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17 Jul 2014

How about this tool "DuplicateFilesDeleter"
Try and tell me your opinions.

Posted by:

L. Prakaas
31 Aug 2015


I believe Secure Eraser can also do a very good clean up job for the Hard Drive......

Posted by:

paul from NJ
25 Mar 2016

Nothing Negative Bob. but; with me I am just reluctant only using anything that says in the Download Box, the Words, ''UNKNOWN PUBLISHER''!! But, still do find most of Your articles helpful.

Posted by:

Ted Cooper
23 Nov 2016

Hi Bob
bad news - clicking on the "PCDecrapifier"label in the above article gave rise to :
This site can’t be reached’s server DNS address could not be found.

Any alternative suggestions ?

best regards
Ted Cooper

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