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23 Jan 2014


“The news media has been led (quite willingly) by people with their own ulterior motives to distort the truth and incite fear and panic among the population of the world.”

Consider two exemplary instances:

A. The NSA has been consistently tapping the mobile phone of the German Bundeskanzlerin.

B. The NSA rented an apartment opposite the apartment of the Israeli Minister of Defence to facilitate eavesdropping and spying.

Germany and Israel are not “Kazakhstan and Yemen”; both countries are close allies of the U.S.

Do you consider those exemplary instances “distortion of truth”?

I do not. Therefore, I am not willing to “keep calm and carry on” and neither should any decent person.

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23 Jan 2014

I really believe if u r doing something to harm r hurt someone,they will b watching u and listening to u..and doing things illegal..u r on there list...we all need protection..

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24 Jan 2014

US corporations have been doing many if not all the things that the NSA has, and for many years. We surrender our rights every time we click "I agree". Many of our government's actions are done to protect corporate property and profits. I can find out very intimate data on anybody else, and they can easily do the same to me. This is simply because we have voluntarily supplied our personal data over a period of time. None of us have any privacy, accept that fact and enjoy your life.

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