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13 Jan 2011

Diskeeper is one of, if not the, best defraggers around. I have used it for years without any problems and it has a really neat graphic showing the fragmentation and placement of files on your hard drive. I can watch as the program consolidates them.

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John Teeter
15 Jan 2011

You missed on of the best disk defrag utilities around - Diskeeper. Not sure how you could not have mentioned it among those you presented.

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Harvard F Miller II
17 Feb 2011

I use Diskeeper on 4 of my computers. It's the only program to use on SSD's. TRIM is not available in XP or Vista, or on most Gen 1 SSD's, regardless of OS. I have tried almost all of the free defraggers out there. Puran Free Defrag 7.2 has many of the features of Diskeeper, including Boot Defrag. It will optimize directory placement, get rid of a lot of wasted free space, has a scheduler, and it's FAST!

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24 Feb 2011

I've used, prudently, over the years, a good few degraggers - paid-for and free.
Simply, the free Auslogics is, significantly, the very best I've come across.
It has a means of defragging that is intelligent and just ... works. I use it once a week (or two) and my IBM laptop T42 (XP) runs like a top.
I cannot recommend this amazing piece of software enough.

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25 Feb 2011

I have noticed(since your article in FEBRUARY 2008 NEWSLETTER & before(been with you since (20000-01)) that you've never had mentioned anything about a cleaning UTILITY called "TUNEUP UTILITIES" (German Product). I'm sure there's a lot of them out there but, this CLEANS & DEFRAGS your REG and other sections of the Hard-Drive. There's about 24 different functions. Check it out. There's a TRIAL offer (as usual) Been using it for the best of 3 to 4 yrs.

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04 Mar 2011

I've been using Auslogic's Defragger for over a year now and it is the best of any I have tried in the past. It's free, it's fast and it's reliable.

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12 Mar 2011

Actually, someone is a liar! Not a single defragger listed in this article is free! Oh, wait.....yes, to 'download' is free but for the actual work -- gotta pay. And that's after the 'free' scan tells you there are thousands of errors on your computer (I just had mine cleaned and checked -- it's solid but not according to any of these so-called 'free' defraggers).

Unbelievable -- can't trust anyone these days!

EDITOR'S NOTE: Are you in a different Internet than the rest of us? PageDefrag is FREE. Defraggler is FREE. Smart Defrag is FREE. None of them require you to pay to download or use the program. I did mention two others (Norton SpeedDisk and UltimateDefrag) which are paid, but I didn't say they were free. I even gave the prices!

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20 Oct 2011

You did not mention JKDefrag or Auslogics Disk Defrag. Both are free and very good.

Posted by:

Daniel Castellanos
26 Oct 2011

Some defrag program mentiond that defragmenting too often may damage the hard disk.Is that true?

EDITOR'S NOTE: I don't think so. If you tried to defrag every day, there would be little or nothing that needed to be moved around on the disk.

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