Windows 7 Half Price Offer

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Thinking about upgrading to Windows 7? Microsoft is offering users of Windows XP and Vista a chance to get the Windows 7 Upgrade for half price...

Windows 7 50% discount

Windows 7 at 50% Discount

If you have any version of Windows XP or Vista, and you think you'll be moving up to Windows 7 when it becomes available on October 22nd, then you should consider this limited time offer from Microsoft.

Here's the deal: Pre-order your copy of Windows 7 Home Premium Upgrade for $49, or the Windows 7 Professional Upgrade for $99. That's about half off the estimated retail prices of $99 and $199, respectively. You'll place your order through one of the participating retailers listed, and they'll provide instructions on how to get your copy of Windows 7 when it's released in October.

Just keep in mind that Vista users can do an in-place upgrade to Windows 7, while "upgrading" from XP to Win7 will require a clean install. That means reformatting the drive, installing Win7, and then transferring or re-installing any data or software from the old system.

Which Windows 7 Should You Buy?

So what's the difference between Windows 7 Home Premium and Windows 7 Professional? Here's the scoop:

Windows 7 FeaturesHome PremiumProfessional
Improved desktop navigationYESYES
Enhanced Windows Search featureYESYES
Internet Explorer 8YESYES
New Media Center - Watch and record TV on your PCYESYES
Easy networking and printer sharing with HomeGroupYESYES
Windows XP ModeNOYES
Domain Join featureNOYES
Automatic backupNOYES

Bottom line, most home users will not need the Professional version. See my article on Windows 7 XP Mode to find out if you have any older XP programs that might require XP Mode. The Domain Join feature is something that only users in a business setting will need, and you can get free automatic backup solutions elsewhere.

Got comments or questions about Windows 7 upgrades? Post your thoughts below...

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Most recent comments on "Windows 7 Half Price Offer"

Posted by:

27 Jun 2009

Nice, thanks for the heads up, Bob! I might look into Windows 7. Vista is pretty new itself, though -- is there a huge benefit to upgrading from it? Would you recommend it?

EDITOR'S NOTE: Have a look here:

Posted by:

ira m trager
29 Jun 2009

i have used the windows update advisor. it says i need to update a particular driver and it gives me a website to go to texas instruments. however after attempting that site not finding that driver i did a search. it is actually a dell driver used by other computer makers. i posted in the microsoft win 7 forum and was told to get it oem. the problem is the driver is current for vista and oem will not offer an update for a current driver. fortunately for me i bought the $49 win 7 home premium upgrade due out october 22 so my need for the new driver is not critical but what if win 7 were coming out next week. than what.

Posted by:

29 Jun 2009

If I purchase the Windows 7 upgrade and use it on a new harddrive will it work or will I have to purchase a full version of Windows 7 for a new HD?

EDITOR'S NOTE: Not sure about that. Ideally it will prompt you for the license number of the old version.

Posted by:

Dave Sanderson
29 Jun 2009

Windows 7 "Half price" nice if you can get it ! ONLY if you live in America !!!!

Posted by:

29 Jun 2009

..."upgrading" from XP to Win7 will require a clean install.

What installation media will be provided? Internet download? Disk? If disk, will it be an upgrade disk or full install disk? If upgrade disk, will various Windows functions like CHKDSK, etc work when it says to insert the install disk?

Certainly sounds like a good price, but if people will be limited as to what the install media can or cannot do, then what's the point if they have to eventually buy a full price disk?

EDITOR'S NOTE: Unless I'm mistaken, you'll be ordering the boxed version, with CD install media.

Posted by:

Bill Bailey
30 Jun 2009

Thanks Bob,note that Microsoft has implied that those of us in Austalia will pay substantially more for Windows 7 than Americans.May be worth our while to import a copy from America.

Posted by:

30 Jun 2009

I upgraded to Windows7 from Windows Vista beta about six months Nd moved to the RC (Release Candidate) version, the one that's being installed by manufaturers on new machines, about two months ago. The difference in performance was obvious. Windows 7 feels likes it's running twice as fast as Vista (I haven't measured it), but EVERY program I use from Office2007 to Corel Draw 12 to MovieMaker just opens and runs pretty much instantly.

