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23 Jan 2008

I agree with your opinion. The last paragraph was the best.

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24 Jan 2008

Well, Youtube, now that Google owns it, maybe they should fix this little dilemma. There's just way too much invested that would allow a collapse. Permanent collapse, anyway. Just my opinion. In the context: "If new hardware is needed, it will be invented. If new software is needed, it will be developed..." My, how I wish this attitude could apply to the energy 'situation.'

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24 Jan 2008

Yep, I was thinking that all along. It won't collapse, because everyone is seriously invested in making sure it will not collapse.

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24 Jan 2008

Unfortunately too many people listen to the doomsayers without even thinking about the fact that no one knows the future. There are far too many people trying to make a name for themselves by pretending to be omniscient, and this includes the "experts" in the field. If the experts were right, the United States would have accumulated about 6 computers today. Much of this is an attempt to either get famous or to raise money, or just sheer egotism..."I know more than you do, so listen to me!!. When a baby hiccups or coughs do we say that the baby will die as a result? The Internet is still a baby and still growing, despite the fact that people too often feed it the wrong food, and then have to change the diaper. Unpleasant, but necessary. Will the baby die? Possibly, but odds are that it will grow and thrive. There are millions of new users every year. Per only 10% of the world now uses the Internet, and as long as money can be made and technology can solve problems, there is no end in sight. It's just the beginning, not the end.

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Whipsnard Q Bimblemann, III, Esq.
24 Jan 2008

What is going to happen when December 31st, 1999 rolls over to January1st 2000?!?!? Oh, wait...did that all ready happen?

Actually, what does worry me is all the talk about large ISPs monitoring what travels on the Internet. Not that I do any peer-to-peer that is illegal, but this does concern me.

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24 Jan 2008

I agree with you. I rememebr Metcalfe's doom & gloom prediction. I was surprised that such a bright guy would stumble like that. But he also wanted to call the web the "I-way" a very wimpy moniker.

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John Howard Oxley
24 Jan 2008

It seems that the camelback breaking straw is the video server site like YouTube -- OK, ask this question -- how important is this in terms of e-commerce and e-government? More important than or

There's your answer -- if video on demand services are going to break the net, take them down -- if no other method will work, a DDoS certainly will.

So the idea that there will be a *general* collapse of the InterWeb, er, the NetTube, er, well you know what I mean, is pretty far-fetched.

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Bill Rubin
24 Jan 2008

I certainly hope you're right, and it seems most likely you are. However, history contains many examples of civilizations which failed because the unthinkable was allowed to happen. See Jared Diamond's book Collapse.

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24 Jan 2008

I suppose it's possible that a Cisco engineer could plant malicious code in their routers, and have them all go boom on a certain day. Or a particularly nasty virus could clog up the pipes to the point where no other traffic was able to move. But even these would cause only temporary (and probably regional) outages.

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24 Jan 2008

I agree with your opinion on this. The Telcos have too much invested in it to let it collapse, plus technology tends to sustain its self, they are always coming up with new or improved ways of doing things. The internet will advance as the technology does. As the saying goes necessity is the mother of invention.

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25 Jan 2008

It won't collapse - much more likely that it will become non-neutral and stifle the flattening and democratic tendencies we see today.

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26 Jan 2008

I love the way you stated your position in just a few lines after examining the various angles.

No, the Internet won't collapse. At least not permanently. In the event of a shutdown/meltdown, someone (like maybe the Japanese) will already have "Plan B" to execute real fast. The most that will happen is a temporary hiccup.

After the unlikely demise of the Internet, the resurrected Internet will be better, faster, bigger, and (we hope) cheaper. Sometimes something has to die, if only to give way to new (and improved) life. A total rebuild (rather than a series of upgrades) could very well be the thing that this ageing internet needs.

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10 Feb 2008

Here's the check:

1) The internet run on lines that are also used for voice communication

2) Some traffic runs via Satellites

3) As long as those lines are maintained, expanded, improved, the capabilities for the "Internet" to carry more and more traffic are almost endless.

4) As more people begin to connect with higher speed connections, congestion will begin to dissipate. Think about your local water supply system. Water mains, neighborhood mains, house mains, then faucets. Suppose everyone was to upgrade their faucets to neighborhood mains. Sure the demand has gone up because you're sending more water, but the path to get that water there has grown dramatically as well. Same basic concept with an ISP connection. Size of the pipe goes up, so does the ability to get it there.

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13 Nov 2008

You say spelling, punctuation and grammar are important, yet your second sentence begins with the word "And". I do not believe the internet will collapse any time soon.

EDITOR'S NOTE: Most of the sources I've checked with indicate that it's fine to start a sentence with "and," so long as it's not overused. Years ago, it was not considered grammatically correct, but fashions do change!

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