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Video tutorials can be a big help for people new to Windows 10, or any other software. There are many amateur Win 10 how-to videos online, but unfortunately, most of them are awful. But I found some that are excellent, and free. If you're having trouble getting acclimated to your new operating system, or you just want to see what's new and different in Windows 10, read on...

Learn Windows 10 By Watching

Some people don't appreciate Microsoft's push to get people to move to Windows 10. If you're one of those who got a "surprise" update, you may be scrambling to learn the ropes, or wondering how to use some of the new features.

Windows 10 can rejuvenate older computers, and offers some attractive features, but it is a subtly different experience from its predecessors.
For example, in Win 7 the Start menu has a “Shutdown” icon which, when your cursor hovers over its arrow, reveals the Restart and other options; in Win 10, this is icon is in roughly the same place but it’s labeled “Power.”

There are also many big differences, such as Windows 10’s Edge browser, the Cortana virtual assistant, and a slew of privacy settings that you may want to tweak. See TEN Windows 10 Features You Didn't Know About and http://askbobrankin.com/tweak_unwanted_windows_10_features.html for more detail on these topics.

Free Windows 10 tutorial videos

Microsoft has an elaborate Windows 10 Help page that includes such details as “See what’s on the Start menu”. There is a high-quality video guide to the Start menu, and if you don’t blink you’ll see what’s hidden beneath the Power icon. Expand this video and all others to full-screen size to see the details.

When you have mastered the basics of Windows 10, be sure to check out Microsoft’s free library of Windows 10 Power Tools. These professionally produced videos get into nitty-gritty subjects such as fine-tuning performance, troubleshooting, organizing everyday tasks and information, using the Microsoft Management Console, and more. The fine points of Win 10’s File Explorer are covered in their own video. Using the Registry Editor has its own video for intrepid geeks who like to tweak things at the registry level.

Windows 10 Beginner's Guide Video

Let's back up a little... If you're not ready for the geeky stuff, start here. The Windows 10 Beginner’s Guide is another good video resource. This 38-minute video covers the Windows 10 Start Menu, System Settings, Windows 10 Universal Apps, Taskbar, Cortana Digital Assistant, Task View (Multiple Desktops), File Explorer, Notification Area, Action Center, Show Desktop, and Snap Assist.

This tutorial was created by JAGTutorials. “JAG” are the initials of Jesse A. Gedutis, the producer of this and 49 other high-quality tutorials. Jesse explains each step without assuming you already know what's going on, and zooms in on each part of the screen so you can see exactly what to do.

Jesse, apparently, was in an auto accident that left him “unable to work,” so the advertising dollars from his YouTube videos are his sole income - plus any donations viewers may make. I assume that Jesse means he’s unable to work at his former occupation, because the amount of work that went into this tutorial and his others is truly impressive. He even added closed-captioning!

If you learn best by watching actual operations, instead of by reading descriptions of them, then these free video tutorials are probably ideal for you. I look forward to your comments on them.

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Most recent comments on "[WATCH] Free Training Videos for Windows 10"

Posted by:

22 Jul 2016

always great articles...BUT
Winblows 10 causes older computers to run hotter & slower!
Does not run on dual graphic devices(Intel/AMD) causes up to 90 seconds of black screen at log in.
Since Nov 2015 introduction of Threshold 2 upgrade, the OS System File Checker(sfc) reports corruption of the OS & "Cannot repair 'opencl.dl'" mainly on the more expensive 'Pro' version.
These are real basics of having a GOOD OS…neither is 'fit for purpose'…ms is out of touch with its own creation!
Sorry...we have a dozen or so devices upgraded to 10 from win 7 or 8.1 Pro. All have the same problems! None can be reported as 'upgraded'...

Posted by:

Jay Rj
22 Jul 2016

More amazing stuff. It's getting close to the deadline, so I'd better make the move. Thank you, Bob.

Posted by:

22 Jul 2016

Excellent beginner video. Thanks Bob for "finding it" for us!

Posted by:

22 Jul 2016

These videos are great, unfortunately, I am deaf and there are very few videos that into to account. There just aren't of us to matter.

Posted by:

Maura K
22 Jul 2016

Thanks, Bob, for the great references.

Posted by:

Juanita Westberg
22 Jul 2016

THANK YOU for providing access to the Windows 10 tutorial! The information within the video was well-presented and straightforward without being condescending.

It's much appreciated!

Posted by:

Jack Cheek
23 Jul 2016

I always appreciate your articles,very informative.

Posted by:

23 Jul 2016

I'm still getting "don't touch it with a 10ft pole" from a somewhat tech savvy friend. He insists there are many problems and someone with my limited skills might crash my desktop. I have a win 7 laptop which I'd be willing to upgrade but didn't get the free upgrade icon. How would I go about it?
Any help would be appreciated.

Posted by:

24 Jul 2016

Ernie; perform an internet search for your problem. If your software is legit, windoz should have installed an update on your computer which offers the upgrade to 10. I had a laptop with W7 home that didn't receive the offer. Another with W7 enterprise where Microsoft nagged me to update. When you perform a search and find that there's ~4 KB##### updates to have installed, then search for them, install them, and set windoz to automatically update. Good searching, good luck.

Posted by:

24 Jul 2016

For Gary, who is deaf: when watching this video on YouTube, click on the gear icon in the lower right corner (you may have to move your cursor up into the video window first to make that icon appear). You will see a pop-up menu and one of the items in Subtitles. This is usually off by default, but you can select English and then you will see subtitles throughout the video. Hope you find this helpful!

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