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You do everything else online... why not your voicemail too? If you're still using an old-school answering machine, online voicemail services let you combine the best features of voice messaging with the convenience of email and the Web...

Internet Voicemail Service Providers

Why do voicemail online? Individual users can increase productivity by handling voice messages online, and small businesses will benefit by presenting a professional sounding "virtual office" to callers. Here are my quick reviews of the top internet voicemail services. Each has it's own unique features and pricing options, ranging from free online voicemail to feature-rich packages for business users. You can try most them for free, and find out which is best for you or your business.

  • Google Voice is a free voicemail service from Google. I think the best feature is the ability to forward your voicemails to your email inbox, where you can listening or read a text transcription of the message. Google Voice also offers the ability to customize greetings based on the calling number, as well as conference calling, call blocking, and call recording - all for free!
  • internet voicemail services

  • My1Voice, more geared towards small busines, gives you a dedicated toll-free phone number for your business, a dial-by-name directory, and virtual receptionist to direct callers with a voice menu. Voicemail messages can be left at pre-defined extensions, and are accessible via the Web. Your voice greetings will be recorded in a profesional studio; you just provide the scripts, which give information about your business, hours, location, etc. Pricing starts at $10/month, with a 30-day free trial.
  • MaxEmail, despite the name, offers a range of voice and fax services. You can forward voicemails to your inbox, but messages are sent as audio attachments, no transcription. Packages cost between $7 and $40 per month, and customized voicemail solutions are available for large enterprises.
  • RingCentral provides VOIP (Voice-over-IP) phone and online fax services, as well as high-quality conference calling for both small and large businesses. Single-user plans (up to 10 extensions) start at $50/month, or you can move up to 8 users for $180/month. All plans include a local or toll-free voice number, and a separate number for incoming faxes.
  • Grasshopper (formerly known as GotVmail) is geared toward entrepreneurs seeking virtual office services. The basic plans provides a toll-free or local number with unlimited extensions for $10/month. You can customize with greetings, voice menu and fax-on-demand menu options. Your greetings and voice menu scripts are recorded professionally. Other features include conference calling, voicemail-to-text transcription, a dial-by-name directory, and music on hold. You can forward incoming voicemail and faxes to your email, or forward emails to your fax inbox. The call routing feature makes sure that if the intended party is unavailable, someone else gets his callers.
  • Onebox offers LIVE receptionists and virtual PBX systems for small businesses. 100 minutes of live receptionist service starts at $170/month, and $1.95/minute over the initial allotment. All monthly plans include 2000 minutes of call forwarding, call transferring, fax inbox, conference calling, and other VoIP services.

Do you use an online voicemail service that's not on my list? Post a comment and tell me about it...

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Most recent comments on "Internet Voicemail Services"

Posted by:

04 Jan 2011

I use Yahoo Messenger and Phone Out I put $10.00 on my credit card for the Phone Out. Messenger is free. Also I use GooglePhone which is free. I am trying to uncheck the automatic pay but to no succsess so I pay Yahoo and use Google doesn't make sense huh.

Posted by:

Laurence Thomas
04 Jan 2011

Regarding voice email, I use "TossableDigits" and I have found the service to be extraordinary and quite inexpensive. One can call and listen to one's messages or one can listen to them on-line. "TossableDigits" has made my life immeasurably better.

Posted by:

05 Jan 2011

I signed right up for Google Voice as soon as I heard about it. I thought I would play with it a little myself before letting everyone know my new telephone number. Am I ever glad I did. I haven't been able to make it work. When I call my number from another phone I cannot be heard on the answering phone. They end up hanging up, so I guess I just wasted a number in Google's data base. I thought it would be great to have calls to my busy phone forwarded to the idle phone. No luck.

Posted by:

05 Jan 2011 is a free voice mail service.

Posted by:

05 Jan 2011

I have been using for years the services from UK based YAC ( for free.

Posted by:

Don Shenton
11 Feb 2011

Thanks, Bob for all your good articles. You are the only techy that I follow. My small business D.R.S. Design Inc. relies only on VoIP and a cell phone. Now I use only NetTalk and Skype Out. Both work most of the time. I did use MagicJack, but their service and attitude turned me off. NetTalk is my main phone as it doesn't need a computer. Plan to try Google Voice when time permits.
Don Shenton

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