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11 May 2012

No-one mentions that excellent outfit in Australia: Auslogics. Download the freebie and try it! There are so many options available it is best to see for yourself rather than try to catalogue them here. Michael

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23 Sep 2013

Greetings Bob I concur that Uniblue Registry Booster is an excellent registry software I've been using this for years (5 years)I had an Internet Kaffe. I encourage folks to use this software.

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Lisa Wayne
15 Dec 2014

I have used Ninja TuneUp which is quite good and now my PC gives ultimate speed & performance.

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Samantha (BMRT)
08 Mar 2017

Been researching for the best among the best and I guess the things that you are saying here have a point. Thank you! Anyways, is this applicable for windows 10?

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Joe Shaffer
24 Aug 2018

Hi Bob. While I don't have the time to write and publish like yourself . I have been in computers since BC (Before computers)the 60s on USN equipment.. I'm pretty much the family and Friends "Go To" person. And with my brother and son ran a small "hometown" computer store for two years. A tough business when as a small local I often paid as much for Windows as people like Dell and the Office stores charged for a system The only money was on "High end" systems and repairs. I still do system maintenance for A few good customers (Doctors etc). Thru all this you are my "go to" reference for reliable information. And I thank you.For "Free registry cleaners and a lot of other products I like the AML name. When buying certain specialty ware I'm pleased with iobit. and I've seen you reference them at times.

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