[SNEAKY] Microsoft is Pushing Windows 10 Hard

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Windows 10 debuted a little over 8 months ago, leaving less than 4 months for you to upgrade your Windows 7 or 8 system to Windows 10 free of charge. The exact cutoff date is July 29, 2016. But even if you have decided to stick with one of the older Windows versions, you may soon wake up in the morning to find Windows 10 has taken its place. Here's what you need to know...

Microsoft Getting Sneaky With Windows 10 Upgrades

It seems Microsoft is silently reaching out to consumers’ PCs and scheduling Windows 10 upgrades on them, without asking the owners of said PCs! The “Get Windows 10 Now” nagware that’s been bugging users since last year now doesn’t just relentlessly urge you to click a button and get Windows 10; it tells you that Windows 10 is going to be installed on such-and-such a date!

Sure, there’s a link on that screen you can click to change or cancel the scheduled upgrade. See it, right there under the date that Windows 10 is due to be installed? A lot of people won’t, and many may find themselves in the brave new Windows 10 world, not knowing how it happened.

For some people, moving to Windows 10 will be a welcome change from the unpopular Windows 8 environment. Some may experience improved performance and benefit from better security that's baked into Windows 10. But an unexpected upgrade of the operating system may also impose a learning curve at an inconvenient time. Important apps may be lost in the transition to Windows 10, and some hardware may require updated drivers to function properly.

Unwanted Windows 10 upgrade scheduled

The bottom line is, it’s your PC and Microsoft has no business scheduling tasks on it without your consent; that’s what is happening here. But it’s not happening to everyone, I find.

One of my own Win 7 PCs suddenly had a Win 10 upgrade scheduled on it. I thought I must have hit the wrong button sometime without realizing it, and canceled the upgrade easily. Then I started comparing notes with some friends.

Blocking the Windows 10 Upgrade

One of them said he has not been bothered by Win 10 nagware since he followed the instructions for removing all traces of it in my article, Is Microsoft Forcing Windows 10 on You? The answer to that question, at this point, is looking more and more like a big “YES!”

You can continue to say "NO" each time the "Get Windows 10" popup appears, and cancel any scheduled upgrades that are imposed. But if you want to retain control of when or if you upgrade to Windows 10, I recommend following the instructions in my earlier article to get rid of the visible “Get Windows 10 Now” system tray icon and all of the hidden software that goes with it. Otherwise, you may wake up any morning to a notice that Windows 10 is coming your way, like it or not.

Microsoft is getting pushier about moving everyone to Windows 10 for several reasons. First, it’s necessary to Microsoft’s plans for the future of Windows; if significant numbers of users remain on older versions, those plans will be complicated or even jeopardized.

Second, the telemetry services built into Windows 10 are used to gather anonymized data about Windows 10 users - what hardware they have, what apps they use, where they go online, how they use their PCs, and more. That data is very valuable to advertisers, and advertising is going to be a big part of the Windows 10 experience. The more users Microsoft can profile, the more money the company will make.

Windows 10’s telemetry has many benefits for users, but many users just don’t want Microsoft to know all they do and have on their PCs. My article, Tweak Unwanted Windows 10 Features, provides step-by-step instructions for removing or disabling unwanted Win 10 telemetry features.

Have you been scheduled for a surprise Windows 10 upgrade? Your thoughts on this topic are welcome. Post your comment or question below...

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Most recent comments on "[SNEAKY] Microsoft is Pushing Windows 10 Hard"

(See all 75 comments for this article.)

Posted by:

18 May 2016

I'm on my cell because Win 10's nagware took over our desktop computer this morning with their OWN bluescreen. Turning off and back on was of no help. I haven't been back to it yet, but I'm hoping it has not installed Windows10. Still,we cannot get in; it is blocking ALL movements. Extremely stressful. Grrr!

Posted by:

19 May 2016

I actually decided to allow the Win10 to install on a touch screen all in one that is running Win7. Nightmare. Download went fine. Started installing, that seemed to work okay. Then in it's infinite wisdom, Win10 decide to update before finishing the install. After letting it spin for hours I stopped it. Well, that also deleted the download...started getting error messages. After trying this two times, started searching for help. Microsoft was no help (big surprise)and most reading wanted me to do registry hacks, delete all sorts of files that I was not comfortable doing. Guess I won't be getting windows 10.

