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A reader named Louise wrote to me saying her Windows 10 installation was not updating properly. 'Every day my computer tries to install a Windows 10 update, and it fails every time, with an error 0X80248007. Any suggestions that will help me?' Yes, read on for the solution...

Solution: Windows 10 Updates Fail

Perhaps, like Louise, you've encountered Error 0X80248007 when Windows 10 tries to update. Along with that cryptic error message, you should see this slightly more intelligible text: "Microsoft can't install important security updates on your PC until you install the most current version of Windows 10."

Louise also said she “tried Windows troubleshooter & everything else the Internet said to try.” I'm sure Louise tried hard to find a solution before contacting me, but I'm 100% certain that she didn't try "everything." Here's why...

The amount of wrong advice on the Internet divided by the amount of correct advice equals infinity. So Louise would not have written to me before the year 9595 if she had truly tried everything that she could find on the Internet! I'm not criticizing Louise; I'm just pointing out that it can be hard to find tech answers that are accurate, complete, relevant, and up-to-date.

Windows 10 Update Failed Error 0X80248007

When asking for tech support, you should always include all information available about your computing environment. I have recommended several free programs that can capture such info for you and put it in a text log file that can be sent as an attachment to the email requesting help. (See What's Going On Inside My PC?.) Such critical info would include:

  • The make and model of the PC, e.g., Acer (maker) Aspire 7560G (model).
  • What version of Windows (10, 8.1, 7, XP, etc.) is installed currently

The very first Google search result on the error 0X80248007 message Louise received, “Microsoft can't install important security updates on your PC until you install the most current version of Windows 10,” is this Microsoft Answers forum post.

The very first answer, provided by Andre Da Costa, forum moderator and a Microsoft Valued Partner (MVP) is complex and tedious. Just one of the steps is: "Perform the following tasks: 12 Things You Should Do Before Installing Windows 10 Creators Update (Version 1709)"

Try the Media Creation Tool

I am going to assume that Louise “did everything” in Andre’s forum post and then dropped, exhausted. When it did not work, she wrote to me. What Louise probably did not do (I assume, again) is scroll down to the next possible solution. That post, by Greg Carmack, Windows MVP, recommends:

“the most stable method to upgrade to the new version (which you need anyway) and will bring you fully up to date with reinstalled Windows that often will solve any other problems you have - like with buggy Windows Updates which are the last place I'd get the new version from.”

Greg’s method is to manually install Windows 10 Version 1709 - the latest, current major version - manually using the free Windows 10 Media Creation Tool. That tool knows what it is doing and does not make mistakes or omit important steps.

Greg’s method also happens to be the one that I used when I ran into the very same problem and error messages that Louise is getting. It worked for me.

Is Your Computer Too Old For Windows 10?

If it does not work for Louise, then it's possible that her PC is not compatible with the latest version of Windows 10. Microsoft announced in 2017 that it would no longer support some older hardware. Microsoft warns that if your computer has an Intel Clover Trail processor, its not compatible with Windows 10 versions 1709 or 1703 (the two most recent versions). Microsoft adds that those computers can continue to use Windows 10 version 1607, until January 2023.

But before buying a new computer, Louise should contact the company that sold her the current PC and ask, “Does this thing support the latest version of Windows 10?” If the answer is “yes” then Louise should make them prove it by getting Windows 10 version 1709 running on her existing PC.

If the answer is “no” then Louise needs to buy a more modern computer, or stay with the version of Windows 10 she has now, and ignore those Windows Update failure messages. If she shops frugally for a slightly older but still supported PC, she can find the minimum hardware specs for running Windows 10 Version 1709.

The best advice I can give to Louise (or anyone else experiencing a Windows Update failure) is twofold:

  • Verify that your PC can support Windows 10 Version 1709
  • Use the Media Creation Tool to manually install the latest version of Windows 10

Have you had trouble with Windows 10 automatic updates? Your thoughts on this topic are welcome. Post your comment or question below...

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Most recent comments on "[HELP] Windows 10 Can't Install Important Updates"

(See all 31 comments for this article.)

Posted by:

20 Mar 2018

Mr. Rankin, the song you refer to, sez "in the year 2525", not 9595. You never make mistakes but then sometimes I miss jokes and am too embarrassed to ask for an explanation.
Kudos for taking on such a big relevant subject, and 2 great recommendations.
A FREEware utility called "Error Messages for Windows" used to be handy tool but it has not been updates since 2013.
Whenever I notice a problematic install resulting in an ErrorCode, I usually just resurrect the system with a previous Acronis image, hope for the best that I don't have to go thru what Louise went thru.

EDITOR'S NOTE: At the end of the song, they've reached the year 9595. You can click the link and hear the song on Youtube.

Posted by:

Dave S
20 Mar 2018

I provided assistance with a similar issue - 1709 would not install and a M$ error code was provided. A google search of the error did not provide any assistance. When I questioned whether the laptop was connected to the internet there was hesitation by the end user. A check of their connectivity quickly identified that as the issue. I had the end user power cycle his router, connectivity was restored, and 1709 installed. This solution shows the importance of troubleshooting from the basic level first.

