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28 Feb 2019

I'd get a wristwatch computer if they made it practical. One company has one. I don't think I'd mind a 2.5-3 x 5-7" wrap-able phone. It'd be nice, especially if it always showed the date/time. That way you'd be far less likely to leave it somewhere. I wouldn't pay more than $1000, though. These phones are getting way too expensive.

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Sheila Henderson
28 Feb 2019

I still use my faithful Samsuñg Stratosphere 2, with the pull out drawer keyboard. I almost never use that, but I had just let go of my beloved blackberry and thought I needed a Key keyboard. This stratosphere is as heavy as an old flip phone, but takes awesome photos. It cost 1 penny 6 years ago at Best Buy. I am holding on to it as long as I can.

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