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17 May 2006

My company has been using a Protus technology integrated with our web applications for years (web branded now as MyFax). Simply by choosing from a selection list, a client can send a blend of fax and email messages to his customers, depending on their preference. The faxes go out via Protus. Customers typically see a report of the results in their mailboxes within 20 minutes, which has included several thousand sends, including triple checking with busy signals and so forth. The same job on a fax machine would take days to set up the list, then send each one, one at a time.

So not only is internet based faxing simpler, but it is much more powerful, faster, and feature rich than the old desktop boxes. VoIP and IPTV will bring some of the same dramatic changes to phones and TV.

Posted by:

Linda Graham
10 Sep 2006

DO NOT USE J2connect. I received numerous faxes that were not mine and got charged anyhow. They suggested I call the parties sending to me in error and tell them to stop. That's their idea of customer service? They also wanted to assign me a new number (for what, more of the same). When I told them to cancel, they sent me three more bogus error faxes ( from 9 to 16 pages each)within 10 minutes of my disconnect order to them. BEWARE, you have been warned.

EDITOR'S NOTE: Sounds like someone just had a wrong number. I'm sure the sender would have liked to know that their intended recipient never got those faxes...

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17 Feb 2007

THANK YOU THANK YOU Finally, a true FREE fax. I spent hours (embarrassing) looking for just such a service, to no avail. Not sure why I didn't run accross your site until today, as I used the same key words SEND FREE FAX NOW.

I visited (wasted my precious time) 8 places that STATED "FREE" BUT NOT. I wanted to THANK YOU properly before my day becomes engulfed in a mountain of paper, words and communications. This FAX will make my life considerably more efficient.

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09 Apr 2007

Can i use this site to receive a fax? i dont need to send one...just receive one.

EDITOR'S NOTE: offers free incoming Fax to email service.

Posted by:

24 Apr 2007 is a simple Free Fax via email. Just email to and put the fax number in the subject. I really liked it!

Posted by:

Will H
24 Jul 2007

This site allows you to send a free 2 page fax anywhere in the US.

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02 Sep 2007

Send a free, fast and reliable SMS for free to the whole world without any hassling or registration - Text-one-Free

Posted by:

12 Sep 2007

You can use to receive faxes it's free and no subscription is required.

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14 Nov 2007

Hmm..But there's a better one I recently tried. It's 101fax. Wide range of features at the lowest monthly rate. Tried other services but they come at high rates. This one's cheaper. 101fax has this pay-per-use service also if you're quite saving more.

EDITOR'S NOTE: You seem to have missed the point of the article: FREE fax services.

Posted by:

21 Nov 2007

I have a Fax Provider Guide at -- Feel free to try one of the many 30-day free trials offered by MyFax, eFax, RapidFax, CallWave and others.

EDITOR'S NOTE: Those are fine, but remember there are some that are truly free. If you're going to send LOTS of faxes, then a paid service may be what you need.

Posted by:

03 Dec 2007

Hey, I recommend anyone to subscribe to Popfax free trial for sending and receiving faxes for free.It is simple no credit card details are required plus all options(Mail to Fax and 1Gb)are included.

EDITOR'S NOTE: Free trial... then it becomes a paid service. Let's focus on the truly free offerings here.

Posted by:

Rick D
21 Feb 2008

I tried but there is no Continue button on the screen. I entered the fax and selected a file to send, but could not. I even tried this with three browsers.

EDITOR'S NOTE: Might be broken... try one of the others.

Posted by:

13 May 2008

FaxZero places an ad on the cover page. I don't know if they didn't used to before, but now they do. $1.99 for fax without an ad.

EDITOR'S NOTE: They've always done that. And mind you, I don't object... you're getting something for free, and they need to make money to keep providing that service to you.

Posted by:

23 May 2008

Popfax was great for the trial period!

Posted by:

05 Jun 2008

oh, just go for 101fax to get your money's worth..

Posted by:

Gaudencio Pacot
22 Jun 2008

Then how can my recipient fax me back? Thanks!

EDITOR'S NOTE: Hopefully they won't. Email is much more efficient for document exchange. But if they must fax you back, use a service like Faxaway to capture your incoming faxes and forward to your email inbox.

Posted by:

30 Jun 2008

I was doing a similar search and found this blog post. I guess depending on how much faxing you plan to do is what determines the long term cost. http://free-fax-service.tumblr.cmo

EDITOR'S NOTE: I looked there and it's just a few links to affiliate programs for PAID faxing services. Bah! Change the cmo to com if you really want to see that page.

Posted by:

11 Jul 2008 offers free faxing via the web to over 40 countries. You can also see if the fax went through or not with the online fax log...

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16 Jul 2008

But Microsoft included fax software in my computer that I use. Don't they do that anymore?

EDITOR'S NOTE: Yes, but it still requires a phone line and a fax modem. And you have to know in advance when a fax is coming, so you can turn on the fax software.

Posted by:

16 Jul 2008

Unfortunately, FaxZero is only for US and Canada. How about the rest of the world?

EDITOR'S NOTE: Check out Kevin Savetz's FAX FAQ, which is linked in my article on FaxZero. You'll find the most current info there.

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