Posted by:

20 Mar 2018

I had the same thing happen to me on two different occasions The difference for my situation is my computer is home built and I am on the Windows Insider Build on the fast ring meaning I get an update about once a week. The first go around with this issue I was able to finally solve it with the media creation tool. The second go around I was not so lucky. I tried too many recommendations to count with no joy. Finally, I was forced to do a clean install of Windows 7 and then upgraded to Windows 10 with the media creation tool. Since then I have not had any issues with updates but I am keeping my fingers crossed.

Posted by:

20 Mar 2018

Try this, It is something everyone should do, every once in a while. Especially if there are update failures. To clean out and delete old Windows Updates Download files:
Go To:
Then just delete everything you find.
Still having problems installing Windows 10 Updates?
Go to, “This PC” on the desk top / Local Disk (C) / Windows10upgrade / scroll to the bottom and run; “Window10UpgraderAPP.exe”

Posted by:

20 Mar 2018

My problem is related, but different. Lenovo laptop purchased new in November 2016. Running the most recent version of Windows 10. Cumulative Updates install normally (now at least, in the beginning they were problematic). BUT...each and every Adobe Flash security update fails. No explanation given, they just will not work. They DO work on my old 2012-vintage Acer laptop (originally 7, switched to 10 in 2015, also latest version (16209.309)). But not the still-newish machine. I update the Flash players (all varieties) as best I can, but the Windows Update updates do not work. Any ideas?

Posted by:

20 Mar 2018

I thought computers were supposed to make our lives better by giving us more free time to do the things we really want to do. I spend half my waking hours fixing these types of problems Bob addresses here.

I believe the word "corrupt" is incorrectly used to describe files instead of the people who foisted this hugely complex technology on us.

Think back 20 or 30 years (if you're that old). Is your life REALLY better now because of computers? Or does it just seem that way? Does food taste better? Is sex any better? Are people more civil now? Are you any healthier? This may be a topic people need to start discussing more.

Posted by:

21 Mar 2018

I had the same problem with windows not updating. Every night it would try and every night it would fail, wasted a lot of my time with an equal amount of aggravation. After several hours of downloading and installing the current version it works fine now.

I agree with John Silberman and disagree with Russ. I also have windows 10 on 2 machines, windows 7 on 1 and 6 different Linux distros on 3 machines. I have been using windows for 20 years and Linux for 3 years and in my opinion Linux is much easier to use, easier to update and a lot less frustrating!

Posted by:

21 Mar 2018

A note to Gina - Yes, removing everything connected to the USB ports helps. I have found using a wired mouse instead of the wireless kind also helps with tricky updates. The other thing that helps remove problems is using a wired internet connection. Yes, all 3 usually give a trouble free update experience.

Thanks Bob for a great newsletter!

Posted by:

Jay R
21 Mar 2018

I thot 1709 would never install. I called the BS help line, er.... I meant the MS help line. I got a ESL fellow who was polite, but seemed greatly miffed at the fact that I didn't have a really fast computer. I must say that his politeness was only matched by his unhelpfulness. And although he had a marked accent, at least it didn't translate into getting my problem solved. I'm not sure what I did (if anything) to get it to install. But it did. (My motherboard was mfg-d in 2011.) Thanx for the Speccy tip, Bob. When the dust had settled, I realized that GOD was doing for me what I couldn't do for myself. And MS couldn't or wouldn't.

Michelle, not only was I alive 20 years ago, but I was 50. I'm I healthier?-no. Is sex better? That would be another no. Does food taste better? That's doubtful, but at least it's getting harder to chew. (I might have to stop fretting about my toothbrush being inappropriately named in another year or two.)

Actually, in defense of the PC, it does help me keep up with friends and family. I'm certainly not a FB fan, but I have become a regular and thankful user. (I wonder if Hallmark hates the internet?)

Posted by:

21 Mar 2018

Responding to RandiO's comment:
Bob did not make a mistake. Yes, the song is actually titled "In the year 2525". However, if you listen to it, you'll hear that each verse raises the year by great leaps until at one point it reaches "In the year 9595..."

Posted by:

21 Mar 2018

I had the same problem installing Update 1709 on two of my laptops. I tried everything I could find. Since my third laptop installed the update, I figured it must be the antivirus. I had McAfee on the two laptops that wouldn’t update. I uninstalled McAfee and installed Panda antivirus and I haven’t had any problems updating since.

Posted by:

Bob S
21 Mar 2018

When I read these, I am thankful I dumped Windows 7 & 10 three years ago and went to Linux. I update when I want to, not when Linus Torvalds tells me I have to, I have not had an update issue, ever. I have yet to have Linux tell me I need a new computer. Martin, you have another problem. I have been running Ubuntu 16.04.4 for almost a year on a Raspberry Pi model 2 B+ with no issues. Yes, it is slow, but everything I need works fine. Linux is not the ultimate, but it sure has decreased my frustration level.

