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I want to send a fax, but I don't have a fax machine. Can I use fax software on my computer to send or receive a fax? If so, what free fax software is available for Windows? I have a laptop with Vista and XP at home.

Free Fax Software Options

Despite all of the e-mailing, texting and other types of online file sending, sometimes you still have just got to use the fax. Faxing remains a widely used form of data transmission, especially when sending legal or sensitive documents. Everyone knows that if you want to send or receive a fax, you usually use a fax machine. That's the old-school hardware method. But there are a host of software-based options for faxing, and some are even free!

Free Fax Software For Windows XP

For instance, Windows XP has built-in faxing capability. That's right, with XP all that's required to set up faxing is a good old-fashioned phone line and a modem. Faxing in XP can be installed from the Control Panel using the "Add Windows Components" option. The component is called Fax Services.
fax modem

Once installed, the Fax Configuration Wizard provides an easy step-by-step interface that will assist in setting up a fax cover page, enabling send as well as receive and setting up the fax header information (also known as Transmitting Subscriber Identification or TSID). To start the Fax Configuration Wizard, click Start / All Programs / Accessories / Communications / Fax, then click Fax Console.

In most cases, you can fax directly from the application that created the document. Select File / Print, then under Select Printer, click Fax instead of a regular printer. The Send Fax Wizard will appear, prompting you for the recipient's fax number, and the cover page info.

So what what about incoming faxes? In the Fax Configuration Wizard, you have the option to automatically answer, or answer manually. If you choose to automatically receive faxes, your fax modem will answer the fax line after the specified number of rings, receive the incoming fax, and store it in the Fax Console. If you choose to manually answer fax calls, you'll need to open the Fax Console, click File, then click Receive a fax now. The Fax Monitor will appear and waits for incoming faxes. If you don't have a dedicated phone line for faxes, you'll probably want to go with the Manual Answer method, and just turn on the Fax Console when you're expecting an incoming fax. Otherwise, regular voice callers will be greeted with those awful screeching fax tones.

Free Faxing With Windows Vista

Faxing is also made simple in Windows Vista. What's not so simple is sorting out just what version of Vista has in-the-box faxing capabilities. Vista's Windows Fax and Scan service is available in the Business, Ultimate and Enterprise editions of Vista. But the Fax feature is NOT available in the Home Basic, Home Premium, or 64-bit versions of Vista.

fax ports However, with the versions of Vista that do come with the fax service, sending a fax is easy, especially with Microsoft Office documents. Simply open up the document you want to fax and select File / Print. The Fax Setup Wizard will guide you in configuring fax settings. After configuration, just click "Send" to send your fax. Make sure your phone line is connected to the modem first! (If you have two phone jacks on your modem, plug the line from the wall into the one labeled LINE, then plug your phone into the one labeled PHONE.)

Scanned documents can also be faxed. However, documents sent directly from Office will appear crisper to the recipient's fax machine, because scanning can degrade the quality of a faxed document, just like a photocopier or stand-alone fax machine can.

Other Fax Sofware Options

If you have a version of Vista that doesn't come with free fax software, or you want to try some fax software that offers more features than the fax freebies, try one of these:

Mac and Linux users, have no fear. There are many faxing packages available for Mac OS X and Linux platforms. Mac OS X includes a bare-bones free fax software option, but you can upgrade to PageSender ($39.95 / Free Trial) which can fax anything you can print, and includes lots of advanced fax sending and receiving options.

Ubuntu users can use efax-gtk, a free fax package for Linux, which provides a virtual printer for sending faxes from word processors, and can automatically print incoming faxes. Using the Add/Remove item in the Applications menu, you can install the efax-gtk package from the "Universe" repository. One potential gotcha - many fax modems work only with Windows. The solution for Linux is to use an all-in-one printer that has built-in faxing capabilities.

What If I Don't Have a Land Line?

Keep in mind, these options are for regular analog phone lines - the kind that's been around since Alexander Graham Bell invented the phone. Lots of folks are abandoning land lines these days, opting to get phone service solely via their cell phones or through their broadband connection (VOIP). So what are your choices if you don't have a land line that can double as a fax line?

The answer -- Internet Faxing.

There are a number of internet faxing services out there, some are free and some are fee-based. The difference between the two usually involves whether you can both send and receive faxes (some of the free services only allow for sending) and if you can fax both domestically and internationally.

I've reviewed some of the more popular internet fax services in my Free Internet Faxing article article.

There are also commercial products available when you need to have a multi-user faxing environment such as for a small-to-mid-size business. In these cases, fax server software can be used. RightFax is a popular fax server program. Setting up a fax server may only really be necessary however, in corporate environments with businesses that really depend on a lot of simultaneous inbound and outbound faxing. With the emergence of faxing over the internet, many smaller businesses are going with that option.

It certainly seems as if faxing is going to be around for awhile. Why not use free fax software and fax straight from your desktop? It saves on the costs associated with toner cartridges for stand-alone faxes, it's environmentally-friendly and it means less clutter on your desktop without a dedicated fax machine.

