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I want to thank everyone who took the Ebook Survey last week -- we had over 1200 responses! I've tallied up the results, and have compiled some of the most interesting write-in comments. Read on to see the ebook survey results, and find out if you know the answers to my Twenty Questions...

The Ebook Survey Says...

With a tip of the hat to Richard Dawkins, the winner is... "Internet Security and Privacy" (by a very narrow margin). I want to answer YOUR most important questions, so that will be my next ebook title.
Survey says...

However, because "Wireless and Wifi" was so close, I'm also committing to doing that one next.

Both are great topics, and I can't wait to get down to work on them! Here are the detailed results of the voting:

Ebook TitleVery InterestedSomewhat InterestedNot Interested
Internet Security and Privacy62.4%32.7%4.9%
Wireless and Wifi60.5%32.4%7.1%
Creating A Website28.8%40.0%31.3%

You may remember that there was a write-in box for each topic, so I also want to share the most frequently requested topics under the "Internet Security and Privacy" title.

ActivexAnonymous SurfingBots and BotnetsCloud SecurityCookies
Eliminating Viruses and MalwareEmail Safety and SecurityEncryption SoftwareFirewall Myths and FactsGoogle/Facebook & Privacy
Home Network SecuritySecuring Social Media AccountsIdentity TheftInternet ScamsIs the Government Spying On Me?
Keyloggers and Screen GrabbersP2P and File SharingPassword ManagementRemote AccessRootkits
Public Wifi SecuritySecurity Checklist For New PCsRecommended Security SoftwareSpamTracking Cookies

I'll do my best to cover all these topics and more in my "Everything You Need to Know About Internet Security and Privacy". Stay tuned for more announcements in the next few weeks!

You Guys Are the Best!

Also in the survey, I asked you to leave comments, or tell me about any other nagging questions you had on your minds. I got over 400 responses, and since they were anonymous, I'd like to publicly thank all those who left very kind remarks like this:

• "Bob, you seem to have your finger on the pulse of what I'm interested in. Whatever I'm dying to know, you're writing about. Keep up the good work!"

•"Just want to tell you how much I LOVE your emails. I do OPSEC for the Arkansas National Guard and I'm the liaison with our tech people. So I'm a bit of an expert on 'communicating with geeks.' I compliment you for your excellent communications skills in helping us 'non geeks' understand and learn!"

• "Since I had brain surgery about 2 years ago, I depend upon ALL of your newsletters and information to help refresh and manage my daily computer usage skills. I have "forgot or lost" so much of the information I've learned. Your work is greatly appreciated."

Twenty Questions: Do You Know The Answers?

After weeding out the silly and the bizarre, a bit of analysis left me with a few dozen recurring themes. And then a thought struck me... "Over the past few years, I've already answered almost ALL of these questions!" So I thought it would be fun to play a game of "Twenty Questions" with you. I actually picked 60 of the best questions, which I'll publish in three installments. Here are the first 20, with links to my answers. How many do you know?

How Do I Back Up My Hard Drive?

How do I recover documents and photos that I accidently erased?

How do I remove Viruses?

How can I uninstall unwanted software?

Is there a tool I can run to see if something is safe before I download it?

Can I take college courses online?

Is it safe to use my credit card online?

Which downloaded software can I get rid of and not affect my computer?

A simple way to edit, store and share photos?

How can I send and receive Faxes online?

Alternatives to Windows and Mac OS X?

What is the best web browser?

Can you explain anonymous surfing and VPNs?

Got any tips on Improving Battery Life?

Got any ways to boost my internet speed?

Is it hard to build a computer from scratch?

How can I buy a Domain Name?

Can I really make money working from home?

What is cloud computing, and is it safe?

Are there any free tools for working with digital images?

I always want your feedback! Please feel free to post your comment or question below...

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Most recent comments on "Survey Results and Twenty Questions"

Posted by:

14 Feb 2012

This is great info.Thanks I am a computer novice and look forward to learning alot. Question, one of my co-workers said I should checkout a p**n site featuring a local person. How can I make sure this can be removed from my computer?

EDITOR'S NOTE: If you want to scrub your browser history, see CCleaner:

Posted by:

John Hendrickson
14 Feb 2012

Bob, the one thing that immediately pops to mind when you said that over the "past few years" you have answered many of these questions is whether you have updated the articles?

Things change so quickly in the electronics world, it would be good to make sure the information is still relevant and timely. For example, a few years back Norton was at the top for AV and internet protection. I had it, agreed and switched to McAfee. Now I read reviews that say it is pretty good.

A lot of work? I am sure. But maybe less than writing wholly new articles.

Posted by:

poppy fogarty
15 Feb 2012

My images in iphoto for some reason have duplicated themselves. Is there a free program I can download, like a photo locator that would help me sort the duplicates.
I love your emails,and find so much information in them I hope you can help me.
Thanks in advance
Poppy in Melbourne Australia

Posted by:

06 Jun 2012

What is this "Ready for the future of the Internet? IPv6" all about?


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