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05 Feb 2010

Wow, that looks complicated.

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05 Feb 2010

When you buy a new laptop you get the option to burn a dvd which is the recovery option for vista/win7 so why would 1 need to go to manafactures to get i. As a rule i make the original from the laptop and then make a second copy and put the original away for safe keeping.
Now i know you gonna say that i am not allowed to make 2 copies as its against the eula.but as i see it if they supplied me with a disk i can make 1 copy so now i have 2 disks so whats the difference doing it my way same results ...if people took more time to learn and understand computers and ask questions about them when buying they would be more aware off what was short people try to keep up to date with software/hardware and never do the research.

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05 Feb 2010

With MS performance record the last few years a Boot Disk will be a must.

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Ellen K
05 Feb 2010

Thank you, that's very useful! But do I need to just backup my computer using third-party system restore software, and then restore when problems occur? It is said the program can solve all problems like virus...

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05 Feb 2010

I recovered my Vista home premium with a recovery disk I created from Paragon software which was much easier than what your article describes..Check it out.

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Jack Babcock
05 Feb 2010

In my win 7 program under backup there is both a create a system repair disc, and create a system image..
Why not use these.?

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K Paterson
05 Feb 2010

I tried to create a Recovery disk for Vista. I am quite technically savvy and have a 50 page website. But I found this procedure far from easy. For the novice it would be daunting. They have to know whether to download the 32bit or 64 bit ISO, They have to have an ISO burner. They also have to have a Bittorrent. I could get one as long as I sent two SMS messages to get a code to enable the Bittorrent and each would cost cash. I finished up by recommending that it would be simpler to go to Ebay and try to find a reputable seller.

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Darcetha Manning
05 Feb 2010

Thank you, Bob Rankin, for your wonderful website!It is about time that someone realized that not everyone who has a computer is a computer technician, who understands computer jargon. You take the time to break computer jargon down into plain, simple English. And you also give clear examples on where we can find stuff for free on the internet. I know you are married, but I just want to say, your wife is lucky to have such a great, patient man like you in her life. By the way, do you have any cute, single younger brothers? LOL. Take care.

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steven richards
15 Feb 2010

I burned the DVD's when I got my two computers years ago. I was surprised as to how slow it took to recover the XP computer. Something trash my recovery partition. I just thought ALL manufacturers supplied a recovery option. Both computers are HP(XP(2 DVD's) and Vista(3 DVD's). I wonder if windows 7 requires even more DVD's

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10 Mar 2010

Iso burning program? Try Imgburn it's fairly simple to use. No excuse on having to learn something new. Somewhere you learned to use the computer. Then try the FREE Macrium Reflect to backup and restore. Here again, here's some learning to do. Plus you've got to download the program and install it. You can get it here- The website has no malware so it's safe to get it there. Or use Microsoft's built in restore program which is not as flexible or dependable. This is advice from a self taught computer user speaking from his own experiences. Let's see- how do you start this thing? what's this button do?

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Tom R
10 Mar 2010

Might look at Microsoft's Windows Steady State.

Get your machine set up the way you want it and Steady State can return it to that point at any time. I've got a couple of "loaner" machines I use this on. Makes for easy cleanup so it can be loaned to the next customer.

Also you can eliminate dvd's by going to a portable hard drive to store your recovery images in one single .iso file. Just make the portable drive a single use product. In other words put the image on it and set the drive on a shelf until it's needed. Experience has taught me that a label identifying the contents and the date it was created can be useful.

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10 Mar 2010

Interesting. We just ordered as set of recovery DVDs for a two-year-old HP laptop yesterday, from HP.

To give HP credit, the disks were easy to find, and were reasonably priced ($12.95, free shipping 3 to 5 business days via snail mail)

I would be interested in a simple method to create a bootable USB key; when working on computers, it would be handy to have.

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10 Mar 2010

Is there a Recovery Disk for XP?
If so, would I burn it to a CD or a DVD?

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11 Jun 2010

Are the Vista & Win 7 recovery disks different or can you use a Vista recovery disk to repair a Win 7 computer and vice versa, use a Win 7 recovery disk to repair a Vista computer? If they are the same then only two CDs (32 & 64 bit) are required to repair any Vista/Win 7 computer.

EDITOR'S NOTE: I'm sure the recovery disks for Vista and Win7 are different.

Posted by:

Derek Stephenson
11 Aug 2010

How can we make this run from a USB Drive?
That would be valuable.

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28 Oct 2010

Thanks. Just created a recovery console for Windows 7 easy to do with precise instructions. I just wish I created prior to having problems with my Windows 7 machine. Once again thanks.

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09 Nov 2010

If you forgot to create your recovery disk before you pc cashed, you can download the Windows 7 Recovery Disks (32 and 64 bit) from here: http:// win7 recovery .com

EDITOR'S NOTE: I'm allowing this post as a cautionary tale. The download links for the recovery disks that I gave in the article (NeoSmart) are the only ones I can recommend. You have NO IDEA what you might actually be getting if you download an ISO from an untrusted source. I'm not saying that the Win7Recovery site is bogus, but it does seem odd to create a site for that when one already exists.

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Bill Sivula
18 Feb 2011

I echo Jack Babcock (05 Feb 2010).
Microsoft has a short tutorial (including video)
on "Create a System Repair Disc", @
I just created one for my Win7(64Bit), and it was
168.03MB, approximately the size that NeoSmart
said the "Recovery disc" would be (for Win7-64Bit).

Posted by:

Markus Day
05 Mar 2011

If you are looking to buy a set instead, I definitely recommend

EDITOR'S NOTE: I'm guessing you recommend it because you have a personal or financial interest in the site. Your IP address and the IP address of the website are both in the Netherlands. Further, your site appears to be an affiliate link to another site that actually sells the discs. And how do we know that the site selling these recovery discs is legit?

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22 May 2012

Dear Sir
How about this link with an iso image of windows 7
http://techpp.c o m/2009/11/11/download-windows-7-iso-official-direct-download-links/

EDITOR'S NOTE: I have no way of knowing if those are legit, or doctored in some way. Personally, I would not use them.

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