Do you use free fax software, or a commercial fax program instead of a traditional fax machine? Post a comment and tell me what platform and software works best for you...

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Most recent comments on "Free Fax Software"

Posted by:

13 Oct 2008

Hey there,

Just responding to the internet faxing post....I've found that Efax is a very reliable source of internet faxing. It's not free, but the price is reasonable at $16.99(USD)/month if you're someone who sends and recieves a good amount of faxes. I believe that they offer a free trial period and also I think that they offer a limited number of out-bound faxes for free, but I'm not sure as to how many. I'm sorry that I don't know the specifics, but I've had my Efax Plus account for quite some time and just pay the $16.99 each month. Every fax I've ever sent has always reached it's destination and when recieving faxes, they come to you in the form of an email (when setting up your account, you program up to 5 different email accounts for which you want your faxes to come). When you open the email the fax is in the form of an attachment, usually PDF, depending which type of file you specify on opening your account. Like I said before, I've found the service to be very reliable and would recomend it to someone looking for an alternative to traditional fax machine faxing. :)

Posted by:

20 Oct 2008

You mention "Mac OS X includes a bare-bones free fax software option". I have OSX leopard. Where is this feature? In the windows world, I used the XP pro fax utility to generate the TIF images and then I saved them to a folder (without actually faxing them). Is there a way to do this in OSX?

Posted by:

05 Nov 2008

I find 101FAX to be the best online fax provider after going through 4 measly fax service providers that gave me nothing but pain in the head! I'll tell you why.

I noticed with my previous providers that they overcharge their services and I kept looking for the cheapest (YET QUALITY PERFORMANCE). You see, I don't mind paying much as long as I get the job done. So I signed and cancelled with these services then made the longest stop with 101FAX. Their customer service are very reachable- anytime I need help, I get it real fast. I'm signed with the Pay-Per-Use plan they have, and it's worth it! I'm assigned with complete features as the monthly plans are getting. You could learn more in their site at I highly, highly recommend 101FAX.

Posted by:

Stan Plock
07 Dec 2008

All I get is "sent Pg 1 of 1." Is this the cover sheet only?

How do I add more pages? How do I know all pages were sent? I would like to scan pages individually and get individual confirmations like a normal fax machine. Is winfax still available?

EDITOR'S NOTE: You don't say what you're using to send now, so to answer "with specificity... is above my paygrade."

Posted by:

14 Dec 2008

Can you assist me.. I went to the control panel and looked for the windows componet wizard but could nto locate it. Where is it? I really need a fax line, and a free internet phone service can you help?

Posted by:

14 Dec 2008


EDITOR'S NOTE: Not sure what you mean... are you looking for a free dialup Internet service? Check Google for some local options.

Posted by:

16 Dec 2008

I am also looking for the Windows Component Service. Your instructions said to go to Add Windows Components from Control Panel. I cannot find Add Windows Components from my XP Control Panel.

EDITOR'S NOTE: Forgot to mention. In Control Panel, first click "Add/Remove Programs".

Posted by:

02 Feb 2009

I have been using Free eFax for the more than 5 years. I found out today that my account has been deactivated without notification because I went over my free page limit...once. Rather than charge me per page over the page limit, they just deactivate the number and I don't remember seeing a notice. Now the number is no longer available and I have to update my network with new info.

As a product manager, I understand the need to create incentives (sometimes pushing...) customers to upgrade, but not to this level of disruption. eFax just lost a loyal customer that would have paid to keep the current number.

Posted by:

01 May 2009

Emailing & Printing information in send faxes of Windows XP's fax console: I need all the information printed or emailed: Date/Time/Recipient Name/Recipient Number etc etc
to be emailed or printed for verification Thnks Tracey South Africa

Posted by:

Brian Keep
17 Jul 2009

The only problem with "Microsoft Fax" and "Windows Fax & Scan" is you need an old fashioned fax modem card to connect it to your phone line. Those old modem cards are about as legacy as an 8-Track tape deck! The ideal solution is to use FaxBack's FREE plug-in (VoIP Plug-in for Microsoft Fax) that simply connects "Microsoft Fax" to your phone line via a VoIP gateway. It’s easy, reliable and offers “print-to fax" capability from any application on your computer that can normally be printed. Check it out here at Free VoIP Fax Plug-in for Microsoft Fax

Posted by:

fax software
12 Feb 2010

thanks for giving me information about free faxing software...

Posted by:

27 Apr 2010

Bob, thanks for the info. The fax software was right where you said it would be in my Windows XP laptop, and worked like a charm. I scanned a form with my HP printer/scanner on my Windows Vista computer, transferred it by jump drive to the laptop, called it up, clicked on "Print", selected "Fax", filled out the pertinent information, and off it went.

Posted by:

04 Dec 2013

2013-12-04 - Just wanted to send a big thank your way ... yes it's 5 years since you wrote/posted this article, and I'm sure appreciative of having found it. I set it all up, simple as you please. Thanks a bunch! :)

Posted by:

13 Apr 2021

Bob, do I have a built-in fax option? I am running Windows 10 Pro edition.

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