I'm running on a Toshiba laptop with a COre 2 Duo Centrino1.83 Ghz processor and 3 G of RAM that is not rated particulary fast, and I couldn't be happier. I have a desktop with similar processing capability running Vista and the difference is obvious. Do upgrade to 7.

Posted by:

01 Jul 2009

Why would M$ extend the same offer to people using XP AND Vista??? First, the economics. Vista was a complete and utter flop. They need to offer a discount to the suckers (me included) who acutally paid for that bloated, resource-hogging junk. My Vista box has sat unused (with that equally unusable Office 2007) for months.

OTOH, I've been happily using Windows 7 for 4 months. It runs on most anything - quickly AND reliably. Oh, and without nagging me every 5 minutes.

So why would M$ offer the SAME discount to XP users (of which I am one as well)? If they offer 1/2 off to XP users, they should upgrade Vista users for free.

Posted by:

02 Jul 2009

Does anyone know what the license will be for these half price versions. I will need a 3 PC license. Thank you, jim

Posted by:

Jim C
09 Jul 2009

On end user (you and I) operating systems, the MS license is always for 1 machine. It is the other products such as Office that have 3 machine licenses

Posted by:

Dale Bryant
09 Jul 2009

Looks like we Ultimate users get screwed once again.
Just read an article that you can't upgrade to a version of Windows 7 that is lower than what you currently use for Vista.

Posted by:

Mark Jacobs
09 Jul 2009

I went from Vista to XP and then Win 7 RC. In order to upgrade to Win 7 paid release version, will it be a simply a matter of putting in the new serial number, or will I have to run an upgrade program? Or even wors since I had XP previously will I have to do a clean install?

EDITOR'S NOTE: The RC will stop working in March. I don't know if you'll be able to enter a license code and keep using it. My guess is no. You *might* be able to install the final (paid) copy of W7 on top of the RC. If you installed W7RC on top of Vista, and there's no rollback, then you may be stuck with a clean (reformat) install.

Posted by:

11 Jul 2009

Nice posting on the pre-order offer on July 11. One problem. When you click on the link to the Microsoft site, you will see that the pre-order reduced price has ended. However, when you click the pre-order link, it still says the price is 49.99. Now I'm unsure if I should proceed with the purchase! ANy help?

EDITOR'S NOTE: I'd go for it. Some stores may have them still in stock. The price should be clear at checkout time.

Posted by:

12 Jul 2009

Hey, guess what - the pre-order offer has ended already. Now M$ wants $119 for Premium, $199 for Pro and $219 for Ultimate. And that is the updgrade price!

Posted by:

15 Jul 2009

I have an older machine- was XP, but have been running Windows7 RC - quite happily I might add- my question is this, the machine never had a disk- the "restore" was on the hard drive. When I installed W7 that was all wiped out. Will I be able to use the "upgrade" version when the RC expires? Since I have no "proof" that it was originally XP, will I be able to just run over the RC? (I installed an "upgrade" Vista on a "clean" drive by running it twice)

EDITOR'S NOTE: I think when the RC expires, and you have no other OS on the hard drive, you will not be able to upgrade. But that would have been the case if you had XP anyway.

Posted by:

Jackie Evans
22 Jul 2009

I ordered 7 2 weeks ago and I was to get it in 3 days and I don't have it so far. Can you help me? Jackie Evans

EDITOR'S NOTE: The product will not be available until October 22. What you did was place a PRE-order...

Posted by:

John V.
09 Jun 2010

Hi Bob,
I enjoy your site. Here is a web site that your readers interested in getting Windows 7 at a discount should check out:
How about Win 7 Ultimate for $35.00! The other versions for $24.50.
Pay on the site and give your email address. 24 to 48 hours later you get email with a valid activation code and a download link to burn a DVD of the version of Windows 7 that you bought. The download is a DVD image file "ISO" that you burn to a DVD and then install with the activation code.
I got it and it works great!!!

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