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16 Dec 2009

Thank you, wonderful Bob! This is the best possible present I've ever received.

You've opened up the entire world for me. I've yearned to take college courses, because I've known how much my mind has gone to mud all these years since I attended college. The lack of tuition always held me back.

But now you give us this wonderful, perfect, free opportunity!

I set sail tomorrow, right here at my desk.

Ahoy and bless you, Bob!

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18 Dec 2009

best post ever received.

thanks bob... this is very informative.

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18 Dec 2009

Do you know anything about the University Of The People ( I'v not delved into it much but it seems a worthy effort at least.

EDITOR'S NOTE: Interesting, hadn't seen it before. They are non-accredited, so cannot issues degrees.

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18 Dec 2009

Thanks a lot Bob for this post.
Always you are working to make the Internet a better place that is worth to use.

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18 Dec 2009

Thanks. A wonderful collection of resources.

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21 Dec 2009

Another on-line college site is It includes courses from Berkeley, Columbia, Harvard, MIT, Princeton, Stanford, University of Michigan, UCLA, and Yale. I love the site's FAQ in response to the question of whether credit is offered for the courses: No - but feel free to learn as much as you'd like.

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24 Jan 2010

Dear bob
the system not work for blue screen have how can't install os for stop system it tell what are ur told to me want
thank your

Posted by:

26 Jan 2010

Hi Bob, Thank you for your website. I love it. May I ask you a question. I'm new to downloading, uploading. I'm interested in a couple of courses on I have a PC. Would you tell me what program (and the steps) I need to have to put these courses on my computer or a separate harddrive. I am a stay-at-home mom with two small kids and would greatly appreciate any help you can give me regarding my question.

EDITOR'S NOTE: There's nothing to download. At, just click and watch the video lectures.

Posted by:

09 Apr 2010

I took online courses for credit, in order to pursue my MBA through Westwood College Online. I would say, you are better off trying out free online courses first, before investing a lot of time and money taking courses for credit.

I started Westwood College Online on January 8, 2010, and had to drop out completely on April 4, 2010, because Westwood, in my opinion, was letting too many people in the program, who had no business being there. There were foreign students in my classes who did not have proficient English language skills, and American students who were academically challenged. Therefore, someone like me, who is hard-working, tenacious, determined to succeed, compassionate, treated everyone with kindness, dignity and respect, who was used to taking classes online and understood what was involved, had to "baby-sit" the others in my classes, which in turn was affecting my individual grades and my group grades, and also causing me undue stress!

By the way, when I left Westwood College Online, I received a letter in the mail from the Dean, stating that I was on the Dean's List, because my grade point average was a 3.75 or higher!

If you are smart, save your money and time, by attending a vocational school. Because at least when you graduate, you will have a job marketable skill, unlike just having a lot of knowledge, no skills, and tons of student loan debt attending a college or university.

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16 Apr 2010

Dear Bob,
It is such a pleasant surprise to bump into your space. I was searching for the easiest way to understand how to print through a wireless network and found yours easy enough. After that i went through your site and caught the word "free" Now i am going through the online courses. I live in a third world country in south east asia, so this is absolutely fantastic!Seems like theres no reason not to do something about this. Thank you!

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21 Apr 2010

this all is awesome...

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11 May 2010

I received a bachelors in Business Management from Western Governor's University. I was able to put 20 years of experience to use to quickly bore through four years of training in TWO!! I Loved it, the University assigns Mentors who check your progress and advise you on what classes to take concurrently or simultaneously for the most effective use of time. Some classes have a trainor and a schedule but others are self-modulated. All of the testing is done through proctored exams taken at a local college (your choice). I was able to just "Test out" of many of the classes with a modicum of study. I was also able to keep working full time -- a huge benefit. You pay one fee for 6 months and however many classes or credits you can complete in that time are all included. So the more time you are able to devote to this, the cheaper it is in the end. An initial exam is given before you are accepted into the school to determine your ability to handle the coursework. They try very hard to get the students to interract and to instill a sense of unity and comraderie. As a WGU graduate - I recommend it proudly.

Posted by:

mugisha kapira
05 Jun 2010


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08 Jul 2010

I noticed a comment about the open university being free, its not. I am doing a degree course, its costing me about 700 pounds for 60 credits you need 360 credits for a course. You can apply for financial help if you are on low income or benefits.


Posted by:

Kevin Fox
01 Sep 2010

Excellent article. Universities offering subjects through OpenCourseWare also provide links to other institutions participating in OCW worldwide.
With regard to the Open University; Pauline is right in that it is not possible to study for a BA. or BSc. free online. However; “The OpenLearn website gives free access to Open University course materials.” provides free online courses in partnership with the British Council “which will help you attain further qualification on well-known global English language qualifications such as FCE, ESL, ESOL, IELTS and TOEFL.” Some of their other courses include:
Health literacy HIV/AIDS: Awareness & Prevention. Microsoft Digital Literacy. Schools Curriculum.
Accreditation becomes more of an issue when parting with money, think about the end... and start there.

Posted by:

amit saini
03 Sep 2010

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please give me tips if there r requirment softwere for merger so pls send or tell me today

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22 Oct 2010

You forgot University of the People who offers free for Credit Courses.

Posted by:

10 Nov 2010

One course you left out is


Posted by:

11 Nov 2010

Another great place to find college-level material is the Research Channel. Currently they are revising the original site but can be found at There are videos of college-level lectures, professional development and presentations from around the world usually for free.

Posted by:

05 May 2011

Thank you for posting this, Bob! As inflation soars and jobs disappear, free quality education will be so valuable to people. Now... if only we had a free and secure, broadband internet...

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