Posted by:

19 May 2016

They did it to me a week ago Sunday. I followed the instructions on how to revert back to Windows 7 and my computer crashed. It cost me $175 (and counting) to get it fixed. Does anyone know if I can get Microsoft to pay???

Posted by:

Elizabeth Davenport
19 May 2016

I would fight the update. Too many bugs in Windows 10. I keep losing the "start" button each time it's updated. Very annoying!

Posted by:

19 May 2016

I had a system upgraded without my consent to Windows 10 months ago. This machine was not compatible and the manufacturer strongly advised against upgrading to Windows 10 as it requires a BIOS upgrade and other drivers that they haven't released. Microsoft decided that this laptop was a good candidate for upgrading to Windows 10 and I woke up the next morning with a strange looking screen and a message that there was a problem with my Windows 10 upgrade and it is trying to fix it. After 15 hours I shut off the laptop and when I turned it back on it wouldn't even start. I was eventually able to get the Windows 7 installation disk to work and tried re installing Windows 7 but it failed. Since I am out a laptop are there any vendors who offer new laptops without a installed OS (especially Windows 10)? All the new laptops have Windows 10 pre-installed and after the problems I had uninstalling Windows 10 I would rather not have a pre-installed Windows 10 system and am looking to buy a laptop with nothing installed so I can install linux on it. Do any vendors offer pre-installed linux systems?

Posted by:

19 May 2016

Sorry to post another question but I was wondering if Apple computers spy on users like Windows 10 computers do?

Posted by:

19 May 2016

Woke up today to find my system still humming along with Win7. Guess the GXW Control Panel installation worked for me...knock wood.

Posted by:

Steve Hedge
20 May 2016

When the Windows 10 nagware appears I just click the red x to close th window. It will pop up again another day but I what? I will install when I have 2 good full backups (and a download of the Win10 ISO Files. I think think nagware could be disabled as it is listed as as service which is running in memory.

Posted by:

20 May 2016

PERFECT TIMING for your article, Bob. I had followed some advice a while back to delete the KB you mentioned and rename the GWX folder on MOST of my husband's computers at his store. This made the nagware icon go away and I didn't have to download anything. (I'm wondering now if that was enough, though, since it seems Microsoft has been sending that same KB again and perhaps it will just create another folder?) He did not want his employees to accidentally accept the download.

Unfortunately, I did not do this to our laptops at home and last night, he got forced into the upgrade mode. He asked me what to do before he clicked anything and I was able to decline and his computer was rolled back to Win 7 (took 20 minutes!) but this was thanks to your article, Bob! This morning, one of his store computers (controlled by the vendor of his POS software so I had not touched it.) did the same thing and he was able to decline. The rollback cost him 20 minutes of downtime, though.

Can't thank you enough for this article, Bob! Like other users, I'm wondering how this is legal? I would love to give MS the boot but because of work needs cannot completely do that.

Posted by:

22 May 2016

For many years, I have been partial to Microsoft. That has now changed. Not that I have decided upon a replacement, but, to be honest, I am so disappointed with Windows 10, I avoid using the computer. Every time I decide to start learning the new features, I instead focus on all the reasons I hate Windows 10. If I knew more, I would switch to another DOS immediately. I was happy with XP, okay with 7 and angry with 10. I simply don't have time for it. As soon as I can, I will find something better and it will not have a Microsoft or Google connection. Promise.

Posted by:

23 May 2016

I came into work Fri AM and found Windows10 on my computer. My other office computers and tablets have to access files on my computer. I had to re-install the network and go around to all the others so they could access the files! It showed my network and the computers on it, however it would not allow any of the other computers to access my files. It would only allow me to set up a Home Group and then the files could be accessed. Also, when I checked my daughter's computer, it was set to up grade May 24 @ 11pm.

Posted by:

23 May 2016

My brother got an unexpected Windows 10 upgrade on his gaming machine. None of his games played. He followed the instructions to revert to Windows 7. Halfway through the process his machine froze. He tried everything over a couple of hours to no avail. The tower went into the shop and $100 later he had it back with Windows 7 OS. The repair guy told him that he'd never made so much money on such a rubbish operating system and that Microsoft should be sued for vandalism.

