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The AskBob website was a busy place in 2012 -- over 240 new articles were published this year, and readers streamed in from all over the world. Since I'm a numbers guy, I scanned the logs to find the most popular articles, based on your views, clicks, and recommendations. Here are ten of the top articles for you to review. I hope you'll read each one and leave your own comments...

  1. Free Internet Faxing

    Why use an expensive and complicated fax machine when there are so many Internet alternatives? Some even allow you to send and receive faxes online for free. Here's a roundup of free Internet fax services...

    Best of 2012

  2. Which Antivirus Has the Best And Worst Protection?

    Internet security suites have become exceedingly complex over recent years. That’s partly due to the ever-increasing number of vectors via which hackers and malware attack. But one bedrock feature of a security suite remains the same: how well does it detect virus-infected files? Here are some real-world test results you won't want to miss...

  3. Free Online College Courses

    Everyone knows that college is not cheap. But did you know that some college courses are free, online? Some of the most prestigious universities in the world offer thousands of courses free of charge, to anyone with a Web browser.

  4. Free Credit Reports Online

    A reader asks: "I've heard some people say that I can get a free credit report online, but the websites I looked at want to charge me a fee. Is it true that I can get a free credit report once a year? What's the deal on free credit reports?" Yes, Virginia, there is a free credit report clause...

  5. What's Hiding On Your Hard Drive?

    If you're actively using your computer to try out new software, or you download music or movies from the Internet, you'll eventually end with some unwanted clutter on your hard drive. Here are some tips to run a 'search and destroy' operation on those large files that are just taking up space on your hard drive...

  6. Speed Tip: Faster Web Surfing With Alternate DNS

    Can you speed up your web surfing by making a simple change to the settings on your computer or router? YES! Using an alternate DNS server, instead of the DNS provided by your internet service provider. I know it sounds geeky, but I promise to explain it all in plain English, and show you how to make it happen...

  7. 10 Ways to Boost a Wifi Signal

    How can I boost my wifi signal? I finally got high-speed internet with a wireless router, but the wifi signal is weak in some parts of the house. What tweaks or gadgets do you recommend to boost wireless signal strength and distance?

  8. Internet Speed Tests

    There are quite a few definitions of net speed and several free ways to test it. Here's the scoop on Internet speed tests, and why you definitely should check your speed every once in a while...

  9. Free Clip Art

    A reader asks: "I'm a volunteer who creates lots of newsletters and presentations. Where can I find free clip art, stock photos and drawing tools to spice up my work?" A few years ago, you'd have to spend hundreds of dollars on a graphics editor and clip art package. But now there are plenty of good sources for free clip art and even drawing tools. Here are some of my favorite sources.

  10. Track a Cell Phone

    There are many reasons you might want to locate a cell phone and track its movements. Perhaps you lost your phone and would like it back. You might be an anxious parent, a government agent, or you could be part of a group of friends who want to keep tabs during a night on the town. Whatever your reason for tracking a cell phone, there are several ways to go about doing it. Here's the scoop on cell phone tracking...

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29 Dec 2012

Hey Bob,
Thanks for cool tec news you are providing.... and wish you a happy new year!

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29 Dec 2012

Great work, good research, well documented...your articles are worth to be read...congratulations and thank you for your time and effort

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29 Dec 2012

Everytime I read your messaes, I learn something NEW!!! Thank You for the useful information!

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Thank you so much for all the helpful information, and for this valuable service you provide. You are my guru! I go straight to your website when I need tech info. I have learned so much from you. Your articles are always well written, easy to follow and informative. And I enjoy your sense of humor!! It's really nice to have a place to go where you know the information can be trusted. Thank you for your generosity and for your high standards. Happy New Year Bob!

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Bob, Thank you for all the good tips through the years. I've learned a lot! Happy New Year!

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