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20 Nov 2012

I cannot say that I have used any other program except quicken in the past however, would like to throw a thought out. As we are coming to the end of the year, couldn't you simply balance out your accounts in the current program effective and then switch beginning the new year with just a carried balance. Most of the programs do give you a way to save data, put a copy of it on a flash drive and label with the years. I am exploring these new methods and as a personal finance major, this is how I plan to switch when I find a program I choose to use.

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07 Jan 2013

I believe Quicken is getting to big for its britches. They have made too many mistakes just in my association with them. I cancelled my Quicken Bill Pay. Let me know of another "good" one I can check out.

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01 Jul 2013

I found a simple Excel spreadsheet on-line at Supports QIF download directly into an Excel spreadsheet including automatic categorization and renaming. Even imports all your existing Quicken data. So far its free, looks like QFX/OFX support is coming in the future. Nice if you're just looking to maintain an Electronic register of transactions although it also has some basic Income and Expense analysis in pivot charts too.

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Jim Michaels
17 Mar 2014

I use KmyMoney in both Linux and Windows. You can import Quicken files and your bank info. It has a much nicer user interface (UI) and is more a lot more customizable. The bonus, it's FREE.

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Rhonda Lea Fries
22 Apr 2014

New email client for Windows:

I haven't tried it yet, but if it works as advertised, it's an excellent choice.

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