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Bob K
30 May 2018

Oh, maybe I should look at a RaspberryPi local at the TV. Already would have HDMI output -- just a matter if I can get the MILB to display.

But, thanks for the suggestions.

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30 May 2018

Great timing for taking a fresh look at the current crop of streaming gadgets, as having just subscribed to YouTubeTV streaming service, am considering options for watching content, on something larger than tablets and 17" notebook computers. Rather than using HDMI-wired connections, one of these would be more preferable (for awhile), until deciding which massive-screen smart-TV to throw coinage at in the future. Am wondering what others have found to be most YouTubeTV-friendly.

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Robert Hall
30 May 2018

Roku SAYS free streaming but all free ones I have seen so far require you to sit through commercials, no skipping. This is not free, its coercion TV. I must pay attention to those commercials and there are often lots. Netflix is free, no commercials. Amazon prime's shows are commercial free. Rokus are not.

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30 May 2018

I just had to upgrade DVR Directv box with new Genie. You can download programs, but the catch is that you must watch the commercials. Fastforward and rewind don't work. I hate commercials during a movie! Anyone know a way around this? I have Roku box, but the fees to watch Amazon or Netflix keep going up. I, too, dropped Netflix--nothing of interest to watch. Some of the other movie channels offered on Roku are loaded with commercials--more commercials than movie time--its painful to watch. Soon as something comes up "free" there is a price to pay! On directv you pay for movie channel to see 1990's films and then an extral $12.99 to see a recent movie! What a rip.

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30 May 2018

Wow! So, this is what that whole "cutting the cord" cult is about.
"Your Google-connected life starts with the Google Assistant. It’s your own personal Google, always ready to help."
Appears that google has also cornered this cult market. Boggles the imagination what they will do with even more of our data! As if...

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04 Jun 2018

Nvidia Shield would be great for some hardcore people but otherwise just an Xbox would be fine for most others imho.
I cut the cord several years ago and with just an antenna I get 29 channels, most are HD, and it's just laying on a table by the window (20 ft. coax).

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