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17 Oct 2011

Hi Bob
I am considering ordering a copy of Acronis 2012 for home use. I believe you said you use it as well.
But I notice in the reviews I've read that Novabackup is ranked no 1 and Adonis at no. 4 and with, of course, 2 others ahead of Acronis.
Can you tell me why you favor Acronis over the Novabackup and the others?

Thnnks. Appreciate your assistance.

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08 Jun 2012

I swear by WD, for their reliability and tech support. Main EHD is Essentials 3tb, repartitioned to accommodate Windows7 limitations, and with SmartWare deactivated. Use Acronis- never had a problem when restore needed (many times!). Also have dual Elements 500mb "just in case". Redundant? Overkill? After loosing important data, never will I allow it to happen again. Don' trust the security of "the cloud".

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