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26 Sep 2007

Simon Ellis' post on June 30, 2007 did it for me. I had the same problem as many here - the hard drive was recognized but it didn't show up in Explorer. BTW, I have Windows XP. I suggest putting this info into the top section or highlighting it somehow.

Posted by:

Rohit Khanna
17 Oct 2007

Second HDD: NTFS or FAT32? I finally managed to connect a second 250GB SATA disk to my computer. It already has a 80GB NTFS drive with XP Pro. The question is should I format the new HDD for FAT32 or NTFS. Which is faster and provides better data protection ? If XP crashes on my first disk, would I loose the second disk NTFS partition, in case I use NTFS? If FAT32, how do I format a 250 GB HDD FAT32?

EDITOR'S NOTE: I don't think FAT32 is used very much any more. NTFS is supposed to be faster and more reliable. And I can't see how a problem with one NTFS partition would affect another one.

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02 Nov 2007

An answer to Eldad question about Windows not recognizing a second hard drive when BIOS does. DAVID answered to click Control Panel, Administrative Tools, Computer Mgmt, Storage, to arrive at DISK MANAGEMENT (where all drives displayed and not displayed are listed). Then click on the mystery drive, click Initialize then change drive letter to format the disk. ELDAD could not find how to initialize.... I FOUND THAT YOU DON'T HAVE TO EREASE, INITIALIZE OR FORMAT TO HAVE WINDOWS XP RECOGNIZE THE DRIVE!!!! After clicking through the list of menus listed above to arrive at the DISK MANAGEMENT window, my computer listed my second hard drive as a "Foreign drive". I right clicked then I had three options: One option was make drive standard disk or something. When I clicked on that, it said "This will erase contents of disk". I DIDN'T WANT THAT, SO I WENT BACK TO DISK MANAGEMENT and clicked on "Add Foreign Disk", then I clicked "Ok" and the drive is now recognized by Windows XP intact and not ereased!!!!! I don't know if this is the same or will work on Win 2000, ME or 98 though.

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03 Nov 2007

Never mind. I got the Hard Drive to work again. I still cant get the 2nd Hard drive to work. When I connect it, It now says:
Pri Slave HDD Error
The Hard Drive makes weird noises when booting up and can't be recognized. I know this Hard Drive Used to work because I had it working on my Compaq Computer. Has my Hard Drive just gone bad?

Posted by:

05 Nov 2007

Hi! I have similar issue as michael (his comment is from 14th of july) but I could not find the solution here.

I have a PC with two old (are they called IDE?) HDDs and one SATA2. It was working fine until I tried to change the old slave to an other one. I did not succeed so put the original HDD back. After that I "lost" my SATA2 hdd. BIOS and disk manager can see it but I can not access it. There is no drive letter. It tells me that the HDD is dynamic and has got no connection. Right clicking gives the option to re-activate it but there is no use clicking it. Is there any way to have it back without reformatting? I have a lot of files that I would like to keep...

Thank You in advance

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08 Nov 2007

Hi! I am using vista business and have a 120 Gig HDD I ran out of room so I purchased a 250 Gig HDD. the BIOS sees it and everything but the computer will not what do I need to do. Do I need to add Vista to second HDD or just leave it as is.

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04 Dec 2007

Excellent site. More close-up photos on setting the pins for the slave and master would be useful. After reading the comments, I am still not brave enough to try and install my second HD.

Posted by:

Jason Watkins
06 Dec 2007

Hi...I am using a AMD setup, running a windows Xp orpeating system. I am having some major issues installing my hard drive. The issue is that I have already installed an Operating system on a IDE Hard Drive, and am trying to add a SATA Hard Drive as a secondary Drive. However when I add the SATA drive my computer no longer recognises the IDE. Can you shed any light on this? Many Thanks. Jason

EDITOR'S NOTE: If you go into Bios/Setup, do you see the drive listed there?

Posted by:

Tony Rebeiro
08 Dec 2007

Hi, I successfully managed to add a new internal hard drive to my computer. I used a WESTERN DIGITAL 160GB. Using their software, I partitioned it into 4 parts. Everything is ok except that the existing CD ROM & DVD R/RW rom have totally disappeared from the system. How do I get them back.



Posted by:

Ty H. Olinghouse
16 Dec 2007

i bought a PNY pci SATA 2 channel raid card pnp, so i could install a second hard drive in my new presario vista machine. i thought the hard drive i was installing was bad so i returned it. My pc recognizes the raid card fine and has recognized and assigned a drive letter for it once (the old hd with data on it), then i rebooted, then poof! it was no where to be found.

I have taken the pc apart changed the card into another slot and put the sata cable in port 2 then back to port 1 in device manager it sees the raid CARD BUT NO HARD DRIVE. THIS IS VERY FRUSTRTANTG..

THE NEW HARD DRIVE HAS NOT BEEN FORMATED OR PARTITIONED. i will eventually format it and install another op system on it such as xp later when i get it working. It is weird that the pc found the hd once and now it wont.

