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21 Sep 2011

I get this, "check your registry NOW" so I do the scan and it finds hundreds of problems with my PC.....are these REAL problems or is it I haven't crossed some 'T's' or dotted some 'I's' PC runs then I do the 'free 20 free'

How do I know what has been fixed....PC is just the they weren't problems were they....

EDITOR'S NOTE: Sounds like you downloaded something that might be nasty. I suggest you do a malware scan or run System Restore.

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04 May 2012

I just found this post trying to discover how to disable Aero Snap (what a useless annoyance!).

Another thing I really dislike about Win7 is the ridiculous "Libraries". It takes an obscure registry modification to get rid of this, and I haven't completely obliterated it yet. What a needlessly complex system M$ has created!

In the end, I don't think Windows (any flavor) is a wise choice for serious computing. It's a nice office toy, or maybe useful like art work you hang on the wall. The only legitimate thing in Win7 is the NT kernel, which isn't used as designed, so it's not much help either.

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R Gray
30 Jan 2013

I mistakenly added two Quicklaunchs to my taskbar OOPS! How can I get rid of the second one. Thanks Rick

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