10 installations.

Posted by:

Bruce Grime
14 Dec 2023

i have been using PCMATIC since the days when it was PC Pitstop. I have not had one error/spam/phishing/etc get on my system since then. it is complete satisfaction as far as i am concerned, and it is on my wife's PC and my daughter's PCs as well now. they have also had a clear run. i am not based in the USA and that has not caused any problem either. there has been a response within the hour, no matter what the time of day or night for any queries i might have had. Full marks from me for a great system. Bob's writeup is so true. go for it folks!

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