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04 Jan 2021

Bob, I use Avast and was satisfied untiL I read your opinion of them and their treachery, but at nearer to 80 than 70 I might not need all $150 worth
I don't have 5 PC's, so could you talk PC Matic into doing a 12 month $12 deal for oldies ;-D

Posted by:

David Armes
27 Jan 2021

I have been using PC-Matic and MalwareByes for 4 years now. Together they block any and all bad internet sites. Truly awesome protection. There is nothing better out there. PC-Matic also keeps my system updated whether I know I need a software update or not. Seamless.

Posted by:

Mark Hoffman
04 Feb 2021

After reading your positive review of PC Matic, I clicked on a banner ad on your site for "Free Scan." The ad had a PC Matic logo (or box) and asked "Why is your PC so slow?"
I came to this URL:
I couldn't find a place for a free scan there or anywhere else on their site. I don't feel bad that they are no longer offering that, but you shouldn't let them put an ad on your site that says they do unless it's clear how to do it.

Thanks, Love your articles.

Posted by:

Gone lucid
07 Feb 2021

Clickbait headline.
Pcmatic isn't very good and we've been infected for a while but just found out. Removing pcmatic atm and fixing our computer.

Posted by:

20 Feb 2021

I completely agree with the review. I started using PC Matic over 5 years ago after a long frustrating service call with Norton AV which seemed to be happening at least once a year. I had similar issues with McAfee AV and when I saw the PC Matic TV ad I signed up for the Evergreen option. Best money I have spent as that's the last time I had any issues with my two PCs and one Mac computer.

Posted by:

24 Feb 2021

Hi Bob,
After the "Great Avast Debacle", I dropped my license with them. I paid the $150 for the evergreen license and installed PC Matic on 3 computers and a laptop. Almost right away, there were serious problems with one of my machines. Support ran me in circles for just over a month 71 requests for support according to my email and that's just one computer.. I finally had to format and reload Windows 7 (which they advised against) in order to use the machine. Then the second and third machines started having problems. Again had to format and reload. Came to find out that you can't run CCleaner, Superantispyware, Glary, Malwarebytes and a host of other programs.
Lets face it, no one program catches everything. I've always used and will continue to use a few other programs to keep my system as clean as is possible. Then came the biggie. PC Matic failed to do anything about the optimization of the computers so I added my old stand by Advanced System Care which I've used for years. The difference was astounding. Everything and I do mean everything is so much faster. It's incredible. However, PC Matic has in all their wisdom labeled it as a VIRUS. and won't allow it to run. In fact, you wouldn't believe the high handed response I just got from tech support. I couldn't believe it.
I'm now in the process of disabling PC Matic on all systems. I'll add a free antivirus until I can figure out what I'm going to do about PC Matic. Needless to say, I'm pretty ticked with them right now. BTW, 3 win 7 machines and 1 Win 10.

Posted by:

Bill Symons
23 Apr 2021

Thanks for your great explanation Bob. I am a local elder geek and assist quite a number of seniors with their computer issues. If they want my help they have to either have PC Matic or agree to install it as the first order of me doing anything to assist. I have been with them almost since I first heard about their method of protection and it just made so much sense. In all the years of working with people it is only a very rare occurrence that I have to pay a second visit. It is an amazing product and I am surprised it took you so long to get on board. Thanks for all the great material you publish. It really helps so many people.

Posted by:

07 Jun 2021

Been using PC-Matic many years since reading Ask Bob about it. My daughter had some infection on her school computer so I installed PC Matic and it fixed it right up. Another time my wife also had some issues and again - installed PC Matic - no more problems. I have two PCs so we are using 4 of the 5 available installations, and we have been problem-free since I loaded it on all the machines.

Posted by:

PC MATIC CUSTOMER` SERVICE ®(850~400~8234) ® Phone Number ANTIVIRUS Care Support Helpdesk
16 Jun 2021

How to Contact PC Matic Support Service +1 850-400-8234?
There are many ways by which you may contact the official support team of PC Matic as given below.

