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I don't have a fax machine. Is it possible to send a free fax by email?

How to Send a Fax by Email - For Free

MyFax is a popular commercial fax by email service. After signing up, you can send a fax by composing an email which contains the text you want to send, or an attached document. You can try MyFax free for 30 days, after which you can send 100 fax pages for US$10 per month.

eFax is a service that lets you send and receive faxes as email attachments. You simply use the recipient's fax number and eFax's address. The 30-day free trial lets you send up to 30 fax pages. You can also use eFax to receive faxes by email, up to 130 pages during the trial. Be careful, though... if you don't cancel during the initial month, you will be charged US$16.95 per month.

UFAX is another commercial service that allows you to send a fax by email. Like MyFax, it's a paid service with a free trial. UFAX let you send free faxes for the first month, from a your PC or mobile PDA device. Just remember that if you go for the free one-month trial, you will have to remember to cancel before the trial period ends, or your credit card will be charged.
fax by email

InterFAX is another option for email faxing. InterFAX doesn't have a free trial option, but you can subscribe for as little as US$10, allowing you to send about 90 faxes for 11 cents per page. You can enter your fax message in the body of the outgoing email, or attach DOC or PDF files to be faxed.

Truly Free Online Fax Services

If none of these services are right for you, or you don't want to pay for a commercial fax service, there are some web-based fax services that are 100% free. FaxZero is one that I've used and recommend to others.

See also Kevin Savetz's Fax FAQ for a list of online services you can use to send and receive faxes.

Got comments or questions about faxing by email? Do you know about a free fax by email service that's not listed here? Post your thoughts below...

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Posted by:

03 Aug 2009

Good! I just want to add to the list a reliable internet fax service - I use it and i like it. with ityou can send faxes worldwide and receive them for free.

Posted by:

25 Aug 2009

If you want to keep your existing fax number, but turn it to electronic fax instead of using the fax machine, try ParkMyFax (

Posted by:

Anima Farway
28 Jun 2011

Nice one...
We are also providing fax via email service worldwide .
Please add my site in your directory, its paperless, cheap, free incoming fax,no hardware/software required, no machine required.

Posted by:

Beth Keck
12 Jul 2011

I really didnt know about send faxing from my email/or internet before.! So, I would like to try that kind of it...also I would like to test and see if its works.!!!!! also I will try it to find where to start for free faxing from my eamil/or internet......

Posted by:

31 Aug 2011

@valentine is not free service

Posted by:

15 Mar 2012

Great list of free online fax services. I manage, a comparison site of paid online fax services in case you need a service to use more than once.

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