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I'm a long-time computer user, almost 80 years young, but I'm no expert at Internet searching. Can you point me to some sites that are especially useful to senior citizens?

senior citizens

Websites For Seniors

There are lots of great web sites for seniors who want to network with other seniors, learn more about computers and the Internet, or access information especially helpful for older and retired folks. The place I recommend as a starting point is FirstGov's Senior Citizens Resources website, where you can find Consumer Protection tips, information on Volunteerism for Seniors and Adult Education, Estate Planning advice, Federal and State Agencies for Seniors, and links to government sites such as the Administration on Aging, Social Security Administration, and Veterans' Health Administration.

Senior Net

SeniorNet's mission is to provide access to computer technology for older adults which will enhance their lives and enable them to share their knowledge and wisdom. In addition to over 200 learning centers in the US, SeniorNet operates SeniorNet on the World Wide Web, where all seniors are welcome to participate in hundreds of SeniorNet RoundTable discussion groups. SeniorNet members learn and teach others to use computers and the Internet to accomplish a variety of tasks. If you have a desire to continue learning and a willingness to contribute your knowledge to others, SeniorNet is for you.

Web Pointers For Seniors

Web Pointers for Seniors is a site created by a retired couple from Portland Oregon, with an annotated list of web links of special interest to senior citizens. There are links to articles on Senior Issues, Grandkids, Senior Guides, Caregiving, Health, Nutrition, Legal Issues, Financial Planning and Travel. The site has not been updated since 2003, and some of the links no longer work. But I mention it because there are a LOT of links on the page, and many of them are still useful to seniors.


SeniorLink is dedicated to helping aging parents maintain independence in their own homes - safely and with dignity. They offer options to the children of elders who are confronted with difficult choices in managing the care of their parents. Some of the content on this site requires a paid subscription, but you can find some good stuff in the Caregiver FAQ and Top Elder Risks sections.

Write A Senior

While researching this issue, I came across a truly wonderful site called Write a Senior Citizen, which was created by two teenagers who want to connect lonely seniors with email or snail mail pen pals. The brother & sister team from California has received a Congressional Commendation from the US Congress, and several other awards for their work.

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Most recent comments on "Senior Citizens Online"

Posted by:

Walter Earnshaw
29 Aug 2006

Such a lot of 'goodies' for the silver-haired surfer. Thank you for introducing the various sites and topics.

Posted by:

John Merwin
29 Aug 2006

Thank you for posting the article about SeniorNet ( -- John Merwin -- SeniorNet Host

EDITOR'S NOTE: My pleasure! It's a great site.

Posted by:

Collette Siemaszko
29 Aug 2006

Thanks for your comments on SeniorNet. We run classes at NW Copernicus SeniorCenter -- 3160 N Milwaukee Ave 60618. Next session starts September 11, there are a few openings left. For info, call us at 312-742-7718.. we have voice mail.

Posted by:

29 Aug 2006

Many thanks for the Web sites for seniors. I work in gift planning for a nonprofit, and this is wonderful info to have available as an "extra" resource.

Posted by:

08 Feb 2007

The only seniors sports site on the internet -- visit -- It's a

sporting goods & equipment site directed at senior

citizen (others can purchase also). It has a FREE

Senior Sports Newsletter that lists sporting events across the U.S. for Seniors. If you would like a copy just let us know.

Posted by:

Jan Buehler
01 Dec 2007

I've tried this website several times in the past few weeks and keep getting a response that it is not receiving new pen pals. And when I tried to get a pen pals, it isn't doing that either. Maybe those young folks got overwhelmed with responses? Can you recommend another similar site?

Posted by:

09 Dec 2007

I like all of your sites but need to add This is the best site I've seen for helping seniors save money and directing them to great resources.

Posted by:

Jon S
12 Dec 2007

Thanks for this list--it's an excellent resource.

Here's another one for your list that I recently came across (a social networking community for seniors):

It seems like a good concept to have a place for seniors to meet, since Facebook and MySpace cater mostly to teens.

Posted by:

12 Sep 2008

I would like to correspond with senior citizens, though of course I have no objection to writing to younger people, I have always thought that school children could do with some of the experience that older have had .

I'm just over 80 with all my faculties, at least that is what my wife says . I am retired from teaching and have 5 children and numerous grandchildren. Robert

EDITOR'S NOTE: I think is just what you're looking for!

Posted by:

16 Apr 2009

You might be interested in this site if you're looking for information for a senior in Minnesota: -- GrayTimes

Posted by:

Barrie O'Leary
05 May 2009

Hi! I have just found the SeniorLink site and think this is just the thing for me. yes, I have registered already. But I'm a long way away, in Australia. That doesn't matter for writing emails, does it?

All i was trying to do was to try and find some sort of explanation as to how and why my regular emails end up in the Outbox when I send them and then go of their own accord some time or days later. Any clues?

EDITOR'S NOTE: As far as being in Australia, that doesn't make a difference. You can send emails all over the world, just as easily as to your neighbor. About the Outbox, if you've told your email program to send, but they remain in the Outbox, I'd guess that your Internet connection is down. When you go online, they are released.

Posted by:

Lyn Miner
12 May 2009

Here's another really neat site for seniors:

Posted by:

Leslie Wasserman
09 Jul 2010

I would love to see a link on this site for helping seniors with Balance. Most seniors experience some kind of falls related to illness or aging. This website that I found really reaches out and helps seniors regain their balance and feel more confident when walking. They have three locations in the Los Angeles area. Check out their website at:

Posted by:

04 Sep 2010

Here's a great resource for seniors:

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