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Believe it or not, Apple's Mac computers do not run on magic and fairy dust. I often get requests for help with Mac-related problems. When I can answer, I do. But when I need a Mac expert, or I want to get the latest Mac news and rumors, I turn to my list of Mac websites for trustworthy advice and answers. If you have a Mac, you'll want to bookmark them all. If you have a friend with a Mac, you'll want to share this with them. Read on!

Where Can I Get Reliable Mac Help and News?

Remember those snarky Apple commercials where the cool Mac user pokes fun at the nerdy PC guy? Well, I'm a PC guy. I've used MacBooks, iPads and iPods, but for my everyday work, I'm most comfortable on my trusty Windows PC.

I'm actually of the opinion that the operating system doesn't matter that much these days, because more and more of our computing tasks are moving into the browser and the cloud.

I'll do my best to find answers when people ask about Windows, Mac, Linux, or Android. But I know some really smart Mac people. So for those situations when people need help with Mac-specific hardware or software questions, and it's outside my scope of knowledge, I defer to the experts. Here's where to find answers to your Mac questions and pick up the latest Mac news and gossip.
Mac Expert Help

Macmost.com has been around since 2006, covering Mac computers, iPhone, iPad, iPod, and Apple TV. It offers tutorials in text and video formats; podcasts; printable guides to keyboard and gesture commands; news and rumors about all things Apple. Several forums invite discussions and mutual help among members. It’s not just for experts; tips for first-time Apple buyers are very popular. My friend Gary Rosenzweig runs MacMost, and he's also written a book called the MacMost Guide to Switching to the Mac for those Windows users considering a platform change.

Mac Help for Mom is just what its name suggests: Simple answers to questions posed by non-technical Mac users. Steve Loyola started this site to host the answers to the many questions his own Mom had about her first Macbook. Some of Steve's most popular articles tell you how to set up Time Machine backups, how to check memory usage on your Mac, and how to burn a CD of photos in iPhoto.

Tidbits.com has been dishing Apple news weekly since 1990. Its content is distributed via email, RSS, and podcasts. There’s something for every type of Apple user here: business, artist, educator, or home user. Founders Adam and Tonya Engst obviously have a passion for Macs, iPads, and iPods. Their staff of writers shares it.

Apple Support Communities are forums where Apple users from all over the world share experiences, tips, and gripes. There are dozens of specialty forums, from enterprise interests to iTunes fans. Even Windows users of Apple software are welcome.

Mac OS X Hints is an online community hosted by MacWorld magazine. Subforums are devoted to Mac OS X, hardware and peripherals, networking, server administration, desktop management, iPad, iPod, and iPhone users.

The iLounge is for the insatiable iPod, iPad, and iPhone geek. Founded in 2001, it offers exhaustive product reviews, excruciatingly detailed and illustrated tutorials, news, gossip, and shopping. This is where to go for reviews of iPad accessories and apps; software for Mac and Windows fans; or any gizmo a mobile Apple fan could imagine.

Of course, you can also go to an Apple Store and visit the Genius Bar, where you can talk face-to-face with a trained Apple products specialist. Reservations are optional but suggested.

Don't assume I'm a Mac hater just because I spend most of my time on a Windows computer. There are some areas and applications where I think Macs excel. One of those is the consistency of the interface, which extends to all third party software. And if you're into video production, iMovie makes some pretty slick stuff look easy.

Do you have a favorite place to go for answers to Mac questions? Post your comment or question below...

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Most recent comments on "I Need Help With My Mac!"

Posted by:

09 Nov 2012

I've been reading askdavetaylor.com for a while. He is mostly Apple but also covers whatever comes to him.

Posted by:

09 Nov 2012

Ah, Bob, have I told you lately how wonderful I think you are? I've continued to subscribe to your column for years even though I switched to a Mac, simply because you have so many helpful articles that I can forward to my family and friends.

And now, a column just for me! Thank you!

Posted by:

13 Nov 2012

I suggest "Ask Different": http://apple.stackexchange.com/
It's a "Q&A" driven site... I've found it quite useful

Posted by:

Windows MAC Support
22 Feb 2013

I do face the same problem dear and really apple's Mac computers need some special attention.

Windows MAC Support

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