Through PC Matic Application
Click on the Support button from the upper right-hand corner of your dashboard.
From here, you may visit the forums, view the user guide as well as choose get support now to contact the PC matic support team.
Through PC Matic Website
To get the support, you may directly visit the official helpline page i.e.
On this page, you need to fill out a ticket to contact the team.
Email Support
It is also possible to get in touch with the support team through Email.
You will receive help via email from
If you don’t receive an email from this email address then you check your spam or junk folder.

Posted by:

25 Jul 2021

I used to have TrendMicro which was too slow. I switched to Norton for many years but one day when I had a problem and contacted their service department I started getting calls from people who were not with Norton who seemed to know all about the problem I was having and wanted to charge me $100 to fix it. Turns out someone at Norton was selling or giving away my information. I contacted Norton and they tried to blame it on me and said there was something wrong with my computer but when they scanned it they found nothing. They didn't seem to really care that this happened. So I dumped them because they can't be trusted. I then went with Bitdefender which is a Romanian company. They have been great, but one day I noticed all my SPAM listing were missing and it would not save any additional listings. I filed a report and they had me upload some files automatically threw their system which I was not happy about. Weeks later there has been no response. I called them and they said they have my information and they will get to it, but still nothing. So I rate them poor on service. I am thinking about PC Matic. I just want a company I can trust. Hopefully if I go with them they will be the one.

Posted by:

Jim Lowell
06 Sep 2021

I bought PCMatic after Bob's initial recommendation. Very satisfied, as no problems after using for several years. It even protects my wife's computer!

Posted by:

13 Sep 2021

I use Kaspersky, it has NO backdoors to NSA or other snoopers.

Posted by:

16 Sep 2021

I was one of the early adopters of PCMatic and bought the Evergreen package back when it first came out. I recognized the whitelist model as the same model that we all use in our organizations. We don’t let anyone in to have free reign unless we know they are a good actor. Why should our computers be any different. My only concern with computer security since installing PCMatic is that I never have any problems. I sometimes wonder if I’m having trouble and PCMatic just isn’t catching it. But then I chalk that up to the paranoia inside me that is in my genetic makeup and drive on. I have not had a single computer issue since installing PCMatic in 2018. I could not say the same for all the predecessors that I tried.

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05 Nov 2021

For 3 decades I've paid for and tried various digital prophylactics, including the biggest names, on my personal PC's running Win XP, 7 and 10. I've had major issues with all of them except ESET, which I've used for several years now, and like. I'm only considering a change to PC Matic because it's 100% USA-made. In today's world it just doesn't make sense for this American to trust my IT security to a Slovakian company.

Posted by:

01 Dec 2021

Been using PCMATIC from its beginning. Love it

Posted by:

16 Dec 2021

I have had PC Matic for a while now and it has been excellent. After a year I opted for the $150 lifetime package which cost me $100 as they included the first year in the price and have not been sorry since. Now if I can jam with their band it would be perfect.

Posted by:

David S
01 Jan 2022

Is my memory faulty, or do I remember that at one time Mr. Bob highly recommended AVG / Avast to everyone? He's now enthusiastic about PC Matic. Maybe I should wait??

Posted by:

Bruce Miller
02 Feb 2022

I attempted to help a friend who was applying for a job and he had only a phone to do it on. The job sent him an application to be filled an returned. He could not do it on his phone. I used my computer to download the application and now my phone is receiving his gmail. I managed to delete is info, however it remains embedded firmly on my phone with his login information. I attempted to remove it and Google says, it can't be done? I cannot fully utilize google due to his being the "main login". I don't know if this fully explain my predicament. I am a novice at all this IT stuff and at a loss for a solution.
Thank You for your consideration..

Posted by:

Nora Poki Carr
28 Feb 2022

I was having trouble with my classroom computers. I had AVAST and Malwarebytes on them - BOO! TRASH! I swapped for PC Matic and have had NOT ONE problem since then. I also was gifted extra months of protection following listed comments of my experience with PC Matic. I have been anti-virus secure for almost a year and will be purchasing the lifetime coverage in Dec. 2022.

Posted by:

13 Apr 2022

thank you for this article, Bob, I too have been using PC Matic for about the same amount of time and have found it virtually iron-clad saft.

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