Posted by:

21 Mar 2018

I tried to update to the Creator's version of Windows 10 Pro and it did not work, at all! I went back to the "plain" version of Windows 10 Pro and so far, everything has been updating. Even with Windows 10 Pro usually the simplest way is the best way. I also, have set my computer to do automatic updates, even though I could hold off for a bit.

Right now, I am in a fix. My hard drive died and yes, they do die. This one went very quietly. I must say though, that this HDD had a wonderful life. It was created on Dec. 27, 2007!!! I have always preferred a Western Digital HDD, that does not mean any of the other brands are bad, just that a WD has always worked best for me. This was a WD Green Power HDD. I think, the warranty was only 1 or 2 years at the most. Not bad, this is why you really do not need an added warranty. They are usually only a waste of money.

Many wonder how long a HDD will last. In my personal experience, it is all a guessing game. I had one WD HDD that latest only 3 months and then this one that has latest 10 years. I still say, treat your HDD with respect by defragging it frequently and allow it to do what it is suppose to do - Proper storage, which means don't over load the HDD, don't compress the HDD and make sure you have purchased a large enough HDD for your needs.

The best part of purchasing a new HDD is the prices are so low, now. I just purchased a new WD 2TB HDD for $59! I remember, when I paid $150 for an 8.43GB HDD, back in the late 90's!!! Oh, how times have changed. }:O)

Posted by:

21 Mar 2018

I have an old Toshiba laptop with i5 processor, 8 meg ram and mechanical hard disc. It updated to Windows 10 ok but after about three months I started getting the windows can't update messages. Despite trying everything suggested I failed to solve the problem. However surprisingly in the last few weeks it installed the ceator update. (Ihad failed to do this previously).
Having lost some files while it crashed I bought a Dell Inspiration 13 laptop, also i5 but later and with an 256 SSd. I have had no problems so far with this and it is an excellent machine.
My local (professional) IT expert says in all likelihood the problem with the Toshiba is a faulty hard disk. I am afraid I am too lazy to do so and have unconnected the Toshiba from my network and use it only for relatively non crucial tasks.

Posted by:

David Hakala
21 Mar 2018

All of you folks clinging to Windows 7 need to update to Win 10 - not "upgrade" because it's not a luxury anymore. Sticking with Win 7 is a disservice to yourselves and everyone you contact online, including your grandkids.

Win 7 is decaying day by day. Microsoft is spending less and less effort on keeping it patched every day. It's not going to run better; it's not going to get more secure.

Your digital car is riding on balding tires whose wear bars are already showing. You are a menace to everyone on the digital highway. Change those tires or park your PC.

Posted by:

Byron Miller
23 Mar 2018

I found the problem with the one laptop that the latest MS update, March 2018, KB4088776. I ran a vulnerability check using Bitdefender Total Security which I have used for yrs. The scan found the update. The size of the update is 182GB. The HD had 111GB free space. It has a total capacity of 520GB. Each time MS does another update it uses up more GB on the hard drive. There is just not enough space on the hard drive for this monster update. MS loading up the HD space. Before I run out and purchase another computer or larger HD I will dump MS Windows 10 and load the Linux Ubuntu OS on it. I will lose some programs and information, but at least Linux works and has fewer problems than MS Windows. I am fed up with the headaches and frustrations that MS has caused. Not to mention a loss of info caused by some updates and lost time installing and reinstalling back ups and programs. Thanks for the info in this article Bob. Good to know I am not the only victim of MS updates :)

Posted by:

Ken Driver
23 Mar 2018

If by manually install windows 10 you mean do a clean install, I would agree. I was having similar problems with upgraded version of Win 10. I finally did a clean install and have had virtually no problems with the OS for over a year.

Posted by:

25 Mar 2018

Bob - this one is driving me bananas. The update goes to about 91% installed - then shuits down and reinstals my old version. Thjis has happened time and time again. I tried your solution and the same thing happened again. What is particularly frustrating is that the process effectively maked my computer unusable for a couple of hours! My computer is about a year old and is all SSD. Windows tells me all is ok to download but it just won't complete after getting almost all the way there/ I'm tearing my hair out!

Posted by:

Dave Leippe
25 Mar 2018

If the computer was originally a Windows 7 machine and upgrade to Windows 10 1511, all is well until trying to upgrade to 1607/1703/ 1709. Windows 7 has a 100mb system partition. Windows 10 1511 works with this environment. Newer versions of Windows 10 require more system space. By using a partition manager increase the system partition to 1.5gb and then the updates will work without errors.

I have had to do this at least a half dozen times for friends this past year.

Posted by:

Dave (a different one)
04 Apr 2018

I went to a forum and managed to download the update so that I could manually update my laptop. When I tried to install I got the message :-

Windows Update Standalone Installer
The update is not applicable to your computer


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