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19 Mar 2013

I think it's darn scarey to even contemplate strangers getting personal information about you as you pass them on the street. We will have to wait and see how this plays out. It could cause a LOT of problems.

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20 Mar 2013

For anyone who wants to use a private search engine, go to "" They pull the info from google but do not register the searches that you make.

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20 Mar 2013

We should be worrying; not about technology but about companies like google who pursue tech in the name of advancement but with a bottomline of business and money. No good can come from such motives. We should stop saying tech will come whether we like it or not. Instead we should think tech will come based on what we like or dont like. This choice should not be left to those who are looking at business prospects.

EDITOR'S NOTE: Jerome, don't quit your day job. Stand-up comedy is definitely not your strong suit. You think "tech will come based on what we like"? How? Magically? Or from some beneficent genius who works for free? Can you give an example of some useful technology that sprang forth in such a manner?

NEWSFLASH: The profit motive is not evil. It inspires invention, drives innovation, funds research, and ultimately results in things like lightbulbs, automobiles, airplanes, cures for disease, and computers.

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Lin D
20 Mar 2013

Read David Brin's "Earth" for a good view of where this might go.

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21 Mar 2013

It is scary that the US Government and even private companies can legally invade your privacy. Our politicians don't even consider this an issue especially when the Government is also involved in data mining and keeping tabs on people! We need laws to protect our privacy before we lose all our privacy. Facebook, Google, and many other companies are making millions off of all the data they collect on users and in a lot of cases people have no idea what information they are collecting from them and sharing. Google Glass is creepy!

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21 Mar 2013

Aside from speculating about strangers with Google Glass looking at us and doing what you discussed, the political implications are even worse. No doubt the next presidential campaign would become an art of war aiming to totally destroy alternative views in congress. The implications of that may be as horrific as can be imagined.

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James Orpin
22 Mar 2013

Just a little note: BIG BROTHER "can" read your watch's manufacture's name from "OUTTER SPACE". They just don't publicly display that info. These glasses will, to the viewer. There are soooo many advantages of having a pair. Ultimately, all technology is abused. You can't regulate what you don't control. If you try, Thats not freedom. Someone, somewhere, will eventually use this technology. We just need a cost effective balance of power. We all use gasoline but don't control how it is used. The "WORLD" does. So we buy high mileage vehicles. Yeah! that worked.
In the U.S.A. we are sheltered from the world. Most countries are already dealing with something long before we hear about it. And when we hear about it, we go "WHAAA". Well, call a "Waaaambulance. Americans are so naive. We think we are the greatest, maybe we are, but most Americans have no clue as to what is actually going on in the world. We as Americans need to get back to being "INVOLVED". Mouth shut, Eyes and Ears Open. Pay attention and do not be soooo surprised.
Thanks to BOB, we get a heads-up. Act on the info, not re-act. Do something positive, don't wait for someone to do it for you. If you don't know what or how .... Goggle it.

OK, thats some of my rant. Thank You very much.

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Dave B
07 Jun 2013

Old news, what I would like to know is how about helmet/headset with surround and goggles that replace mouse movement for 360 degree shooting movement in games, in other words, virtual reality headset for both gamers and TV viewing as well.
I would make a major investment in the company that can put all that together. I know they're working on a pair of glasses to watch TV on without a monitor, I just don't know who yet. Does anyone??

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