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Pinterest is a social network for people who embrace the notion that a picture really is worth more than a thousand words. Pinterest is one of the fastest growing social sites, surpassing both Google+ and LinkedIn by attracting over 100 million visits per month. Here's what you need to know...

What is Pinterest?

It's essentially a collection of people's collections of images they have created themselves, or found on the Web. Actually, it's a bit more than that, but you have to dig deeper into the Pinterest community to understand.

Let's start with the basic Pinterest "pinboard," your personal space on Pinterest that you receive after being "invited" to join the community. (The invitation may come from a friend but you can also request an invitation and get it immediately, which seems more cordial than simply "registering" for an account, I guess.) With a Pinterest account, you get a browser button that's available wherever you go on the Web.

When you see a picture you want to add to your pinboard, just press the Pinterest button. You can also upload clever images you've created yourself, or photos that you think are interesting or funny. You can add a caption and title to your picture, and put it into one of Pinterest's general categories or a category of your creation. Pinterest also stores a link back to the source of the image; clicking on the image will take you to the Web page on which you found it.
What is Pinterest?

You can browse other people's pinboards, and "re-pin" images from their collections to your own pinboard. Just for fun, I've created pinboards called Tech Stuff and Fun and Funny Stuff. The latter is (mostly) photos that I've taken in my travels.

Who Uses Pinterest, and Why?

Essentially, Pinterest is a social bookmarking network similar to, only the former is designed mainly for bookmarking images (and videos). Of course, you can share things that you add to your pinboard with your Twitter and Facebook friends, too. You can even pin images from your mobile devices.

Pinterest is used to store and organize pictures for different purposes. Some people just collect images of things they want to buy, using Pinterest as an ad hoc comparison shopping site. Others collect images of things that interest them, which may range from pets to children to power tools and more.

Businesses also use Pinterest to promote brands and sell merchandise. One of the main Pinterest categories is "Gifts." Images classified as gifts can have prices added to them, and their back-links can direct the user to a place where items can be purchased. Educators are using Pinterest to share lesson plans. DIY enthusiasts share pictures of their creations, with links to instructions on how you can build them too.

Over 12 million people use Pinterest. As of 2012, about 83 per cent of Pinterest's US-based users are women. In the UK, 56 per cent are male, and they average 10 years younger than the average U. S. user who is 35-44 years old.

At least two Pinterest copycats have arisen, both targeting the male demographic. They are Gentlemint and MANteresting. I am somewhat bemused by Pinterest, being a text-oriented kinda guy. I do understand the fun factor, but I see many of the same photos being posted on Facebook, and many other "funny photos" websites. That makes me wonder if it will continue to thrive as a social site, but it may have a future as an online marketing channel. Internet marketing guru Don Crowther sees that potential, and has a created PinIncome, a website dedicated to showing people how to make money by using Pinterest.

Are you an Pinterest fan? How do you find it fun, interesting or useful? Post your comment or question below...

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Most recent comments on "Very PINteresting!"

Posted by:

03 Jul 2012

I find PINterest very interesting and truly informative...especially with Hubble.

Posted by:

03 Jul 2012

Although Pinterest looks like fun, I probably won't be using it.

"Basically, if a photographer sues you for pinning an image illegally on Pinterest, the user must not only pay for his or her lawyer, they must also pay for Pinterest's lawyer. In addition, the defendant must pay all charges against him or herself, along with all of Pinterest's charges."

Posted by:

Bev Sykes
03 Jul 2012

It kind of depending on the day and the pictures that are "trending" (I hate that new word that is being used everywhere now!). With newbies who are posting the same tired political and funny stuff we have seen everywhere and re-pinning someone else's stuff of the same genre, I quickly get turned off. But there are some "pinsters" (is that what we are called?) who are truly innovative. I think I stayed for so long strictly for a pinster named Mary Beth Burrell, whom I do not know but who, I think, embodies what Pinterest started out to be...her clever topics and unusual pictures are always pinteresting!

Posted by:

Mark Madere
03 Jul 2012

I'm going to start using it to generate some $$ with minimal effort. I picked up an excellent guide that provides some interesting ways to monetize Pinterest. Check it out:

Posted by:

03 Jul 2012

Who needs the Securitate or STASI when you have Facebook and PINterest?

Posted by:

Max Potter
03 Jul 2012

And how many terabytes/petabytes/exabytes or whatever of server space does that lot fill up?

Posted by:

03 Jul 2012

Pinterest is fascinating in that the different boards created by a user can form an excellent indication of personality--the images they choose to pin reveal far more than simple likes ans dislikes. Some of my boards deliberately take advantage of this aspect to let readers see something of what I'm like as a person and a writer--whether they realize it or not. Other are collections of historical costumes that I want to keep in one place for reference--and for the reference use of others who may repin them. Than I've turned a couple of boards into virtual collages of images that will serve as mental stimulation for books I intend to write. And of course my book covers are there, as well as the covers of friends. The possibilities are really endless, which is a part of the appeal.

Posted by:

Barbara Kipp
03 Jul 2012

Personally, when I was explaining Pinterest to my husband I said it was like an online magazine. The best part is you can save what interests you (like you would have formally cut out of a magazine). The only difference is with Pinterest the articles are layered beneath the pictures and you can repin them to your own specialized boards~So many people I know have abandoned Facebook for Pinterest because it brings out the creativity in people-:)

Posted by:

04 Jul 2012

I won't use Pinterest because there is evidence of copyright infringement on their part, they claims rights to what is posted beyond their ability to have those rights, and they force you to have either a Facebook or Twitter account, neither of which do I have because of privacy concerns. No interest in Pinnterest here. It's just another marketing system, and there's enough of those around.

Posted by:

04 Jul 2012

Dear Bob,
Very Pintersting article. I think a picture is worth thousand words and people find less and less time to type things. The technology of annonating is catching on. Evernote and Pocket are two good Android based examples.

Posted by:

04 Jul 2012

Posted by:

08 Jul 2012

I took a look at Pinterest and it does have some very interesting possibilities. One thing - how do you join? I requested an invite but it never arrived. I need someone to invite me? How do I go about that?

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