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Choosing the best conference call service from the thousands of conference calling companies available can be bewildering. You have to consider the geographic coverage of teleconferencing providers; the amenities they offer; the cost of the features you need; and the quality of conference call services. Here are some tips to consider...

Which Conference Calling Service Should I Choose?

A conference call is still the fastest, cheapest, easiest way to host a meeting between people who are scattered all over the planet. No one needs a computer or Internet access, so they don't have to be anywhere in particular to participate. They don't even have to be sitting still; you can join a teleconference from a cell phone while walking, riding a bus, or flying in an airplane.

A no-frills conference call hosting service will have each participant call a single phone number that connects to the conference call hosting system (called a "bridge"). A participant then enters a code provided by the organizer to specify which conference call he/she wants to join. Their call is then linked into the conference call.

In a "dial-out" conference call, the conference call service calls each participant, using either a live operator or automated equipment to place the calls. This type of service is good for busy senior executives who might otherwise forget the time to dial in.
Conference Calling

Other amenities offered by teleconference call providers include toll free phone numbers for participants to call; control over which callers can speak at any given moment; transcriptions, and recording of calls for later playback. All of these add-ons cost a bit more.

Cheap conference calls are possible thanks to a practice known as "traffic pumping," in which rural telephone companies allow conference callers to use their local phone number for free or below-market prices. The phone companies do so in order to inflate the inter-exchange fees that larger telcos pay when traffic is passed from one telco's network to another.

Paid conference calling services start at around 10 cents a minute per line. You can save money by subscribing to a usage-based plan, i.e., up to 1000 line-minutes per month for less than the ad hoc rate.,, and other conference call hosting services offer such plans. offers flat rate unlimited conferencing starting at $50/month with no per minute charges, and a 14-day free trial.

What About Free Conference Calling?

Free conference calls may also be offered by VoIP-based telephone service companies as a demonstration of their services' quality. is one such conference call hosting service. There are even free conference calling service providers with a purpose, such as For every 10,000 line-minutes used, someone plants a tree somewhere. You can invite up to 250 participants and each will get a toll free phone number to call. Recordings of conference calls are included.

But don't think they're doing this just for the trees. To get free conference calls, you have to provide your name, valid email address, and other info about your conference calling and other telecommunications needs. Sure enough, the price of free conference calls is listening to sales pitches somewhere down the line. You may also experience occasional poor voice quality, and participants might have to listen to advertisements when calling in.

If you only need occasional basic conference calling, try one of the free services and see if the quality and features meet your needs. If you need advanced features, or you are a heavy user, I suggest you try Calliflower or one of the others mentioned above.

Do you have a favorite conference call provider? Tell us why you like yours, or post a comment below...

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04 Dec 2010

Free Conferencing
Next Level Unified communication solutions with free conferencing from

Tips & Techniques for an effective teleconference

Posted by:

Jim Boyle
05 Dec 2010

I don't do business conference calls so not sure what security requirements are needed, but I use skype, I pay the extra nominal fee so I am able to call anyone on a cell or landline phone. I use it to have a meeting with just a camping club group, works great, can go up to 99 people on line at one time ( not recommended haha)

Posted by:

30 Aug 2011

FunPhone does not work, in fact most of these “free calling” sites dont work well. Just a waste of time. You want a free call – get aCheap phone service skype account and use the free minute, or evaphone and use their free time

Read more:

Posted by:

30 Aug 2011

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Posted by:

11 Jan 2012

FunPhone did not work for me either. For free services have a look at

Posted by:

Jerry Everett
24 Dec 2014

conference call is still the fastest, cheapest, easiest way to host a meeting between people who are scattered all over the World.
Thanks for sharing .

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