Posted by:

23 May 2016

Thanks for the "warning" about MS trying to install Windows 10 on my computer without my consent. I'm running Windows 7. I've been avoiding the pesky Windows 10 popups by opening Task Manager when I boot my computer and stopping the GWX process. Occasionally the Windows 10 popup comes back later in the day, but usually that takes care of it until I reboot my computer the next day.
I've been "stopping" the GWX process without opening the GWX screen. After reading your article, I opened the screen before I stopped the process. I was surprised to see that I was two days away from getting Windows 10 whether I want it or not. Were it not for your article, I would not have looked first.
Thank you.

Posted by:

24 May 2016

I am now the proud (not) owner of Windows 10. I had been saying no to the upgrade (I had Windows 8.1) and left the computer on to download an upgrade for a different program, went to bed, and woke up to a brave new world of frustration and aggravation. I was forced to accept Windows 10 so I could access my computer. My keyboard and mouse quit working, it downloaded some reimage program I had not ordered, and it took hours to get rid of what I could. Sadly I am stuck with Windows 10 as it was cheaper to keep Windows 10 than to go back and repurchase the programs this unwanted upgrade erased! I never got a screen saying my computer would be upgraded at a certain time.

Posted by:

Pat C.
24 May 2016

I bought a computer with Windows 8.1 pre-installed a couple of years ago. It worked pretty good IMHO. (I am a die-hard XP fan and I still have XP on an old Dell.) So, I took the bait and installed Windows 10 on my new machine. I didn't like it hardly that much. I had, or THOUGHT I had, an option to return to 8.1 within a time limit, like 30 days or so. NOGO, Nada, Sorry About Your Luck, Buddy! Oh, well, WTH? I've used Windows since 3.1 and got along fine until each and every upgrade. The learning curve kept getting higher and more powerful systems to deal with the newer OSs. Ok. All I need is something I can surf with, download some goodies, email and stuff like that there. Why do those idiots in charge continue to Futch with us? MONEYMONEYMONEY!

Posted by:

Doris McDonald
24 May 2016

I was placing an order on line and got up from my computer to get a phone and when I got back (a total of 3 minutes) the blue screen of Windows 10 was on my computer and nothing I did would stop the download. I unplugged my computer and went to bed. The next day there was the "cheerful" welcome to Windows 10 on my screen. I called my computer tech person and he told me how to uninstall Windows 10 and reinstall Windows 7.

I resent Microsoft taking over my computer in that manner and I did NOT hit any download button. It angered me that I lost my order and had to go back an place the order. I am just getting used to Windows 7 and am not in the mood to learn Windows 10. I might at a later date but I want that to be my choice.

Thanks Bob for all your help.

Posted by:

Kathy Mejia
25 May 2016

Beware--there's no part of "no" they understand. I had been saying no for months because my computer needed some major work. When the final diagnosis came in that it needed a complete system restore, I bailed it out of the shop for the weekend to get some current work off it.

I said "no" three times that morning, including to "Microsoft wants to make changes on your computer." I went out for lunch and came back to Windows 10. I was forced to go through the whole learning curve while trying to reinstall and re-register everything, all at the same time. What a mess! It's taking forever, my work is so backed up, and I'm furious with Microsoft!

Posted by:

29 May 2016

I just read a news article that indicated Microsoft has made closing the irritating Windows 10 popup by hitting the "X" mean that you are accepting the upgrade.

Posted by:

29 May 2016

I don't want Windows 10, and I have been struggling to prevent the "upgrade" from being forced onto my 5 or 6 computers in my office, presently running Windows 7 Professional. I changed the update settings to never check for updates, but now, it is being changed without my permission, and I get messages that Windows will upgrade when I turn off the computer. Please post a link to the article giving instructions for blocking the upgrade so that I can prevent it before it ruins my systems. I like Windows 7, and I would hate to have to reformat my hard drives and install Linux. However, if that is what I need to do, I will abandon Windows.

Posted by:

Neville G
02 Jun 2016

We have a PC and a laptop at home. The laptop is rarely used, mainly for emails and occasional looking up something on the web. Windows 10 installed automatically on this and appears to work OK.
The PC was a different situation - it kept downloading automatically each day and trying to install, and failing, until I realised it was using up all my download capacity. I was having similar problems with some other automatic updates (currently about 5). I have now turned off the automatic update and just react to notifications and tell Win 10 not to install. I use Win 7 (64 bit) and am also concerned that my scanner will have problems if I update to Win10 (it required new software to update from XP to 7 a few years ago).
I am now planning to retain Win 7 for mu PC until I next need to replace the PC and the scanner which should be about the time MS stops supporting Win 7.

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