EDITOR'S NOTE: Does it still work with just the old HD? Or does the problem happen when both the old drive and the new SATA drive are plugged into the RAID?

Posted by:

joe c
25 Feb 2008

I read all the postings but still can't figure it out. Win XP crashed on current SATA hard drive (200GB). Bought a new WD 250GB and installed WIN XP (everything OK). Added old drive, still partitioned in 2nd SATA slot. BIOS sees OK, and boot order verified. Device manager "sees" C: (new 250GB) and recognizes 2 partitions of the old drive but will not assign a drive letter. Format and re-partitionis NOT an option. How can I get the data off? Thanks

EDITOR'S NOTER: Sounds like the file access table got munged. I hate to sound like a broken record, but the TESTDISK program will probably do the trick. See

Posted by:

01 Apr 2008

i have a problem that i couldnt resolve it yet . i have 2 HDDs SATA, one is insatalled windows Xp and it is work properly , but i connect the 2nd HDD which is also SATA, but it is not recognized by the windows , I have CDR and has a jumpor which is located as a master , how can i let the windows recognize the 2nd SATA HD , and thank you

Posted by:

15 Apr 2008

Hi, I have got a similar issue when trying to install the second harddrive into my computer. I have got the windows XP pro SP2 running on my 250G HDD. when I trying to connect my SATA 500GB HDD which worked fine on my vista machine to the windows XP. The disk manager showing GUID partition table (GPT) partition style and I could only see the HDD name and the size, no actions could be taken when I right click on it.

the correct HDD name showing under the device manager.

tried to use Partition Manager, could not assign the harddrive with a drive letter. what could i do from here?

EDITOR'S NOTE: You probably need SATA drivers for XP. Check the HD vendor's website.

Posted by:

19 Apr 2008

I currently have a computer set up for an IDE hard drive and I want to install a SATA hard disk. Can i simply buy a SATA - IDE Adapter cord to install my new SATA hard drive?

EDITOR'S NOTE: You can buy an adapter to enable the connection of a SATA drive to an IDE-based motherboard. Or you can connect an external SATA drive via USB.

Posted by:

05 May 2008

i have a new computer with a sata hard drive, can i transfer files from my old ide hard drive?

EDITOR'S NOTE: Sure, see

Posted by:

10 May 2008

I just followed your instructions and added a second hard drive and partitioned it into to 2 parts with XP and I found it alot easier than I thought it would be, just be sure to check and double check your jumpers and cables, The rest is pretty easy. Some BIOS's are different just keep that in mind it's a good idea to check and make sure BIOS sees your new drive as SLAVE on older models.

Posted by:

Karen Newton
04 Jun 2008

My friend had a 5Gb drive. I found a 10Gb one and added it as the slave. It appears to work fine. We deleted all the files on the 10Gb drive and formatted it correctly, I believe. But I didn't know how two drives work together, so we tried loading up the 5Gb drive until it was full, then seeing if the excess went to the new drive. Instead we just got a message that the C: drive is full. I thought that they would work together, as one 15Gb drive. I've looked all over trying to find some information. I guess now that you need to put some programs on one drive, some on the other, then if one drive becomes full you do some shuffling of programs. Is that right?

EDITOR'S NOTE: Unfortunately, Windows will not transparently treat the two drives as one large drive. You will have to move files from C: to D:, or just configure your programs to save data on the D: drive. As for moving programs, that's a little tricker. You'll probably run into problems because the registry will be pointing to files on the C: drive that no longer exist. It's better to remove and re-install on the D: drive.

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06 Jun 2008

I recently had to replace my main hard drive due to a malfunction. I was able to go into my old hard drive and get all the data off of it that I wanted. I have a second much larger hard drive with lots of data that I tried connecting but have been unable to access it. It recognizes that the drive is there but asks me if I want to format it, which I clearly do not want to do. I vaguely remember going through this process once before and, after a few days and restarts, it eventually just allowed me in. Surely there is a way to circumvent this whole magically appearing drive situation and make it work now, right?

EDITOR'S NOTE: I can't imagine there's a waiting period... Try viewing it with Disk Management -- Start / Run / DISKMGMT.MSC

Posted by:

19 Jun 2008

hi i have added a another internal hard drive as the one i have is full now how can i get them to work together i have made them dynamic and the new one i have tryed to make a spanned volume but it says only 7 mb and the rest as a seprate drive plsssss help

EDITOR'S NOTE: With Windows XP Professional (not the Home Edition) you can create dynamic disks. But this is not easy for the average user. See

Posted by:

22 Jun 2008

Hi i have the same problem as some of the other people i put my 2nd harddrive in its reconized by my computers update system but when i go into "my computer" it do not show up in there, any idea why that would be? i put the jumpers and cables in the correct places but for some reason i cant see it or use it. please help me.

EDITOR'S NOTE: Is the disk formatted? Do you need SATA drivers?

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