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08 Jan 2020

I don't know how 'smart' my Avid 557 is, but it does the job for me. I have a lot of apps from the Google store which allows me to use the 'micro computer' for many jobs not associated with telephones. It cost $40 from Consumer Cellular.

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David Horsfall
08 Jan 2020

All too many can't resist buying stuff on "tick": they rarely think what it's actually costing them as their minds are bent on having the latest "toy" no matter. Having a few bob saved is way better than paying some installments on something you don't REALLY need. Same applies to most things.

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08 Jan 2020

Hmmm My flip phone from the 90s still works just fine. Why in the world would someone spend hundreds of dollars repeatedly year by year to simply have a new toy? Guess they just have money to waste.

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Emily Booth
09 Jan 2020

I use Tracfone. I buy a new phone every 2 years. I look for the best price. I check Tracfone, QVC, Walmart, eBay and Amazon. I research prices and read reviews. I currently own a Samsung Galaxy J7 Crown. I bought a Motorola Moto 6 for out of the country travel to use with Google Fi. I bought the Moto 6 from an authorized seller on eBay. I had just missed a good deal from the Motorola website.

All iPhone users with phones older than 6 will have to buy new phones. Apple is not supporting OS older than 13.

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Riccardo Capuano
09 Jan 2020

Regarding Ron's comment about finding a phone with a removeable battery: I still use my Samsung S4 2+16GB because I can replace the battery when its performance dips. It's like getting a new phone everytime I put in a new battery. Ravpower sells them on Amazon for around $15. Bob, I believe you have a Samsung S4 too as a backup phone.

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10 Jan 2020

"I buy a new phone every 2 years..."
"All iPhone users with phones older than 6 will have to buy new phones."
It's no wonder the world is in a mess with rapidly depleting precious metals and holes in the ground being filled with non-recycled rubbish.

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